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Ninja Outreach Detailed Review

Ninja Outreach Detailed Review


Digital Marketers are always busy! Busy trying to find the most efficient ways to build an online presence, reach the influencers, generate leads, create a community, and make their content viral. Welcome to the era of ‘Online Brand Warfare.’ The one who reaches the maximum number of targeted ‘Netizens’ wins!

This Digital Race to build brands that make an impact has bred state-of-art tools and softwares. In this article, we are going to review one such tool that is currently making a buzz. It is Ninja Outreach.

What is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja Outreach is an ‘Influencer and Blogger Marketing Outreach Software’ being used by individuals, small businesses, and Digital Marketing Agencies alike. But this is just a definition to define Ninja Outreach functions. The software has much more to offer depending upon individual needs. And yes, these offerings are powerful.

Ninja Outreach

This tool has been primarily designed for anyone who needs influencer and outreach needs. Needless to say, this consists of Marketing Agencies, Digital PR firms, SEO Agencies, Businesses, Lead generators, journalists, email marketers, link builders, campaign managers, etc.

It allows its users to build email lists, email-integration, Social Media Outreach, and an opportunity to build mass exposure via its simple and intuitive online platform. Without waiting any further, let us take a detailed review of Ninja Outreach. We will begin by knowing why Outreach Tools may be crucial for you, and how well Ninja Outreach fits your needs!

Why Outreach Softwares?

There is a plethora of Outreach and Marketing softwares on the internet. They must be solving a serious challenge for a significant amount of people. That said, an Outreach tool/software can provide the following benefits.

  • Saves Time- All this while you were busy performing searches on Google to make a list of relevant bloggers, businesses, and individuals for your next campaign. You scanned your Social Media accounts to find the most followed and liked pages. The process was manual and tedious (Yet worthy!). What an Outreach software will do for you is Save that precious time. With a single dashboard, you can manage all of these tasks.


  • Easy Management- You might have been using Google Sheets, Docs and some other task manager app/tool. Juggling between so many tabs and windows is simply annoying! With an Outreach software, there is only one dashboard (And that’s all!).
  • Quick Analytics- An Outreach tool will provide you with relevant and quick analytics to grow your ‘Influencer Marketing’ list. Social Media stats, domain and page ranking are just to name a few.
  • Multiple Campaign Management- Right! With an efficient Outreach tool, you can manage as many campaigns and leads you want via a single control dashboard.


Above-mentioned points make the Marketing Outreach tools look like a promising proposition. As this article focuses on Ninja Outreach, let us find out whether it is worth it?

Ninja Outreach Features And Functioning: A Detailed Review

Let us begin by listing features and functioning embedded in Ninja Outreach software. We will simultaneously discuss these list points so that you get a fair idea of what this tool is all about.

Exploring the Platform

Ninja Outreach – Top-Left Menu

Once you log in to your Ninja Outreach Account, you will see four options in the top left of the Main Menu bar. These are;

Home Button- The leftmost button (Green-white mailer icon) is the home button. Pressing it will take you back to your default dashboard (Where you landed when you logged in first).

Lists- The second tab says ‘Lists.’ This is from where you can access all of your lists and leads. This tab has 2 options, Lists of Leads & Your Leads. These options are pretty self-explanatory. The ‘Lists of Leads’ option will display all of the lists that you have created till date. ‘Your Leads’ option helps you find ‘Leads’ from your multiple lists via a ‘Search bar.’

Ninja Outreach – Lists of Leads Page

Ninja Outreach – Your Leads Option with a Search bar

Import & Select All Lists Buttons- You may have noticed the Green ‘Import’ button as well as the Blue ‘Select All Lists’ button below the top left menu bar options. The Import option opens up a small tab, and lets you import the existing data in .csv or Website format (Handy!). The Select All Lists button allows you to select all of your lists at once and view them together.

Search Tab- The Third option in the top menu bar is ‘Search.’ And this is where things get exciting! Ninja Outreach Search tab provides you with six options. They are as follows;

Ninja Outreach – Promotion opportunities’ Search Bar

  • Promotion Opportunities
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Twitter Influencers
  • Most Shared Content
  • Find Leads
  • Email Finder

Promotion Opportunities

Clicking on Promotion Opportunities option will open-up a menu that looks like this.

Ninja Outreach –  Search Bar

This option allows the user to search for online promotion opportunities to promote their content. In the search bar, you can enter the relevant keywords, and hit the Green ‘Search Button.’ The results will get displayed below.

To the right of the search bar, there are four checkbox options, Blogger, Influencer, Company, and Article. As a user, you can modify your search results by checking on these boxes. For example, if you enter the keyword ‘Online Food Delivery,’ and check the ‘Blogger’ box, then the results displayed will contain the list of bloggers. Same goes for the other three options. If you are looking for a list of businesses relevant to your keyword, then checking on the ‘Company’ box will display the desired results.

