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When it comes to designing a website, it makes sense to learn the difference between TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes. As you probably know, these two website template services are believed to live up to the expectations of novices and professional web developers. Both TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes are famous for their revolutionary approach to the live customization, the drag-and-drop functionality, and the social media optimization. What is more, TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes have been around on the web market for quite some time already and have won a reputation for quality. As you can see, the services under consideration have a lot in common.

At the same time, there are quite a few key factors that predetermine the striking difference between TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes. That is why we have decided to contrast the two website templates services to see what makes them stand out in the web market.

Spoiler Alert: If you are running low on time, then feel free to skip the main body. Go directly to the Conclusion section. This is where you find the table in which we summarized all the main factors about TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes.


TemplateMonster: The Richest Collection of Web Themes and 24/7 Tech Support


Advantages of TemplateMonster


1. The biggest advantage of TemplateMonster is the richest collection of website templates that contains 26,000+ items. This is the marketplace to go in case you want to have a choice between WordPress Themes, Joomla Templates, PrestaShop Themes, Magento Themes, WooCommerce Themes, and Moto CMS Templates. Neatly organized into thematic categories (for instance, Business & Services, Design & Photography etc.), website templates from TemplateMonster are easy to navigate. What is more, you can optimize the search for the web templates with handy tags like ‘On Sale’, ‘Top Rated’, ‘New’ etc.

2. One more benefit of using website templates from TemplateMonster is their superb tech support. For starters, it is free. Also, it is available via different communication channels. You can talk to tech support managers on the phone, chat with them, or submit a ticket. What is more, the tech support team is available 24/7, even on bank holidays (!).

3. As soon as you add a web template you like to the shopping cart, you will be offered to buy some extra features. For instance, once you choose to buy Monstroid2, you will see a long list that contains services like Prime SEO Pack, Web Copywriting Services, the Logo Creation etc. Do not be mistaken – you do not have to buy any of these additional features to launch a website successfully (even though it may seem you have to). In order not to get lost in this abundance, click on “Learn more” or contact a tech support manager (available for free 24/7). This way you can double-check whether you will need any of these features in your specific case. One more way to deal with all these additional features is to play cool and skip them altogether.


4. As TemplateMonster has become the international marketplace, it is not a wonder their templates go hand in hand with the powerful language support. English, French, Spanish, Russian, Deutsch, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish are some options to choose from.

Disadvantages of TemplateMonster


The pricing policy of TemplateMonster is overall affordable. You can find a template for as little as $10+. But what if to compare these prices with Elegant Themes? Well, let’s face it – it is hard to compete with Elegant Themes where you get the access to 87 themes for $89!


Elegant Themes: Simplicity Above All


Advantages of Elegant Themes


1. The main advantage of Elegant Themes is their straightforward pricing policy. There are only two options to choose from, i.e. Yearly Access and Lifetime Access. No matter what plan you pick, you will enjoy all the themes and all the plugins available. Great, right?

Elegant Themes

2. One more advantage of Elegant themes is the simple licensing policy. All products from this theme house can be used on as many websites as you need. Sure thing, this is especially handy for web developers with the constant flow of web projects.

Disadvantages of Elegant Themes


1. Elegant Themes offer only WordPress themes. Yes, it is true that WordPress is the in-thing these days. But we all know how quickly the web universe evolves. We also understand that WordPress is limited in its potential as this cms was originally designed as a blogging instrument. You would not want to use WordPress as a platform to start an online store (if given a choice), would you? In addition, there are only 87 themes to choose from. So, in order to keep up with the latest trends in the web design, you may need to get a bit more sophisticated with the web themes you opt for.

2. Not all templates you find on Elegant themes are mobile-friendly. In fact, only about ¼ of templates available are responsive. It remains an open question who needs a website that looks odd and unwelcoming on a mobile or a tablet these days. In practice, it means that you pay for 80+ themes but can actually use only 22 that are responsive.

3. The tech support from Elegant Themes can use some improvement in terms of the live communication. The live chat is available only on weekdays. It means that the best time to start launching your website is on Monday at 8 am sharp. This way you can make sure you have someone to turn to if things get messy (which they can).


To recap, here is what we have come up with after contrasting TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes.

We sincerely hope that this comparison post has shed light on the most apparent differences between TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes. So, now that you know everything you need, it is time to make the best of this information. Make a choice wisely and start your online adventure with the best web template services!