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Getting your brand recognized can be a big hurdle for a small business. Perhaps the market you are in is becoming saturated, and you want to stand out from the crowd. Maybe you have a USP that makes your product different from all the rest, and you want to get that across to your target market. It isn’t always easy, but there are many things you can do to start the ball rolling.  Here are 3 ways to improve your small business brand recognition.


Targeted social media ads


Social media allows you to reach many more people than conventional methods probably ever would. Whilst you can advertise on most of them for free, paying for targeted ads can prove beneficial. They take the information they have stored in their database and send details of your business and brand to your chosen demographic. You can specify the radius, age, gender, and marital status of those you want to target, and social media will do the rest. It’s a great way to make the masses aware of your brand and become more recognized. You should have a clear marketing strategy in place, as it could take several attempts before you start to see an increase in sales.


Influencer marketing


Influencer marketing is a very common form of digital marketing these days. According to Streamline Marketing, it’s “not a fleeting trend or a popular content marketing gimmick – influencer marketing is real, and it’s growing year over year.”

Influencer marketing effectively means you can use the power of other people’s popularity to market your goods or to create brand awareness. It’s been suggested that young people are 70% less likely to be influenced by a traditional celebrity than they are a You Tube start. Those are pretty staggering results and very clearly show why this style of marketing might make a huge impact on your brand.


Local involvement


Raising awareness about your business in the local community is a great way to improve brand recognition, particularly if you run a servicing business that will primarily rely on local custom. It’s worthwhile taking some time to get to know key members of your community and pay some attention to where business opportunities might come from. Good relationships can lead to sales, and sales can lead to local recommendations.


If you have a local football team in your area or a children’s tennis club, for example, it might be worthwhile finding out if they require sponsorship. Many clubs will be open to having your company logo printed on their shirts or allowing you to advertise on their ground if you are prepared to make a financial contribution.


If you make products that could sell well within a small independent retailer, speak to the owners and find out if you can hire space or display your goods on their premises. If you are willing to agree on a percentage selling fee or a set monthly amount, they could very well be receptive to the idea.