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Creativity and entertainment walk hand-in-hand! With the internet connecting the world, people everywhere can now create, share, and showcase their ideas with the power of numerous online technology platforms. Video content platforms make for a big chunk of this internet industry. They are now part and parcel of our lives. But this domain is evolving dramatically.

With every flourishing technology comes the instincts to monetize it. And, middlemen pop-up reaping substantial profits. Same is the case with popular video content platforms. Recent changes in the Youtube’s monetization policy hit the video creators hard. This centralized action needs to be addressed. In this post, we will take a look at the autocracy and democracy paradigms of the video content tech-platforms. It is the ultimate face-off between Viewly, Vimeo, and Youtube!


The Autocratic paradigm!


Autocracy simply means that absolute power lies with a single person or an organization. A dictatorship if you may! And platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, etc. are central platforms with total control of the content lying with them. However, these popular video publishing platforms have entertained us for long. The creatives beg to differ. Why so? Here are the reasons;


  • Unjust monetary distributions: Video creators and content developers power this industry. But central platforms give them only a fraction of revenue in return. While creative professionals deliver the most value to such platforms, they are often struggling to make the money they deserve. And, their monetization is only limited to ad revenues, without any direct contribution or connection with the audience to support their work!
  • Costly content delivery: It is a herculean task to deliver video and creative content globally. The cost of this expensive operation is loaded on the shoulders of the content creators. High-performing content creators usually have to pay for hosting and storage of their content.
  • Unwanted ads: Autocratic video platforms worship ad networks. The reason is that they get revenue from them. This relationship creates a diminished user experience for people, often bombarding them with irrelevant and annoying ads. This becomes a challenge for the creatives as well as their audience with platform keeping the most of the revenue.


Solution? A democratic Blockchain video platform


Enter Viewly! A democratic video publishing platform at its core that is powered by the revolutionary Blockchain technology. Viewly has stepped up to address the fundamental challenges faced by the video content creators and the viewing audience. Viewly is a decentralized social video content platform that empowers the creatives to share their content with their audience freely. The users here can support the work of their favorite video creators with the micro-payments ecosystem. The control of the platform belongs to the users, and the currency used here for incentives is called ‘VIEW.’


Here is why Blockchain platforms like View.ly are the future of video content & entertainment;


  • Peer-to-peer content delivery: Viewly uses a Peer-to-peer content delivery network to connect video creators with their audience. Not only this reduces the cost of video content delivery, but also utilizes redundant (extra) resources of the users and incentivize them with VIEW tokens.
  • No ads: Since Viewly is a Blockchain platform, the users, and the content creators are directly connected. An absence of the middle-men means no ads are required to generate the revenue in such an ecosystem! It automatically translates into a win-win situation for both the viewers and the content developers.
  • Direct Support: With vote-based tipping, recurring payments from fans, and business endorsements, video content creators on Viewly get the real value for their talent! Unlike the unfavorable policies of platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc., Viewly’s revenue flows through a Blockchain mechanism. One can start earning right away even with a small audience. As a content creator, you make money as long as you add value to your audience.


How is Viewly’s ICO doing?


Well, View.ly has already achieved 66 percent (US$8m) of their ICO sales goal (US$12m) in VIEW token pre-sales at this point. While this post is being drafted, only 9 minutes are left for its Token sales to go live. It seems that the platform will reach its goal easily.


But how about its future?


Viewly incentivizes the users to pool their bandwidth and data storage resources to power the P2P content delivery network. Content creators get rewards and support from their audience. There are no annoying ads. The users are the decision makers. The preceding statements make one thing very clear. That democracy is a form of freedom cherished by all. A system where everyone wins for adding fair value to it is the choice of the masses. Blockchain technology has allowed us to embed this paradigm in the technological domains too.


This is a nascent point to figure out if Blockchain video publishing platforms like Viewly will surpass giants like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, or Amazon Prime. But one thing is definite. The future of human technology lies in decentralizing them to deliver value to the masses. Democracy has always trumped Autocracy!