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SixPL is a Top Leading Digital Marketing Agency in India

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Get Outcomes not just Output

SixPL is a top digital marketing agency with a strong focus on business outcomes and not just on project outputs. We target success and work hard to accomplish it on time and budget.

Stand Out from Competition

Strategic differentiation and perfect execution is the essence of our digital marketing campaigns. Over the years, it has helped us deliver remarkable results for our clients.

Engage your Audience with Compelling Message

Our capabilities lie in crafting a compelling message and conveying it to a precise target audience in a style that resonates with your brand.

Get Tangible Results

SixPL is the ultimate destination for Small and Medium Size Businesses who want tangible outcomes out of their digital marketing budget.





SixPL Advantage

Global Clientele

We have clients from 23 countries around the world. Language, culture or different time zone has never been a barrier in delivering exceptional services.

Better ROI

Get most out of your marketing budget. Our services improves the performance that matters the most – your Revenue.

Time-bound Delivery

Time is of essence and is the most scarce resource. We understand and respect that.

Unmatched Quality

In digital marketing, performance means quality. Our exceptional team work round the clock to deliver an unmatched quality.

Unparalleled Support

Our services do not end at delivery, rather it begins there. We provide continuous support and strive to give our clients the best experience.

Actionable Recommendations

We help clients achieve their business goals by giving them recommendations that are practically doable. Our industry insights are tracked by hundreds of business.

Some of Our Clients

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency with a Stellar Track Record

SixPL is a leading digital marketing agency with a global clientele. We have helped more than 1100 businesses generate more sales. Our digital marketing services include digital consulting, Pay per advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, blockchain marketing, video marketing, etc.


Established in 2012, we have worked with all types of clients that includes startups, SMEs, and MNCs like Tech Mahindra, Oyo Rooms, NIIT Technologies, etc. Our clientele also include prominent Bollywood celebrities, politicians, and CXOs in India. We customize our digital marketing services to meet your requirements.

As of Mar 31, 2020, we have generated business worth more than $500 million for our various clients. We manage an audience size of 10+ million across various social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. We have also worked with clients in almost all the industries. 


SixPL is also one of the leading players in blockchain and crypto space. We have assisted more than 23 blockchain-based startups raise funds of more than $600 million through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). 


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You are in a Good Company

We adopt a goal-oriented approach that enables us to exceed the expectations of our clients. We achieve this through perseverance, zeal and passion.

We needed content for our marketing campaign. When we contacted SixPL, we were apprehensive as we had never used their services earlier. But when the first content was delivered to us well within the deadline, we started to feel that we made the right decision. When we read it, our conviction became stronger. The content was very well written, had the perfect structure and tone and exceeded our expectations. Since then we have hired them for all our digital marketing requirements.


Director, BlueBac

Professional, committed, accurate and responsive. That’s how I would like to describe SixPL. They know what they are doing and very often they give suggestions that are brilliant and display their ingenuity. Thorough, careful and took their time to make sure they understood the brief. They were very gracious and accommodating when the scope changed halfway through the project. At the end an excellent piece of work was delivered.


Founder, BizTree

I highly recommend SixPL. They delivered a tremendous job. We were extremely satisfied with the time/cost/quality of work and professionalism. We have hired SixPL’s services several times, our expectations exceeded every time. The best part of the collaboration was nature of job which required strategic planning & thinking and not just design images and write content. .


CEO, Green & Gold

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Frequently Asked Questions

How a Digital Marketing Agency Works?

SixPL, a leading digital marketing agency, understands your business and marketing goals. After initial consultations with your team, we recommend the right digital marketing solutions along with a commercial proposal that helps us accomplish these goals within a stipulated timeline. After mutual agreement on the deliverables, we set a monthly goal and kick start your project. Throughout the service delivery, we maintain the utmost transparency. You can track the work done on your project on a daily basis.

Which Digital Marketing Services do You Offer?

We offer digital marketing services like search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click advertising, content marketing, video marketing, blockchain marketing, and content writing services.

What are Your Payment Terms?

For one turnkey project (one-time projects), we charge 50% of the project fee in advance and remaining after completion of the project. For monthly retainer ship projects, we charge 50% of the retainer fee at the beginning of each month and remaining at the end of the month.

We don’t initiate the project without advance payment.

What Information will You Need to Start the Project?

Once we understand your exact scope of work, we will send a questionnaire which will help us fetch the right information needed to complete the project.

Where Can I Find the List of Clients in My Industry with Whom You have Worked with in the Past?

In the past eight years, we have worked with organizations from almost all the industries, from real estate and retail sector to the Oil & Gas Industry and Governments. Please send us your organization or industry details so that we can let you know the similar organizations for which we have delivered outstanding results in the past.

What is the Cost of Digital Marketing Services?

At SixPL, we offer digital marketing services on a retainer ship model. It means SixPL charges campaign management fees for its services. If the clients opt for paid advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Paid Ads, etc.), then they have to pay the actual fee to the respective advertising services (like paying directly to Google and Facebook). 


Example: If you opt for Google Ads (PPC Services) and decide to spend INR 1,00,000 per month. Then, you will pay the following:


INR 1,00,000 – To Google (Can be directly paid through Credit card, internet banking, etc.)

INR 15,000* – To SixPL (Campaign management fee for creating and optimizing your Google Ads campaign)

* SixPL campaign management mentioned here is an indicative amount. The campaign management fee depends on the level of expertise and time we need to deliver the services. Please contact us with an exact scope of work so that we can accurately quote our pricing structure.

Who is the Founder of SixPL?

Mr Saket Kumar Singh is the Founder of SixPL. Connect with him on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Can you Name Some Active Clients of SixPL?

SixPL has server 1200+ clients from across the globe. Some of our clients include Tech Mahindra, ICFAI University, Writers Per Hour, Exide Life Insurance, etc. To know the list of clients in your industry, please send an email to sales@sixpl.com.