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Last week, webmasters saw a sudden ranking fluctuations in their website rankings. Even premium SEO tools witnessed a huge drop in rankings of key websites. This gave speculations about a new algorithm update. Google has now officially announced this broad core algorithm update.

The news is now confirmed that Google has rolled out another broad core algorithm update this week. This algorithm update was released on 16th April, Monday as confirmed by its official Twitter handle.  

Google writes in its tweet that it usually makes broad changes in its algorithms to improve search results. They do this routinely throughout the year. Google added that some of its changes are focused on specific improvements while others are broad changes.


Many SEOs thought that the update targeted low-quality pages however, it was later confirmed that the update was closely related to content relevance. Google is adjusting rankings to ensure that searchers obtain best search results to their queries.

Google released a similar algorithm update early this month after it was explained that a “broad core” algorithm update is something that takes place routinely several times all through the year

However, if your ranking is also affected by this update, it does not necessarily indicate a low quality of your content. Instead, it’s more likely that your content needs to be more relevant to the users who are looking for the information.