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There are thousands of web hosting companies from where you can purchase the hosting. However, not all of them provide a satisfactory level of service. In fact, a lot of them deliver pathetic services. After a horrible experience from HostGator customer service, I switched to BlueHost. This website is also hosted on BlueHost and until now their customer service is excellent. I will write a detailed post later on how you should compare two hosting plans. If you don’t have much technical knowledge about hosting, BlueHost is a great hosting platform to start with (It is also recommended by WordPress official website).


Here is a guide to purchase a hosting service from BlueHost:

Step 1: Visit https://www.bluehost.com/web-hosting/signup 


Step 2: Select a Plan

If you have only one website, then select the Basic Plan. If you wish to have multiple sites in the future, you can purchase Plus, Prime or Pro Plans. However, if you are purchasing a hosting for the first time, it is better to start with the Basic Plan. It doesn’t make sense to pay monthly charges for something that may be required in future. If such requirements arise, you can upgrade the plan at any point in time.

Step 3: Enter the Domain Name

Enter the domain name in an appropriate text box and click ‘next’. (Hint: If the domain name is already registered, put it in right box as shown in the figure. If you are yet to register a domain name, write the desired name in left text box. )


Step 4: Modify the Package Information

Modify the package information as shown in the figure. You can choose the time, Site Back-up pro, SiteLock Security etc. In this plan, I have chosen the package for 12 months, and unchecked other services like Site BackUp Pro, SiteLock Security (BlueHost is cross selling these services to you. There are better ways to do this for free. I will write a new blog post on how you can keep your WordPress site secure and take backups for free).


Fill in your details and make payment (tip – at this stage, take your cursor close to the website. You may get a surprise offer as a pop-up. Claim the offer and it may reduce your cost by 50-75% .:))

Step 5 – Make the Payment

Make the payment and its done. You will receive the details of the server in an email. You may star mark the email as you need to access the server details frequently.

You now own the web server that can be used to host your new website. The next step is linking this web server/hosting with the domain name. This is done by changing the Nameservers of the domain.