The ease of the search options and custom search results for list building makes Ninja Outreach a super-handy tool for campaign list building.

Coming down, beneath the four checkboxes, there are two options, Filter & Sort By. This is one feature of Ninja Outreach that we liked the most. These options allow for a highly-relevant and targeted list building. Let us see what these options offer the user!

Filter Button

Clicking on the filter button allows access to advanced search result filter options. Once you click on the ‘Filter’ button, the following options appear.

Ninja Outreach – Filter Menu

The filter menu contains Eleven options that can be customized individually by the user, depending upon what kind of list is to be built. These eleven fields are explained as follows;

  • Name- Within the ‘Name’ field, the user can select either the ‘Has Name’ option or the ‘Doesn’t Have Name’ option. This option will modify the search result, and will show the domains that contain a valid name or not.
  • Email & Contact- This field can be modified according to seven conditions. These are ‘Has Email Address,’ ‘Has Contact Url,’ ‘Has Either,’ ‘Has Both,’ Has Neither,’ ‘No Email Address’ and ‘No Contact Url.’ Whatever you select, the result will be modified accordingly.
  • All Featured Pages- This is a particularly useful field we found out in Ninja Outreach. This field enables you to get custom ‘page’ results according to eight page types. These are ‘Giveaways,’ ‘Guest Posts,’ ‘Infographics,’ ‘Interviews,’ ‘Podcast,’ ‘Product Reviews,’ ‘Resource Page,’ and ‘Sponsored Post.’ For example, if you are looking for high DA websites which publish interviews in a particular niche, just select ‘Interviews’ option.
  • Top Level Domains- This field helps you filter the search results on the basis of Domain extensions. You can modify the results on the basis of .com, .edu, .gov, .uk, etc.For example, if you are searching for leads related educational institutions, .edu domain filter will help you get their faster.
  • Followers- The ‘Followers’ field allows you to select a Social Media platform, and customize search results according to the number of followers of a particular lead on that platform. You can select between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. Beneath the channel selection list, there is (almost invisible!) a ‘Selector’ scale. This scale will enable you to set the minimum and maximum number of followers on a particular platform for a particular result.

Ninja Outreach – Followers Field in Filter option


  • Shares Per Post- Similarly, the ‘Shares Per Post’ option will allow you list the results according to the minimum and maximum number of shares a post has (Refer the above picture).

Ninja Outreach – Filter table all fields


  • Domain Authority- Looking for websites, blogs, and platforms with high DA? Ninja Outreach makes it easy with its ‘Domain Authority’ Selector scale.


  • Moz Rank- You can modify the keyword search results according to minimum and maximum Moz Ranking.
  • Backlinks- Higher the number of backlinks an influencer has, the better authority it holds in a niche. You can customize the search results according to this condition as well.
  • Page Authority- The user can customize search results according to their domain page ranking as well.
  • Alexa Ranking- All the search results can be customized according to their Alexa ranking.


*Note: This is Something Ninja Outreach Needs to Improve!

It can be seen in the filter table that the fields can be modified with a ‘Selector Scale’ (The Green Bar). However, if they are inactive, they are almost invisible. Notice the ‘Domain Authority’ field selector, and then take a look at ‘Page Authority’ and ‘Alexa’ fields. The inactive selectors are present, but are very hard to locate until you hover the mouse over them! Ninja Outreach, please fix this.

‘Sort By’ Button

The ‘Sort By’ button is a simple function. Once the results are displayed, you can sort them according to ‘Followers’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Another sorting option is by ‘Metrics,’ i.e., Domain Authority, Page Rank, Moz Ranks, Backlinks, and Alexa Ranking.

Instagram Influencers

Ninja Outreach gives you the option to target Instagram Influencers. The only difference you’ll find in this search option is the added ‘Exact Match’ checkbox next to search bar, ‘Journalist’ checkbox to the right of search button, and only one filter option i.e., ‘Number Of Followers.’

Ninja Outreach – Instagram Influencers Search Field

Twitter Influencers

Just like the ‘Instagram Influencers’ option, you can search for ‘Twitter Influencers.’ The functioning and search fields are the same. The only difference is, in the ‘Filter’ menu, you can target the influencers according to their ‘Location.’

Ninja Outreach – Twitter Influencers Search Field.


‘Most Shared Content’ Option

Digital Marketers and Content Creators must keep up with the type of content being liked and shared by the audience in a niche. With Ninja Outreach, you can enter the keywords and find out the most shared content. Apart from the ‘Search Bar,’ you get to modify the results according to ‘Name,’ ‘Top Level Domain,’ ‘Followers’ on a given platform, and ‘Shares Per Post.’

Ninja Outreach – Most Shared Content Search Field.

‘Find Leads’ Option

This options allows you to search for leads quickly according to six quick custom fields. Apart from the search bar, you can select the ‘Name,’ ‘Email & Contact Url,’ ‘Followers,’ ‘All Featured Pages,’ ‘Top Level Domain,’ and ‘Share Per Post’ parameter.

