SixPL strives for excellence through its service to its esteemed customers. As a promising digital marketing agency, the company aims to ensure that its consumers get the best value for their investment. The company holds important and strict guidelines on cancellation and refund scenarios. It is therefore imperative that details of the services be read and understood thoroughly before making a payment.

Refund Policy

The team works on strict timelines and additionally ensuring that the quality is not compromised. A lot of logistics is also considered for each project. The company is obliged to maintain high team morale and to ensure they are sufficiently compensated which helps in creating a productive environment. The services are offered at reasonable and competent rates. The company DOES NOT REFUND ANY ADVANCE PAYMENT made for availing any of the services offered through the official website. Any request made for a refund of payment on any grounds will not be entertained. Cancellation and Refund are matters of discretion. In case of further dispute, the case will be settled in Delhi High Court only.

Cancellation Policy

The company ensures that the client requirements are met, and the desired outcome is achieved. The highly experienced and trained technical team is always up to the helm to provide customized services, and it is highly unlikely to encounter a scenario for cancellation of a contract. The patrons are requested to review the company portfolio and be adequately informed before entering into any legal agreement.

The company, in accordance with its existing policy, would charge 50% of the payment as an advance to start the activity. There would not be a compromise on client expectations at any point, and the adequate number of revisions as required will be performed until the desired outcome is achieved. A provision to edit the initial draft based on the client feedback is allowed up to 3-5 times, to ensure customer satisfaction. The clients are encouraged to avail the adequate number of revisions as necessary. However, under no circumstance, the company would allow the cancellation of the agreement. An agreed contract CANNOT BE CANCELLED. The company thereby requests its potential customers to make themselves fully aware of guidelines prior to entering into an agreement.