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When creating a logo for your business you should consider first and foremost who you are and what you want to be to your target market. Everything about your logo including its colours, shapes and its font will convey a subliminal message that will speak volumes about your business to the subconscious mind.

Here are the six keys to what makes a successful logo design:

  1. Clear and Direct

Before proceeding to make your logo design, I would suggest taking a look at what the big brands are doing with their own logos. More often than not they are sending a clear and simple message with their logo design. Small businesses often tend to try and say too much within their logo design. The result is an ineffective, unclear message being communicated to your target market.

  1. Unique

To make your marketing logo stand out, strive to make it as unique as possible. If your logo is not able to create a distinction between you and your competitors, why would they contact you ahead of the competition? If you know what your target market is looking for you will be able to focus your logo design on reaching your market. If your business doesn’t stand out from the crowd, then you will be seen as nothing more than a commodity and compete on price alone.

  1. Functional

When creating a business logo, functionality should be among the first things you consider. Although beauty is very important, the functionality of your logo should take first place above all else. Your brand logo should be useable in all kinds of environment. It should also be instantly recognisable, whether it is stamped on an envelope or scaled up to a large billboard. Make sure it conveys the same brand message even if it is in black and white or coloured.

  1. Colours

Careful selection of a colour scheme to use in your business logo is very important. Every colour used sends a message to the subconscious minds of your target market. Because of the hidden meanings of colours, you should have a philosophy behind why you have chosen your colours.

Here are some common colours and the meanings that they may convey:

Green – conveys feeling of security and safety

Pale Blue – calming and encourages fantasy

Yellow – known to evoke the quickest reaction from potential customers

Red – symbolises energy and power and could elicit passion

Orange – is a great stimulant for energetic actions, ambition and creativity

Black – known for signifying sophistication, dignity and authority

  1. Fonts

The fonts for your corporate logo should complement the colours that you have chosen and the nature of your business. It would be best if you create a logo that is distinctive yet sophisticated and simple. There are a great number of fonts that you could choose from. Which font is right for your business? I’d suggest selecting fonts that are timeless for most businesses. Your logo isn’t something you want to update regularly so go with something that will last the distance.

  1. Shapes

The shapes or images that you should use for your brand logo should also communicate your intended message to your target market. Try not to use graphics that are either too wide or too tall. This should help create balance with your font and make your logo more versatile. Make sure the shape you are using complements your fonts and colours. At times you may need to use your logo in black and white so make sure your logo will work.