A new feature is being tested by Google that allows Google My Business Pages to publish offers directly to organic search results for your business. This new feature is built into Google Posts, which is made available to businesses with a verified GMB profile since last summer. When a business name is searched, Google Posts enables businesses to write short messages which show up on maps and search results.

So far, Posts on Google were only limited to plain text, multimedia, and events. Now, an offer includes other components like a photo, 300 words of text, post title, optional coupon code, start & end time and a link to offer.

Businesses can publish “offer”, highlighting the small message in front of searchers, as they find the business online.The good news for businesses is that it does not appear to cost anything to post offers. This gives an opportunity to businesses to drive sales through search research, without paying for it to Google.

However, not all business categories are able to replicate this feature, which shows that it is still in its testing stages.