Ninja Outreach – Find Leads Search Field.


‘Email Finder’ Option

Ninja Outreach has another great feature, the ‘Email Finder.’ Suppose you want to extract the official emails of a particular organization. Just find out that organization’s online domain, and click the Green search button. The result will display all the visible emails linked to that domain. For example, you need to find management and employee contacts at ‘Accenture.’ Just put in Accenture.com in the domain name! Et Voila! You are good to go.

The first name field is optional. To return more accurate email results, you can try this approach also. Once you’ve found the emails you were looking for, they can be directly saved into a ‘List’ or you can ‘Save All’ of them. This is what Ninja Outreach Email Finder field looks like.

Let us get started with the ‘Outreach’ Option.

‘Outreach’ Tab

This is where you manage your Outreach Campaigns. This main menu tab features three options, ‘Templates,’ ‘Inbox Mode,’ and ‘Autosending.’

‘Templates’ Option

Ninja Outreach has been developed to reduce time & efforts in any task related to Outreach management. ‘Templates’ serve this very purpose. If you are sending emails that has repetitive content, or has a same basic structure, you can customize a template. It can be used again and again without much efforts. There is no limit on the number of templates. Apart from this, Ninja Outreach comes with Seven example email templates commonly used for Outreach Campaigns.

We liked this feature as it saved most of the heavy & repetitive workload effectively!

Ninja Outreach – Email Templates


Another cool feature is the quick glimpse at Outbound Email Analytics. The emails sent through a particular template will tell you the number of ‘Sends,’ ‘Opens,’ ‘Clicks,’ and ‘Replies.’ This can be very useful in indicating about which email template is performing better, or to conduct a A/B Split test.

Ninja Outreach – Email Template Analytics Example.


‘Inbox Mode’ Option

As the name suggests, the ‘Inbox Mode’ allows the user to access inbound or received emails. Just click on the option and a new page will open-up. From here, you can get access to the leads responses.

‘Autosending’ Option

For those punctual marketers who have a strong faith in email-marketing, the Autosending feature by Ninja Outreach can help you automate and schedule the email campaigns.

Ninja Outreach – Autosending Page

As the above-image displays, the user can customize all the fields depending upon the Campaign requirements. It is super-easy and flexible. Ninja Outreach gains a point here.

Account Control

Ninja Outreach Account can be simply controlled with top-right main menu options. These are the ‘Bell Icon,’ and ‘Account Control’ (Signified by the initials of the user).

Ninja Outreach – Account Controls


  • Bell Icon- The Bell Icon notifies the user for any activity via the dashboard. It tells you about your recent activities, lead responses, import activities, etc.


  • Account Control Dropdown- The Account control dropdown features a list of user settings and information. First option is Team Members, followed by Options which contains ‘Settings,’ ‘Payment & Billing,’ ‘Download Chrome Extension’ options, followed by Our Services, Help, Upgrade, and Log Out options.

Ninja Outreach – Account Control Dropdown


Pretty neat features and controls!

There! We just saw what Ninja Outreach is capable of. Let us get a 360 degree view of this tool by analyzing its pros and cons.

Pros & Cons

Ninja Outreach is a thoughtfully designed piece of software that comes to save the day for many Digital Marketers and businesses across the globe. Let us start by listing the Pros of this software!


  • Simple & Intuitive Dashboard- This software flaunts an intuitive, simple yet dynamic dashboard. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, using this platform is a cakewalk.


  • Easy Leads Targeting- The Platform makes it easier to find prospects across all the niches from a single dashboard.
  • Unlimited Lists- You can create as many lists as you want for different campaigns.
  • Templates- Custom Email templates make it easier to automate repetitive content structure, thereby saving a lot of time.
  • Powerful Filtering- This is perhaps Ninja Outreach’s best feature. With the powerful filtering options, finding highly-targeted prospects and influencers becomes simple.
  • Quick Analytics and Metrics- Wherever it is required, Ninja Outreach provides the user with required analytics and metrics.


But not everything is Gold! We found some turn-offs by this piece of software. While pros may seem to weigh more, it is the Cons that actually decide the success for any tool. Take a look!


  • Pricing-  This was the prime reason for us to cancel Ninja Outreach’s annual subscription. While in the beginning we thought it will be a productive and effortless task-handler for us, it turns out that the cost outruns the benefits. In our humble opinion, the pricing for this amazing tool is too high. For example, their ‘SOLO’ plan is priced at $52/month, but lacks many features and comes with limits. You only get a quota of 1500 contacts/month, and a single user license. To add other team members and enhance the account functioning and features, you’ll have to upgrade to their higher package. The ‘PRO’ package starts at $74/month, ‘PRO PLUS’ at $187/month, and ‘ENTERPRISE’ at $599/month.


