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Referral traffic refers to that percentage of traffic on your site that comes outside of Google. It is one of the major factors that contribute to brand’s online success. All of us want to generate a lot of genuine referral traffic to our website. Isn’t? But only a few of you actually receive it. However, there are a few amazing ways that can surely help you to generate massive amounts of genuine referral traffic. Here are some of the surefire ways to do it:

Leverage on Q&A sites: Q&A sites are a great source of referral traffic! Sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are of great help especially for small and medium-sized businesses to bring huge referral traffic. When you leverage on these sites, your main goal is to solve other’s queries or problems, which can definitely bring lots of relevant and qualified traffic on your site. You can apply a strategy that works best  in a way to generate more traffic such as:

  • Carefully identify and pick relevant topics, search phrases and categories that are closely related to your business. Don’t waste your time in answering questions that already have few answers to them.
  • Find relevant questions by outlining your expertise in the field. You can define your expertise in the “Knows about” section. You can also take help of keywords like SEO, marketing, among many others.
  • Scroll through diverse information present for each question to acquire useful data.
  • Set apart the questions that have no followers or less than 100 views and also screen out questions with over more than ten answers already.
  • Put 2-3 links to your relevant content as it drives a huge amount of traffic to your site.
  • Give adequate time to each post to discover the type of driving traffic.

Create and promote video marketing content: You can generate extensive referral traffic by creating your videos and promote it on suitable channels where you have your target audience. While creating your video marketing content, make sure to be specific and clear about the topics and formats. Embrace a storytelling approach in your video marketing campaign. This ensures that you connect better with your audiences. Also, don’t forget to use a Call To Action button to drive more traffic.

Creating a video marketing campaign is not just limited to putting it on YouTube, it requires a lot more! Once you create a video marketing content, it is important to promote it effectively. Few tools that can help you create and launch your video marketing campaign are:

  • YouTube Editor: This free tool is completely integrated with YouTube that provides a variety of editing capabilities on the website. You can add transcripts or even add comments to your videos.
  • Flipagram: This tool helps you to merge images in order to make your video stories short. This can help you with posting your video on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. A lot of companies use this tool to advertise their products over different channels.
  • Wideo: This tool offers you a wide variety of template selection to create your own videos. The best part is, you can add your logo or other graphics to enhance your branding process.
  • Stop Motion: This is an amazing tool that helps you to make videos using stop motion technique. It controls edit options for each frame in the video where you can watch and make changes to your video frame by frame.
  • Animoto: This tool is an effortless video editor. Following simple steps, you can get your video edited. All you need to do is just add photos & videos, personalize it and finally place it on your website.

Curate content effectively: Content curation refers to a process of collecting information which is relevant to a particular topic or subject. Content Curation is an effective way to get quality backlinks and get massive amounts of referral traffic. This is a time-taking process as it requires you to gather striking content that connects directly to your niche audience.

To curate content of your blogs or articles, you can use different sites like Scoop.it and Storify. These sites can help you drive traffic by finding your influencers in your niche. You can simply look for relevant keywords in the search bar or can browse the latest trending topics. Suggest your content pages to the users with over 100+ views per day to their pages. This will call a large number of scoopers to visit your site. You can then re-scoop your page to their followers and other social networks.

This is how you can engage them on various social media platforms and search their website to approach them with suggestions for their Scoop.in accounts. Similarly, Storify can also be used to display tweet series on a particular topic and place your stories as a slideshow.

Use influencer marketing technique: Nowadays, influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful tools to create your brand awareness in front of the target audience.  Influencer marketing is close to celebrity endorsement to persuade people. Influencers can be bloggers, celebrities, trendsetters or domain experts. As these influencers have a deep impact on people, this form of marketing can reap you maximum benefits.

