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Created a beautiful website or a blog on WordPress? If yes, then it’s understood that you must have invested significant amounts of your time and resources in designing and development of your WordPress website. It is ok to feel good about what you have accomplished. Your work, though, is only half done. It is importantnot to forget the importance of WordPress maintenance services in keeping your site alive and ticking. Your website needs more than just regular upgrades and designing -it needs regular maintenance, to protect it against hacking, malware, and numerous other functionality problems. In short, WordPress maintenance is essential to keep your site safe, sound and upgraded.

What constitutes WordPress Maintenance services?

WordPress support and maintenance services include a host of activities such as

  1. Security – this involves 24/7 protective guard against malware with effective monitoring and cleanup, security scanning, spam cleanup, scheduled backups.
  2. Updates – regular performance and security updates like installation of new plugins, new themes, website layouts and plans, etc.
  3. Real time issues – such as database optimization, website mitigation.

So how to plan your WordPress Maintenance Needs

We would suggest that you begin with a calendar of maintenance services that your website may need, based on performance reviews and user responses to the website design. These activities include removing outdated plugins, improving website themes, database and site optimization, and upgrading the version of WordPress in use. Once you have everything sorted out, validate your WordPress website for code and style sheet changes. One thing that you should be doing on a regular basis is to check for dead links and errors that may be causing your website to lose traffic. Also, check your website’sincoming links because they can boost your website ranking on search engines.Finally, check if your website is efficient in database optimization and take regular backups.

Is it advisable to seek assistance for WordPress maintenance?

Website maintenance services are necessary to allow smooth functioning of your websites.Besides offering efficient operations, these maintenance tasks also have other benefits, such as:

  1. Get quick and easy access to newly launched premium plugins and themes
  2. Learn and understand WordPress through effective guidance and tutorials
  3. Get access to a variety of fast and secure web hosting services
  4. Understand how to allocate annual marketing expenditures through proper planning.
  5. Maintain the flow of organized traffic to influence new lead conversion.

Top 3 Options  for WordPress maintenance services

WP Curve

WP Curve is one of the best WordPress development and maintenance provider that helps users get 24/7 support against theme clashes, site hacking, optimization of search engine traffic and boost marketing conversions.

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer is one of the best solution providers for preventive protection that will audit and secure your WordPress site, and workon a maintenance plan that is best suited to your website’s needs. It offers solutions like compatibility support, migration care, malware clean-up and regular WordPress support.


Maintainn provides one of the most efficient support services for WordPress users at minimal costs. These include WordPress site security, backups, development updates and real-time help.

It is always advisable to seek services of experts who “understand WordPress well”. In busy schedules and times, websites are often plagued by issues like plugins and updates. WordPress maintenance services will always help your sites in running backed up and bug-free.