    • We believe the pricing reduces chances for small businesses trying to build their presence.
    • Annual billing on the first three plans is a deal-breaker. Small businesses and individuals are always looking for ways to minimize their overhead costs. Hence, a monthly billing would have given them the option to make a safe exit if they do not find the software useful.
    • The Enterprise plan has an option to be billed annually, which altogether does not make sense. Large businesses can bear the annual costs easily, but the case seems to be reversed here.


  • Filter Fields-  This is not a Con per say, but requires attention. As pointed out earlier, the inactive Selector Scales look almost invisible. It would be nice if they can be ‘fairly’ visible to the user.



In Closing, we would like to say that Ninja Outreach is a fabulous tool for marketers. It comes power-packed with many useful features, and promises to save a lot of time. Whether you are looking for influencers on Social Media, B2B Leads, PR, or anything that involves outreach, Ninja Outreach enables you to undertake all these tasks seamlessly.

However, this software might not be for everyone, as is suggested by its subscription plan. For us, the costs outran the benefits and productivity. If there was a monthly billing plan, with at least a 40 Percent reduction in pricing, Ninja Outreach would have been our Go-to choice for marketing!

How to Get Started With Influencer Marketing

How to Get Started With Influencer Marketing


Not sure how to promote your products and services? Hand it over to influencers; they will create new and inventive ways to popularize your brand like never before!

In our last blog, you may have got an idea of how Influencer marketing works to better connect with your audience. As promised, this blog will suggest you an easy  way to get started with your influencer marketing campaign. Here are the broad strokes:


Determine your target audience and outline your goals


Before you introduce your influencer, you must understand your audience first. You must also clearly define your marketing objectives depending on whether you want to increase your brand awareness or promote your product. Having a clear vision will evidently help you to accomplish your goals and choose the right influencer for your brand.


Select the right social media channels


Choosing the right social media channels is one of the most important things while you decide to run your campaign. It’s not just always the audience and the influencer, but also the right social media channels which make your campaign successful. The social media channel that you choose ultimately determines your ROI. For instance, video content works better on Facebook and YouTube while pictures go better on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

While determining which channels & methods are to be used, it is crucial to perform an extensive research to know where your potential customers spend most of their time. However, building a campaign, it is ideal to employ multiple platforms for a better exposure and test how different platforms work to reach your target audience effectively. Once, you finalize your channels, you can optimize the message to receive best outcomes.   


Find the most suitable influencer


There are several ways to hunt your perfect influencer out there in the market. Among the top ideas, let’s discuss the few of them:


  • Do an Internet search: Among the various methods to look for your influencer, this is probably the most time-taking process if you are starting from the scratch. To get started, you need to go through different websites, read blogs, find people with a natural affinity and watch videos to find the perfect influencer that resonates with your brand.


  • Explore in the influencer marketplace: Just as there is a marketplace for everything, you can look out for influencers on different networks dedicated to influencer marketing like Famebit, Tidal, TapInfluence, among others.


  • Social media monitoring: This is one of the most used technique to find perfect influencer for your brand. There are tools like BuzzSumo that help you find influencers who are talking about the relevant topics to your brand. As a popular way, you can also look for relevant hashtags on Twitter to find people who are already talking about your brand or products to approach & grab opportunity to partner with them.


Closely follow the activities of your desired influencer


Following your potential influencers before approaching them is crucial. Before you make a decision, you must carry thorough research to understand who they are. Things that you should consider is how the influencers connect with their audience; what response do they get; which brands do they promote and how do they present information.

While considering the above points, you must not jump onto numbers game. What really matters is the quality of followers. An influencer who wins the trust of his/ her audience and has ability to encourage their audience to try something new just on their recommendation is the one you are actually looking for. You must realize that intimacy and trust are the most important factors while determining the potential effectiveness of your influencers at promoting your brand or product.


Approach your Influencer


Once you select the right influencer to carry your marketing message, it’s high time that you approach them. To develop a steady connection, you can start by following them on social media, subscribe to them, promote their content and then finally ask them if they are interested in promoting your brand.


Create a Marketing Campaign


As you partner with your influencer, it’s time for you to create a compelling marketing campaign for your influencer to share. Having an influencer who shares his/her experience while using your product or service holds great value. However, there are several other ways your influencer can promote your brand to the audience. In accordance, you can go with your influencer to:


  • Provide a generous product review
  • Organise a contest or giveaway
  • Tweet about your product or service
  • Share videos of experience in the event, organized by you
  • Create a native ad for your product


Once you follow the points mentioned above, it suggests that you have geared up for an effective influencer marketing campaign. This will also help you find the best influencer for your brand and get the most out of your partnership!


Influencer Marketing: A Powerful Tool in Today’s Marketing Landscape

Influencer Marketing: A Powerful Tool in Today’s Marketing Landscape

The campaign of KFC India which it created just before launching its Double Down Burger is still a fresh memory. To create a buzz, the brand worked closely with food bloggers who generated a great curiosity around what will be in the next burger with #KFCSecretBurger.  After the burger was revealed, the brand collaborated with influencers including Buzzfeed to flood social media with reviews about the taste. Not just KFC but thousands of brands today are turning to influencer marketing as an effective way of advertising their organization’s name out. For any business looking to grow, influencer marketing can work wonders!

