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It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. But 2015 is definitely eventful for social media. Social media gurus have caught on to trends that can make a huge impact in the times to come. SixPL is a premier digital marketing agency that has the best (and the worst) trends for social media this year.

Vanishing Media: Facebook is for everyone but youngsters want more options. New online territories are being carved out because Facebook and Twitter have competition and it is not just Instagram which is threatening to upset the gravy train. Snapchat is looking to snap up more customers and as it is with other rapidly developing fields, yesterday’s social media now has to catch up with today’s.

Sophisticated Blogging: From a time when it was all about words alone to a point where blogging platforms even provide streamlined interfaces and approximate reading time, blogging has come a long, long way. While wordsmiths may bemoan this trend, Internet blog publishing platforms such as Medium are making hay while the sun shines. Creativity is just one aspect of packaging. Nowadays, it is all about packaging the blog so that readers have their fair share of knowledge and fun at the same time.

Private Networks: With changing times, social networks are also changing. While Twitter operates best if information is publicly shared, online users who want privacy can choose from many options. Lulu is a women-only app on iOS/Android which is catching on fast in Brazil, the football mecca. Lulu goes beyond FaceMash and it certainly works out for ladies who want to rate guys with numbers. This closed network gives users the privacy and security they need and cherish on an otherwise annoyingly public Internet.

Selfies Are In With Shots Of Me: Social media certainly won’t hit the high note when it comes to downsizing the human ego. Shots of Me has more than Justin Bieber rooting for them. This iOs app is perfect for sharing selfies. The restriction on comments does limit cyber-bulling but it is the height of self-centeredness.

Airbnb Soars To New Heights: The social media synergy has a new mix and It is Airbnb.  Social networks are built for sharing and Airbnb has caught on to this trend fast. Social networks are great if you want to book a dog-sitter(DogVacay) or rent stuff (Rentything).

Vine is Creeping In: Instagram may have taken to video, but the grapevine is that Vine has taken steps to edge them out. The 6 second witty apps are bringing users a novel experience which is the reason why there are so popular. Quick videos with fun and entertainment are the USP of this service. Vine celebrities are also adding their star power and platform integration has done what is was meant to do. This app is a boon for marketing as it can be easily shared on the 2Ts- Twitter and TumbIr.

With new trends catching on, the online social media space just got more exciting. Keeping tabs on this rapidly expanding media is all about connecting with the trends.