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Solidity has various advantages and disadvantages and today’s blog is to discuss those merits and demerits to reach one more milestone near to the learning of solidity.


Pros of Solidity

  • Solidity provides Inheritance properties in contracts including multiple level inheritance properties.
  • Smart contracts provide a secure, easy and reliable medium for various sources which have involvement of two parties to do an agreement on something.
  • Contracts support complex member variables in hierarchical mapping and structures.
  • Multiple type-safe functions are also supported in Solidity through facilitating ABI(Application Binary Interface).


Cons of Solidity

  • Once a contract is made it cannot be upgraded. We cannot add additional features to it.
  • As solidity is a new language in a market so, it has more drawbacks than other languages like Python, C++, and Javascript.
  • Concerning bugs, other languages have a definite edge over this because different languages have a large number of developers to resolve them.
  • Arrays and Strings structure and usage are very complicated due to the unavailability of Standard Library(Every language have its library to perform functions).
  • In smart contracts, it’s not an easy task to tell any language everything about the real world problems because languages work on the commands given by us.
  • Data is only available only from transactions. There is no other source for the information which in terms creates a problem for the machine to work efficiently.


I have described many limitations of solidity, but the best part about this language is that these limitations can be resolved through various strategies. For example, data insufficient problem can be addressed using Oracle systems. We will discuss everything in details about how we can solve these problems in further blogs about solidity.