For brands who are still unaware of the concept, an influencer is a person with the ability to influence the perception of others and make them perform the desired action. Influencers may not necessarily be a celebrity but can also be micro influencers. Having influencers as a part of your marketing strategy to advertise your product or service tend to benefit you enormously as these influencers have a devoted fan base with particular interests. This suggests that you can effortlessly target your niche audience who will then communicate to the far wider target audience to generate impressive outcomes.


How does influencer marketing works?


Influencer marketing draws in key brand pioneer to drive your message to your audience in the most organic way. It targets people with a huge social media following who can sway and make an impact on audience featuring the key influencers. In simple words, rather than marketing directly to the audience, you leverage on influencers to get out the word for you! For an instance, a testimonial by a popular journalist, blogger, or a YouTube personality who talks about the product’s features and benefits makes a deeper impact on potential buyers and persuades them to make a positive purchasing decision.

Influencer marketing helps your business a viable option to interact with customers in a natural way and direct them towards the desired action. Having a perfect combination of reach, contextual credibility, and salesmanship, influencers hold a great potential to deliver the message to a broad audience and influence them to maximize marketing opportunities. A recent study also indicates that 30% of the customers are likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger, which makes influencer marketing worth investing.


Benefits of influencer marketing


As per recent reports, 92% marketers are expected to launch at least one influencer campaign. If you also are thinking to start your own influencer marketing campaign, here are few ways how you can benefit immensely:

Generates greater returns: From leading companies to small businesses and newly minted startups, organizations are witnessing positive returns from influencer marketing. The main reason why influencers drive sales and affect purchasing decisions is that they are social celebrities with high engagement and ability to persuade others. It can immensely help you boost your conversions rates and fortify sales. Their message, content, videos, pictures or pictures reaches thousands of people that generate conversions on a large scale. Its ability to generate enormous returns on investment (ROI) has encouraged various companies to increase their influencer marketing budgets for the recent time to come.

94% of marketers using influencing marketing find it an effective practice which generates up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising.  


Builds trust and credibility: Winning trust of customers cannot be done overnight, where brand spend years to gain it. Social influencers spend a significant time and efforts to win the trust of their followers. Influencer marketing creates an excellent opportunity to build this confidence, as the influencers act as a credible source telling potential customers about what your brand offers in the most compelling way. While making a purchasing decision, customers widely lean to influencers to learn how a product performs. Hence, if you work with social media influencers to review and recommend your product or services, you can see a spike with customers who rely on these reviews to go for a particular product or a brand. It will also help you to boost brand credibility and customer loyalty.


Drives conversions & relevant leads: Top influencers, being expert in their field hold a specific niche audience, based on which they create your content strategy. This also suggests that if your products or services are directly related to an influencer’s niche, you can use it as an asset to generate relevant leads. Not just this, in fact, influencer marketing is also a popular way to drive conversions by incorporating a call-to-action on sponsored posts. Such as providing a discount code by an influencer provides value to their followers and also allows you to get a hold on customers quickly.


Aids content strategy: As a marketer, you must be aware of how challenging it is to generate fresh content ideas to attract the audience. Creating offbeat content on a regular basis not only requires creativity but also enormous resources. This is where influencer marketing helps!  Influencers are blessed with a huge following base, where the only way to engage them is to create compelling content. Thus, influencers invest a lot of time to create quality content for their social media channels. Influencers ensure that the load to develop fresh content gets shared. When you partner with an influencer, some of the content can be produced by you while others can be created by the influencer for your campaign. This strategy also ensures that you deliver creative and high-quality content routinely.   

Final Thoughts…                                                                                                                

Influencer marketing helps your business a viable option to interact with customers in a natural way and direct them towards the desired action. So, now when you know what influencer marketing has to offer you, it’s time for you to incorporate it into your marketing strategy and drive some real time results! However, like other marketing strategies, you cannot hope to start seeing the positive results overnight but selecting the right influencer and creating an effective campaign can be a game changer for your business.

Gear up for our next blog to know easy steps to get started with your own influencer marketing campaign…

Lead Generation Strategies and an Action Plan for Recruitment Companies

Lead Generation Strategies and an Action Plan for Recruitment Companies


Recruitment companies face three critical challenges in acquiring new clients: intense competition, lack of differentiation in pricing and services, and a lack of exclusivity (the practice of having multiple vendors working for the same client). Most of the placement agencies’ owners depend on personal connections and references from the existing clients to generate leads. These methods may be useful in acquiring a few clients in the long term. However, it is time-consuming and highly unscalable.

