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Generating content ideas for any traditional business is a daunting task. You need to come up with the right topics that satisfy the below criteria:

  • It must be unique
  • It should be relevant to your business
  • Large number of people (your target audience or their internet acquaintances) are interested in it

Think of a topic and do a Google search and you will be presented with hundreds of articles on the same. Publishing one more article on the same topic doesn’t seem to be a great idea. Tools like Google Trends or Google Keywords Planner are not very helpful when it comes to generating unique content ideas. These tools will really help you in choosing the right keywords to bring relevant traffic once you have decided the topic.

Then how can you think of an original content that has a huge target audience and is relevant to your business?

It is time to close the internet browsers and look within to generate great ideas. From my personal experience I am recommending following techniques which can help you generate quality and relevant content ideas:

    1. Queries from potential prospects: Your new leads usually have number of queries. You address these queries successfully to convert a lead into a client. You can address these queries on your blog and attach the link of the same when a future prospect raises a similar query. Even if the topic has multiple blogs you should write your own blog too from your own perspective and organizational capabilities. It will not only help your sales staff but will also attract new potential leads to your website. Prospective clients who are in the process of doing research before making a final purchase will get sufficient information from your blog. Our two blogs “How do we determine the costing of your website?” and “Our SEO Strategy for sustainable long term organic ranking” are highly successful. Their success is based on the same method described above.
  1. Queries raised by existing customers post sales or during service delivery: You may be getting lot of questions from new/existing clients during service delivery or post sales. You should try to address all of them through your blog/resources section of the website. While answering questions you must leverage your expertise. This section should come from your product or service experts and not from Google research.
  1. Explaining a Technical Issue: If your product or service involves technical terms or expertise, you should explain those in layman language in your blog. It will not only help save resources but also make you a domain authority and bring higher traffic from search engines.
  2. Current Affairs – What is happening in your industry right now? What are their short and long term impacts on sellers and buyers in your industry? How concerned stakeholders can take maximum advantage of the recent changes in the industry? These are some of the questions that you could consider while generating ideas for your blogs. Write your opinion backed by some research and data.
  3. Competition Research –You should not do competition research to know what they have written. Rather you should read their blog contents to know what they have not written. You can subscribe to newsletters of maximum 2-3 competitors (ideally industry leaders) to get updates on what they are writing about. Read their blogs to find out which areas they have not covered in their blog. You will easily get an idea of what should you write next. You can also choose to write a simplified version of a research report.
  4. Sharing your Expertise – Never think that people will steal your expertise if you reveal it in the blog. Try and publish some of your expertise and you will get an idea of how much you can learn more just by publishing your expertise in a written or multimedia format. Reveal as much information as possible. Don’t bother if there are thousands of articles written on your area of expertise or even if you have learned the same thing by reading articles on the internet. Just make a blue print of your expertise on a physical paper and write it on your blog. If you think you are not a great writer, write all the points in a bullet format and hire a quality content writer to do the writing part. We will address how to hire quality content writers who can bring your thoughts and opinions on paper in my next blog.

As a business owner, you may think of much more than these six techniques to curate right content for your content marketing. Please suggest few of them in the comments.

Author: Saket Kumar Singh

A digital marketer and strategist by profession, I love writing and travelling. In the past I have been a Communication Engineer, Coder, Banker and Lead Consultant. Someday I would travel to explore the world.