Here are few tips to lead a successful influencer marketing campaign:

  • Look for influencers who hold high post engagements like shares, likes or comments.  It is not always necessary to focus on big personalities rather; you can also focus on mid-sized influencers.
  • After you find your influencer, make sure to reward them with gift cards, free products, prizes or similar things.
  • Create a page on your site where influencers can send their traffic. Make sure to customize this page regularly for the visitors.
  • Take a note of views, engagement, audience reach, click-throughs etc. by developing Key Performance Indicators.
  • Make use of tools like Ninja Outreach or Traackr for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Join online forums: Online forum posting sites are a great way of generating traffic. While joining these forums, remember to add value without being too promotional. Use your brand name while getting registered with the forum. You can make efforts in your’s forums niche, but remember to check that the forum is active. Check this by checking that the forum has new posts every month.

Add value by telling your personal experiences instead of offering advice. Don’t forget to create a signature with a Call To Action link. You can add a new thread with a link to resources that is useful for the group.

Use social media effectively: You may share content on social media but how many of your followers actually read it? There are possibilities that your followers skip your post. You must use different techniques to increase the chance of every post being read. To make optimum use of social media and increase your social referrer  traffic:

  • Share the same content more than once. Doing this ensures that your followers read your post, even if they miss it once.
  • Create a sharing schedule and think of ways to create variety in your content sharing schedule.
  • Increase your brand’s reach by using different hashtag tools like Hashtags.org or RiteTag
  • Optimise your content using graphics or images to catch people’s attention and get a few more extra clicks.
  • Keep a track on results to measure the effectiveness of your social publishing schedule.
  • Keep a record of the number of clicks, retweets or shares to know whether there is an increase or decrease in the post activity.
  • Focus more on social media platforms which gives you higher ROI. Make use of platforms where your content gets most engagement with higher conversion rate.
  • For the remarketing purpose, make use of Facebook dynamic ads, templates and product catalogs. Instead of creating multiple ad templates for each product, you can simply create a single ad for all your products. Facebook takes vital information such as pricing, images, and displays different product to different users.
  • Just like Facebook, Instagram stories are working wonders! Use Instagram stories to increase your brand awareness and drive engagement.
  • For Twitter, use Twitter Analytics dashboard to ensure that your tweets are getting enough engagement.
  • Engage audience by creating social media giveaways and interacting with your customers to generate enormous leads.

Create a Guest Posting strategy: Guest posting is the process of publishing your article to someone else’s website. Carrying out effective guest posting is a significant way to get huge referral traffic. Begin with your guest posting efforts on sites that are relevant to your business. Inclining towards guest posting will get your content right in front of your target audience.

Make your guest posting schedule to keep your referral traffic intact. While you start your guest posting efforts, make sure to:

  • Guest post only on websites that are relevant to your business or industry. The topic of your blog should closely relate to the industry type.
  • Write precisely keeping in mind your target audience.
  • Mention your name in the content and add specific backlinks to generate massive referral traffic and advertise your guest blog post.

Get listed on review websites: A review website has reviews on different businesses, products or services. Getting listed on several review websites can help a lot to generate referral traffic. The visitors of these sites are already known to buyer’s journey and are ready to commit to a purchase. However, getting rankings on these review websites may differ from company to company. List your site along with your website link to direct visitors to your site and generate huge referral traffic.

Use visuals and infographics: Images are the most important form of content for businesses. Visuals play a vital role in engaging audience.Infographics can attract a lot of readers and get more likes, shares, comments, links and the most importantly “traffic.”

Visuals help people to better understand the complicated data and grasp quickly. It is still difficult to engage the audience with long content, but with visuals, you can do it easily! There are a lot of free tools available to create infographics such as Photoscape, Vizualize, Canva Infographic Maker, among many others.

There are certain Email service providers like MailChimp which can be used to share visuals with your email list. By sharing infographics in different channels, you can tremendously increase your referral traffic and improve your Google rankings well.

Once you implement the above tactics, you can definitely attract enormous referral traffic to your website and get massive leads!