The revenue or growth of the organization will be limited by the personal connection of its proprietors. Therefore, branding and innovative lead generation strategy are necessary to create more vendor empanelment opportunities.  Fortunately, the internet has created endless possibilities for everyone including the HR and recruitment organizations. You can use various elements of digital marketing to generate high value leads for your recruitment business.

In this blog, we have covered five lead generation strategies and a 10-week action plan to generate more leads for your recruitment company. Some of these strategies deliver results in the long run while others produce instant results.



Lead Generation Strategy for Placement Agencies



Five Lead Generation Strategies for a Recruitment Business


1. Offline Events


Attend offline events to expand your network. Integrate it with your email and social media strategies as discussed in the next section. The internet will play the role of an enabler or a catalyst in fructifying your offline plan. Don’t sell yourself or your services in the events. Talk to as many people as possible and build a personal rapport. Add them to LinkedIn, collect their email ids and start following them on Twitter. Initiate a conversation (online or offline) once in a while to engage with them without selling your services.


Generate Leads Offline Events


2. Email Marketing


HR heads (or more precisely Talent Acquisition heads) receive a lot of emails from recruiters and HR software solution providers on a daily basis. Sending a sales pitch to random HR professionals will not lead to meaningful results. In fact, it hampers the reputation of email senders. The last thing you will want is to be known as spammers in the close-knit HR community. Thus, you need to build an email strategy carefully to develop and expand personal relationships.


The biggest challenge in implementing a successful email marketing campaign is generating a list of relevant email ids. Attending offline events and connecting with more people on social media will give you a heads up on making an email list.
Posting relevant contents such as latest news, HR trends, interesting blogs, etc. will fetch more readers. Add an email subscription form on your website and integrate with an email marketing or lead generation software such as MailChimp or Optin Monster. Over time, you will build an excellent email list.
Create a separate list of candidates whom you have placed in your clients’ organizations. Stay in touch with both, the successful candidates as well as the clients.


Start sending a weekly or a monthly newsletter to your subscribers, social and personal connections. Don’t send more than four email newsletters in a month. Creating a system to send personalized birthday or festival greetings will particularly be helpful in nurturing the relationships. A recruitment business is all about building meaningful relationships, and email marketing serve precisely the same purpose.


3. LinkedIn and Twitter


As a recruiter, you know the value of LinkedIn more than anyone else. Be more innovative on LinkedIn to acquire clients. Make your LinkedIn experience more meaningful and productive.
You may add connections from the industries which you currently serve. Be location specific so that you can meet prospects to pitch for vendor empanelment. Many times, clients look for local vendors for close collaboration while hiring for critical positions. Thus, connect with HR Professionals or CXOs only from a particular location and industry for better results in fewer efforts.


Twitter may not be useful in generating leads. However, it is an excellent platform to engage with industry leaders and initiate meaningful conversations. If you can spend at least 10 minutes a day on Twitter, it will help you in building a meaningful rapport with talent acquisition heads from top companies.


4. Google Adwords


Very few recruitment firms use Google Adwords to promote their services. Their biggest fear is of getting irrelevant clicks from job seekers. Of course, it is tough to ensure that your ads will be clicked only by clients and not job seekers. However, in my experience, Google Adwords is an effective marketing tool to generate leads for placement consultancy organizations. You need to monitor your campaign, use negative keywords and optimize it on a regular basis to ensure that the ads get clicked by potential clients. You can also run Display Ads campaign on select publishers and websites which serves to HR professionals. Remember that if you want to use Google Adwords, then you need to spend significant time to monitor the campaigns. It is advised to hire Google certified Adwords expert to run the paid campaigns.


Use following techniques to generate better results:


  • Create industry and location specific campaigns
  • Focus on long tail keywords
  • Update the list of negative keywords on a regular basis
  • Write Ad copy that depicts that it is meant only for employers
  • Run Google Adwords campaign for at least 30 days to evaluate its effectiveness


5. Search Engine Optimization


SEO works in the long-term. You need to invest time, energy and money and patiently wait for six to twelve months to see the impact. However, the results of SEO are exceptional. You may get inquiries from international companies and reputed brand names (of course you must have the capability to meet the requirements). If you provide HR services such as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), Temp Staffing, Entry level hiring and bulk hiring solutions, then the SEO should be the most crucial element of your marketing strategy. It also helps you in getting more clients from startup and growing SMEs community.


Quick SEO tips to rank faster:


  • Each page of your site should have at least 1000 Words
  • Use LSI method to make content more user as well as SEO friendly
  • Never write generic content – If you are a startup, do write more about skills and experience of founders. But avoid writing generic stuff.
  • Work on long tail keywords which will be used by client to search for specific HR services
  • Industry and Location specific keywords
  • Write Guest Posts
  • Publish high-quality blogs on a regular basis


Implementing all five strategies at one point in time will be difficult for small recruitment firms and startups. Outsourcing all these activities to a qualified agency may also be an expensive proposition. Thus, prioritize your goals, set a budget (in terms of time and money), and work on any two strategies at a time which can fit into the budget. Remember that until you have a sound strategy in place, no amount of efforts will deliver an optimum result. Thus it is crucial to have a sound strategy and an action plan ready before you start promoting your business.


