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One of our WordPress sites had more than 800 old registered users. I wanted to delete a majority of them due to inactivity. It is a time taking process to select 20 users on a page and bulk delete them (default number pf users displayed at once).


List of 20 Users on WordPress Dashboard


Then I learned it is super easy to display and perform action on more than 20 users in the WordPress dashboard.



Click on the “Screen Options” on the top right corner and change the “Number of Item Per Page” from 20 to anything you want. And it’s done.


Displaying more than 20 Users on WordPress Dashboard

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Author: Saket Kumar Singh

A digital marketer and strategist by profession, I love writing and travelling. In the past I have been a Communication Engineer, Coder, Banker and Lead Consultant. Someday I would travel to explore the world.