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The art of storytelling plays a major role in effective content marketing. Have you ever wondered why some advertisements left a deep impact on you? Or, is there any connection between your choice of a product and its advertisement?  Every company is selling its products through storytelling, and we love stories, don’t we? To understand the importance of storytelling, we don’t have to dig so much into our past to understand the storytelling’s powerful effects on a person’s heart and mind. Just go back slightly in your past and remember how we used to ask to hear the same stories again and again from our parents in childhood.

The internet has revolutionized the reach of companies to share their brand stories to a larger audience. The principal success factors of storytelling are social media, social sharing, and word-of mouth, and brand perception in the customers. Storytelling is not only about creating stories for your brand or business, but also one of the effective ways to make the difference in social and content-intensive times. An effective story connected to audiences can transform your shrinking business into a successful stretching business.

Consider these facts to understand why storytelling is very important for your content marketing:

  • Story telling is a great way for you to engage with customers.
  • More than 90% of your consumers would like media messages to sound like a story.
  • Stories help in creating images in our brain and our brain works faster in absorbing images for making decisions. That’s why, it is said that a compelling story means more customers.
  • We all are addicted to one habit and it’s impossible to change this habit – that is daydreaming. Research shows that humans spend more than 50% of their lives daydreaming. So, we all crave stories to feed our brains.

An effective storytelling usually presents an experience. Experiences leave a long lasting impact on consumers’ minds. Merely facts and figures don’t create engaging content, but a story by experience creates an opportunity for you to connect with consumers’ hearts.

Stories also provide you an opportunity to reveal how your product or services are different from others. In a competitive environment, it is possible that many players offer the same products and services. But storytelling helps you to show your customers how your offerings are different from others. After all, a successful story creates a successful brand.

Thirdly, stories help you connect with consumers’ hearts because stories, create an emotional attachment for your product. Also, they provide meaning to your facts and figures because content marketing is all about presenting your data as a story which people not only understand but also enjoy reading.

Fourthly, it helps you reach your ultimate goal – it motivates consumers to buy your products and services. We all feel inspired and motivated whenever we go through Steve Jobs’ speech and presentations. This is because he was an expert storyteller who infused his personal experiences in his stories and that propelled him towards phenomenal success.

A good story engages us immensely and set our wings of imagination free to wonder at something. That’s why it is considered as one of the most powerful techniques of communication in content marketing.