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ICO Community Management Services

Create, grow, manage and engage a vibrant community of blockchain enthusiast with our ICO community management services.

ICO Community Management Services


Positive Network Effect lies at the core of every crypto project. Thus, engaging a community of blockchain enthusiast is essential in building a blockchain-based product. Community management is even more critical during the launch of an ICO as it can entirely decide the fate of the ICO. Therefore, At SixPL, we have built a robust ICO community management capability to create, grow and manage various ICO communities.
Our “ICO Community Management Services” involves managing online communities such as Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk.org, Steemit, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, etc. to engage likely contributors and answer their concerns. Every person who gets in touch with you through these channels is a potential contributor. Therefore, our community managers promptly respond to every query and work proactively to build an engaged and vibrant community.


Smart Strategy


Launching an ICO is a complex project. A large number of worldwide contributors with different time zones, languages and varied interests can drain your resources and workforce. Thus, adopting a smart strategy and having right people onboard is crucial to build credibility and inspire confidence in your potential contributors. Our sound strategy is designed to accomplish more from your online communities with limited resources.


Salient Features


  • Fast response and proactive engagement boost your credibility and authenticity as compared to your competitors. It inspires confidence in users, and thus, they will be more likely to invest in your ICO
  • Smart, credible and communicative community managers with an account history on various channels – It helps in posting the content to a broader audience
  • Skilled community managers with a certain level of crypto experience and sound knowledge about features of the various channels such as pinned messages, blocking, spamming, personal messages, how to grow the community, etc.
  • Our community management professionals also suggest new ideas (that came up in community discussions) to founding teams. It creates a true Positive Network Effect and boosts authenticity
  • We act instead of reacting. We manage communities proactively to ensure a constant flow of thoughts, opinion, and queries.
  • In case of negative PR, bad news or challenges, our community managers coordinate swiftly with the founding team to find solutions and adapt wordings to minimize the impact and build trust.


List of Questions Required to Get Started with the ICO Community Management (Frequently Asked Questions)


Before you jump into managing various channels, you need to answer a few standard questions which are frequently asked by users. Writing the answers not just saves time but also makes the transition smooth when you decide to outsource ICO community management services or change the vendors. The nature of questions varies during the ICO project lifecycle. Here are a few questions which will help you at the initial stage of your ICO:


  1. What is the soft cap?
  2. What is the hard cap?
  3. What happens to the tokens if the hard cap is not raised?
  4. What was ICO price?
  5. On which exchanges your token will be listed?
  6. Which blockchain platform will you use?
  7. What type of partnerships are there?
  8. When is Launch?
  9. How do I participate in the ICO?
  10. What day and time is the public sale (timezone)?
  11. What are the close dates for public sale?
  12. What are the close dates for private sale?
  13. When will tokens be disbursed?
  14. When can we transfer our tokens?
  15. What coins (cryptocurrencies) are accepted?
  16. Tokens received per coin?
  17. Where can I view the whitepaper?
  18. When will bonuses be distributed?
  19. Is there a lock-up period for bonuses?
  20. What are the requirements for contributors?
  21. What countries cannot participate in the ICO sale?
  22. Is there a demo for the product?
  23. How much of the allocation is left for sale?
  24. Who are the founders?
  25. What is the teams vesting period?
  26. What is the advisors vesting period?
  27. I have question about my contribution, who do I contact for assistance?
  28. What countries will product/platform be available for use?
  29. Do I need to be KYC approved?
  30. How do I get whitelisted for ICO?
  31. Do you offer tokens for referrals?
  32. Are their any bounties available?
  33. How do I participate in bounties?
  34. Is there an Airdrop?
  35. How many tokens will I receive in the Airdrop?
  36. When will the Airdrop occur?
  37. Is there a explainer video?
  38. Where can I find out more information?
  39. What Social platforms are you on? Medium, Telegram. Facebook, Twitter
  40. When Lambo?
  41. Who is your Closest Competitors in Blockchain space?
  42. Who is your Closest Competitors not in the Blockchain space?
  43. Who is your Target Audience for Users?
  44. Who is your Target Audience for Investors?
  45. What is the Style/Tone of conversation that needs to be adopted – Formal, Informal, Conversational?
  46. What is the number of full-time community management needed to be deployed and the hours you would like them to cover?
  47. What is the number of part-time community management needed to be deployed and the hours you would like them to cover?


Hi, I am Saket, the founder of SixPL. I can help you manage and grow a community of blockchain enthusiasts who are most likely to contribute to your ICO. Drop us a message, and let’s get started in six hours.

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