Generic Action Plan for Marketing or Promoting recruitment services


Digital marketing can become overwhelming and confusing if you don’t plan it properly and implement it step by step. A lot of business owners and marketers start with great enthusiasm but soon lose motivation after discovering the sea of tasks that need to be done to achieve even average results. Here is a generic Action Plan that will guide you to implement a digital marketing campaign successfully without creating a big hole in your pocket or putting you through the stress of managing time between your core business and digital marketing.


Week 1 – Create and Document a Strategy


Create and document a digital marketing strategy for your recruitment firm. No internet marketing efforts will ever be successful until it creates value for the target audience. So, build a plan around your users and not around your business. The strategy should include at least the following items:


  • The objective and goals of the campaign
  • Budget
  • Identification of a distinct target audience
  • Media Mix
  • Resource Requirements
  • Action plan with a predetermined timeline
  • Measurement metrics
  • Campaign optimization plan


Document your strategy 2-3 pages. You may also hire an internet marketing consultant or a writer to do this for you.


Week 2 – Selection of Keywords


Select keywords for which you want to optimize your website for search engines. This step is essential even if you don’t plan to do SEO in the future. So spend significant time on this activity and shortlist a list of a few relevant keywords.


Week 3 – On-site Checklist


Ensure that your site must have the following


  • Word count on every page (except “Contact Us” or similar pages) – at least 1000 Words
  • The website content should reflect your expertise. Don’t put generic content (you can check the relevance of content by replacing your company name with a random Name XYZ. By changing a company name if the information doesn’t become incorrect or irrelevant, the content is generic.
  • Optimize Title tags, meta description, and Image alt-tag optimization
  • Inclusion of Site Map on the website
  • Integration of Google Analytics, Webmaster tool and Social media sites with the website
  • “Contact Us” form is working correctly – Check where do you receive the data, when a user generates an inquiry
  • Integration of Newsletter Subscription form
  • A blog section is must on the site


Week 4 – Work on the budget for six months


Decide a budget for six months. Think how much money you are ready to spend over next six month even if you don’t get any results. (Setting the expectation is critical in deciding the budget. No marketing activity has ever guaranteed results. However, all skilled marketers know that every penny spent on marketing activities never goes waste). Plan your resources according to the budget.

I am dedicating one full week to this activity as the tasks which need to be executed in Week 1 & Week 2 may get extended in Week 3. Thus putting extra time here will keep your schedule intact.


Week 5 – Pick up two marketing activities and create a mini-plan for one week


In business, a lot of unexpected things happen within a short span of time. So, we can’t plan accurately for more than a few days. If you have just started with digital marketing, then it is advisable to prepare your schedule for a week and execute it properly. At the end of the week, you will get an idea of how much bandwidth and money you need to perform a task properly. I recommend that in the beginning you plan only those activities which can be implemented by spending 30 minutes a day.  Keep in mind that you have many other things to do. So you can’t dedicate more than half an hour in one particular activity on a regular basis.


Recommendations – Start with LinkedIn and SEO if you are a beginner.


Week 6 – Adjust your targets for Week 5 and optimize your schedule


Based on the work done in the previous week, you need to adjust your target for this week. It must be achievable despite all the uncertainties and exigencies that may come up as a part of the business.  Optimize your schedule to boost your productivity. Research for tools which can improve your efficiency.


Week 7 – Workforce Planning


By now, you will have a better understanding of the manhours required to do various tasks. At this point, you also need to make a decision about whether you want to hire a dedicated staff or outsource the work to a qualified digital marketing agency. Hiring a new employee can add to your fix expenses and management workload. Outsourcing is the best way to get more work done at a faster pace. However, you need to spend some time in selecting the right agency and communicating your vision to them appropriately. You may also need to make adjustments in the budget at this stage.


Week 8 – Check the Site’s Performance


Check site’s performance with Google Analytics and Search Console tools. Set a performance target for next four months. It will help you monitor the outcome. Remember that your clients go through a purchase journey before hiring a placement agency. You need to assist your potential leads at every stage of their purchase journey. Thus, you need to create relevant and fresh content (through blog section) to educate your customers and help them make informed decisions. Also, don’t expect the results in just a few weeks of work. It requires time and efforts to capture the attention of your target audience during the different stages of the purchase process.


Monitor the following metric to evaluate the digital marketing efforts (it is the bare minimum, the actual parameters depend on your business objectives):


  • Unique Visitors
  • No of email subscribers
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time spent by users on your site
  • Most visited pages


Week 9 – It is time to go aggressive


By now, you would have a fair understanding of time and efforts required to achieve a particular marketing goal. Now is the time to set outrageous goals and pursue them aggressively. Accelerate the efforts and make sure that quality is compromised in the pursuit of chase the quantity. 80% of the businesses give up on their digital marketing efforts by the time they reach this stage. So, now is the time when you strengthen your resolve to continue the digital marketing efforts.


