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Content writers give voice to your digital marketing campaign and it is important that you identify and hire good content writers to achieve your goals. Hiring qualified and experienced writers is a challenging task given the unorganised format of the industry.

In this blog, I have identified methods that can help you hire the next great writer for your firm.

A little homework can save a lot of money, time and other resources especially when you are hiring writers for the first time. Decide on the following items before you proceed to solicit applications/proposals (If you are outsourcing your writing work for the first time, my suggestion is to get one paid 500-words test article written first):

  1. Topic
  2. Multiple titles for the topic so that the best one can be chosen
  3. No of words
  4. A brief outline of the content
  5. Reference Articles

If you have none of them, then you need a content strategist. You may depend on writers to suggest some or all of the above, however, to hire a qualified writer you need to ensure that these points are first determined and incorporated into your guidelines for the writer who needs to work accordingly. Once you have writers on board, they can suggest these items and other techniques to refine your strategy and deliver better results; but till then it is better if you do it yourself since you have a better judgement of what is needed for your digital marketing campaign.

After you have listed down the deliverables, you need to source at least 4-5 writers’ proposals or applications.

Following are some of the methods to find relevant writers:

Social Media: Yes. It works! You may put a status update on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter stating “I am looking for. . . . . . .” along with the email id. It really works and you may expect few applications. The possibility of getting qualified writers is higher on LinkedIn and Twitter as compared to Facebook. Moreover, you may also scan their social media profile to see if they possess the required expertise and to check their direct or indirect intellectual connection with your industry.  The negative side of hiring through social media is you may get a lot of applications that are irrelevant or from amateur writers who are willing to take a plunge in content writing. Obviously you can’t take risks with such writers.

Google: Search with phrases like ‘content writing services’, ‘freelance writers’, ‘web writing services’, etc. to find out relevant companies. You can send your project description to some of the companies listed and get the work done. You should ask for a relevant sample and references before you write a cheque to them.

Outsourcing Portals: Thousands of freelancers bid for writing projects on outsourcing portals like Elance and Guru.com. You can post your project for free and get multiple bids. You should select freelancer with good ratings and sufficiently large number of reviews. The hyper-competition on these sites has resulted in degradation in quality. Not only this, almost all of the top freelancers on these sites are actually outsourcers or intermediaries with little or no knowledge and experience in content writing. They usually outsource your project further to small individuals at much cheaper price. So you need to be very cautious while outsourcing projects through these sites.

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How to evaluate who is good for you?

Ask some questions related to your field and observe their response carefully. You should hire writers who have some experience in your industry. Remember, these days nobody reads the same usual stuff on the internet so hire people who are subject matter experts in your field.

Once you have finalised a write, spend some time answering their queries. Initial hand-holding may be difficult at times however it is a good investment in the long term.