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Gender inequality is not a matter of debate anymore. The same trend has been witnessed in the blockchain market. Whether it is an upcoming ICO venture or the statistics of total investors, the women power seems to be lagging behind.


In a recent event of North American Bitcoin Conference, out of the 88 speakers, there were only 3 women. Moreover, the party after the conference was held at a strip club.


A recent venture to make a change is the Mogul that conducted an event on “Women in Crypto.” They quoted the NYTimes saying only 4-6% of the investors in the cryptomarket are women. They wish to change it and empower women to be a part of the global motion. This event was held on 5th April at Hearst Tower NYC.


Another such example is of the women in blockchain foundation who are determined to spread awareness and encourage women to participate in the business trend. They aim at educating women about the potential of this technology and how they can make the most of it.


Current Trend


Even in the current crypto market, women face the same inequalities that they suffered before. The overwhelming male domination over the technology development, distribution and wealth accumulation has reduced the opportunities for women in the ecosystem. If no measures are taken, the situation will only get worse, entrenching the present gender inequality.


The situation is worse in an anonymous crypto market since it is decentralized and no authoritative body is present to regulate the resource distribution. By enhancing the opportunities for women, we can assure a long-term involvement and justified growth for both genders.


In a recent survey of October 2017, conducted by Reddit user loveYouEth, found that only 4% of Ether users were women. Also, only 14% of the users of their wallet holders were women.


In the recent statistics provided by Coin Dance, there is only 8.86% engagement of women in the Bitcoin Community.

(Source: Coin.dance)


Measures to be Taken


Several women leaders suggest that to promote the influence of women in the Crypto is to publicise the achievements and contributions they made in the crypto market. Several examples of such Crypto Leaders are Maddie Callander: Boost VC director of operations, Athena Capital founder Meltem Demirors, BlockCypher founder Catheryne Nicholson and BitPesa founder Elizabeth Rossiello.


Creating Awareness


To achieve higher engagement of women in the blockchain technology; the community must come forward to spread knowledge of the business. No matter how complicated it seems, once there is enough knowledge of the blockchain, more and more women investors will come forward to benefit from the trend.




Many people misunderstand the underlying concept and mistake it as an industry built for software engineers only. Although the technology is reasonably advanced and may look overwhelming for many, there is obviously a large number of possibilities for all in this domain. It is time that both genders come along and contribute to the new world.