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How to Decide the Right Budget for Your Website Design?

I have met many small business owners who find it difficult to understand the pricing structure for website designing and development services. They request quote from various website designing firms, including freelancers, and find a huge variation in their pricing. Such varied range of quotes for the same services can be baffling, making it even more difficult for them to arrive at the right budget for their project. This blog is intended to help business owners understand the variables at play for determining a budget for website design and development.

Website Designing Business

Website design is a service that requires coherent efforts by a team of skilled professionals from multiple disciplines. While it is hard to determine the exact cost of a website as it depends on a number of factors such as location, qualification and size of service provider, you can definitely get an approximate value if you know how pricing is decided.

Based on your requirement, most firms calculate the number of man hours required to complete the project. A website designed in 100 hours would be expensive than a website which can be designed in 50 man hours.

 Components of Website Costing:

  1. Domain Registration fee: Typically, the domain registration cost for a .com domain name is USD 10. The charges for other extensions vary a little.
  2. Website Designing and Development fee: The cost for this aspect of website design varies widely and depends on several factors such as look and feel, functionality, backend technology, multiple device compatibility, data security, location and qualification of service provider, and loading time of the website.

Let us look at each of these factors separately and see how they affect the cost of a website:

a. Look & Feel – If your website designing firm takes a standard free template from internet, they should charge less. Taking a standard template from net and customizing it as per your requirement should cost anywhere around USD 100-150. However, if you opt for custom design, which uniquely displays your business information, you will definitely have to shell out more money. The cost for having a website designed with a unique look and feel can be anywhere around USD 300-500.

b. Functionality – The functionality aspects make your website intelligent or dumb. Here is a list of common functionalities and cost associated with them:

  • Static Website – USD 50-100
  • Dynamic Website – USD 200-300
  • Dynamic Portfolio Showcase – USD 150-250
  • Payment Gateway Integration – USD 200
  • Social Media Integration – USD 50-150

c. Device Compatibility – We are living in an era of smartphones and tabs, so your website must be equipped to provide seamless browsing experience across all devices. In technical terms, it is known as a responsive website. The cost for enabling this functionality is between USD 150 and 300.

d. Technology – Backend technology plays a crucial role in keeping your data secure and reducing the website’s load time. This aspect is a little difficult to quantify, as there are several web technologies available and no minimum cost associated with them. Please contact us to know how this can impact user experience and costing for your website. However, SME business owners looking to create a corporate website don’t need to bother with this aspect.

e. Experience of Service Provider – A new and inexperienced service provider may agree to work on a lower budget as they need new projects to build their portfolio. If you are lucky, you may get quality work done; however, most of the times this depreciated cost of services results in a disaster.

3. Content Development Charges

The cost of content development depends on the number of words. A freelancer may charge up to USD 10 per 1000 words, where as an established company could charge around USD 40 per 1000 words.

4. Hosting Fee

Hosting fee for a corporate website can be around USD 60-100 per annum.

Web Designing Cost Overview

Component Options Approximate Cost Range (in USD) Frequency
    Min Max  
Domain Registration .com 10 10 Annual
Design Design – Standard Template 100 150 One Time
  Design – Custom 300 500 One Time
Functionality Static Website 50 100 One Time
  Dynamic Website 200 300 One Time
  Dynamic Portfolio Showcase 150 250 One Time
  Payment Gateway 200 200 One Time
  Social Media Integration 50 150 One Time
Device Compatibility Responsive Design 150 300 One Time
Content Development 1000 Words 40 50 One Time
Website Hosting   60 100 Annual