Week 10 – Pursue Excellence


Rome was not built in a day. So don’t expect everything to be all right so soon. Monitor the performance, identify gaps and optimize your campaign to bridge these gaps. Don’t fear to be original and take risks. Take feedback from your employees, customers, and partners, and build further on what you already have. Remember that the Facebook and Google products have gone through numerous revisions to become what we see today. So, pursue excellence and improve your performance every day. Keep optimizing the resources and improving efficiency. Over time, it will help you achieve more in fewer efforts.


This basic framework will help your recruitment firm build a solid web presence. The results will entirely depend on the teams’ creativity and vision. The power of the internet is limited only by your imagination. So, be original, persistent, creative, and imaginative while pursuing your marketing goals, and you will accomplish outstanding results. Being in an intensely competitive and highly undifferentiated market, it may take some time before the audience starts noticing you. However, once they do, there is no looking back.


Did I miss something? Do you a better formula for digital marketing success for recruitment firms? Share it in the comments, and I will include the same in the blog when it is updated next time.


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How to Choose a Right Digital Marketing Agency?

How to Choose a Right Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency helps its clients develop marketing strategies and build campaigns to deliver tangible business results. Since every business is different, they require a unique approach to internet marketing. Although most of the agencies claim to provide customized services, not all of them possess the expertise or have the bandwidth to walk the talk. However, there are a lot of digital marketing firms which create a real difference to their clients’ businesses through a sound strategy and its flawless execution.


As a business owner, how will you choose the right agency which is the best fit for your organization?


Here are some tips which can help you spot the right company:


Bigger is not always better


The safest way to choose an agency is to select the industry leaders. However, the majority of businesses can’t afford their budget. Moreover, their style of working may not be compatible for small and medium size businesses. Ideally, you need to find the agencies which can become an integral part of your internal team.


Thus, your focus should be the “right fit” and not the big name.  Hire a firm which has a flexible approach and ready to adopt your style of working.


Know your requirements


Define your objectives of hiring an online marketing company. The objectives could be to increasing traffic, generating more leads, improving search engine visibility, social media branding, etc. You may even require all of these. However, you need to prioritize the goals and define your immediate as well as long-term requirements.


Also, define the outcomes which must be delivered by the agency to justify the investments.  If you don’t know your requirements, then it is good to state this clearly to the agencies and ask them to come up with a plan based on whatever you have in your mind.


How to find agencies


Searching on Google is the most obvious way to find out companies. You can also find a plenty of digital marketing firms on freelance marketplaces such as UpWork, Freelancer, Guru, PPH, etc. Since most of these platforms offer a rating system, you can easily find out the work history and track record for the digital marketing firms. However, you must follow a due diligence process before hiring freelancers or agencies on these platforms as the ratings can be easily manipulated. Also, a lot of entities on these platforms are one-man shops who outsource the task to local freelancers. Thus, many times you may get an inferior quality work despite choosing a high-rated freelancer or an agency. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to scrutinize the firms before hiring and don’t go just by their rating on the platform.


Shortlist two to three firms


Always shortlist two to three companies before making a final decision. Compare their quotes, activities and expected outcomes. Don’t make price the only criterion to compare two agencies. Cheap marketing services are usually quite expensive for the clients.


Ask Questions


Ask everything that you have in mind. You can even ask a few questions related to your industry to check the company’s understanding of your business. Some of the must ask questions are:


  • Who will work on our projects? – Remember that the quality of work will be as good as the quality of people working on the project.
  • Do you outsource the work? If yes, then which part of the task is outsourced? – Avoid agencies which outsource the entire job. In fact, such companies work as brokers and hardly understand the nuances of building effective marketing campaigns.
  • How will you communicate with our internal team?
  • What all do you need to get started?
  • How much time will you take to deliver results?


Follow the Process of elimination


Use the answers to the abovementioned questions to eliminate the agencies which don’t fulfill the basic criteria such as budget, experience, deadline, etc. Some of the red flags to spot the bad apples are extremely low price, promising big results, giving unusual guarantees, not answering your questions directly, etc.


Make an agreement or contract


Once you finalize an agency, make a contract. It is important to define the terms and conditions, and activities that need to be done as a part of the campaign for achieving the expected outcomes. A written contract helps both the parties to set expectations and avoid surprises during the project. It also works as a reference document if a confusion arises in the future.




Choosing a vendor is not a straight line process. It requires serious deliberations among the stakeholders. While hiring an agency, do remember that you will work with the people and not with machines or software. Thus, use one rule of thumb – don’t work with agencies whose initial conversations didn’t make you comfortable.  In other words, choose an organization only if you are comfortable dealing with people who work on your project and not just with the salesman or the agency owner. The effectiveness of the campaign will entirely depend on the quality and experience of people who work on the project and not on the name or size of the agency.