SEO is 1% Strategy and 99% Execution

An SEO campaign includes the following activities:

  • SEO Audit
  • Tools Integrations
  • Keywords Research and Selection
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Rank Tracking Mechanism
  • Performance Reporting

A typical SEO Campaign Workflow Include The Following

SEO Campaign – Month 1 Work Flow

Step 1 – Decide final keywords and relevant URLs (Keywords-URL mapping)

Step 2- Integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Step 3 – Fix SEO title, meta description, image alt tag, and URLs for all the URLs given in Keywords-URL mapping

Step 4 – Write SEO friendly content

Step 5 – Create Backlinks

Step 6 – Track rank movement

Step 7 – Create on-site blogs

Step 8 – Create Monthly Performance Reports

Some of the activities such as Google Business Profile creation or updation can be performed at any stage of the campaign. A unique approach in content creation and backlinking process should be followed as per industry and business requirements.

The success of any SEO campaign depends on speed and accuracy of execution.

Helpful content is the king

Avoid using ChatGPT to create content. While it does give some instant results, creating a sustainable ranking is virtually impossible with such a generic content. Create less but helpful content. Delete redundant information from the site.

A project must be reviewed at least a week to identify and fix execution related issues.

A typical checklist to review a project includes the following:

  • Keywords Sales Potential

  • High and low performing landing pages

  • Blog titles and content optimization

  • Quality Backlinks Check

An SEO campaign is a team work. Every member in the team should be aware of their responsibility. At least one team member should be assigned the responsibility to do some random stuff (uniformity of the messaging across the website, call-to-action implementations) required to keep everything on track.

Transparency and regular client interaction is the key to any successful SEO campaign.

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