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Initially a blogging platform, WordPress has grown to be so much more. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular and powerful blogging and content management systems (CMS) out there. It features hundreds of easy-to-use plugins, widgets, and beautiful themes to choose from. Since it’s totally customizable, it is used for many famous blogs, news stations, and business websites. It is considered one of the most convenient website building tools, especially for startups that lack coding expertise and funds to invest in web design. No wonder over 74 million websites, including some big-name brands such as CNN, The New York Times, BBC America, and Ebay, are built using WordPress. Even Beyoncé uses it! And these major players didn’t choose WP for no reason. When it comes to digital marketing, there’s nothing better than WP. In this article, we’ll look into some of the greatest digital marketing benefits of WordPress.

What are the greatest digital marketing benefits of WordPress?

Search engines love WP sites

Many businesses have trouble coming up with a good strategy to improve their Google ranking. One of the most effective ways to boost your ranking is using WordPress. A very obvious reason to choose WP is that it’s optimized for search engines like Google, which means that it tends to rank high. Google can easily index and crawl WP sites since WordPress is written in quality code that is exceptionally clean and easy-to-read. 

WP simplifies internal linking and URL customization and allows assigning categories and tags to landing pages. WP offers numerous plugins that make it easy to optimize your website yourself. One of them is the Yoast SEO Plugin – arguably the best free plugin for WP. It helps you customize your site title, title tag, meta description, and keywords, and estimates how well a page is going to rank with search engines, which makes it ideal for businesses with slightly more aggressive digital marketing goals. 

A good SEO strategy requires updating your site regularly with fresh, relevant content. With WordPress, content management has never been easier. With so many SEO benefits built-in, you can easily incorporate the best content marketing practices with the touch of a button.

WP is easy to maintain and update

If you want to have more control over your site, post new content, and make changes to existing content, but you’re not an expert, WordPress can help you a lot. It is so easy to understand and use that you don’t need to learn coding. Moreover, you can set automatic security updates and maintenance updates. That way, you can rest assured your site is technologically up-to-date and protected at all times.

WP enhances website performance

Website performance directly affects the success of digital marketing. If visitors have trouble browsing your site, they are more likely to abandon it and go to your competition. Page speed is one of the main factors affecting your site performance. Nothing can ruin user experience like slow-loading pages. In addition to minimalist WordPress themes designed to improve site performance, WordPress has some great plugins specifically designed to make your site load faster. When using WP, you can optimize anything from your images to your database and widgets to enhance website performance.

WP enables easy site migration

You might have heard that website migration is one of the most dangerous tasks in digital marketing. If you have an older site that isn’t user-friendly and needs updating but there is content you want to keep, WordPress comes to the rescue. It makes it simple to migrate that old-fashioned site and upgrade it, without sacrificing any of its content or authority.

WP supports blogs and connects to social media

As mentioned earlier, WP started out as a blogging system. Nowadays, WP is the platform of choice for many important sites – remember all those industry leaders using WP for their websites? You can hardly find a better content management system for blogging. WordPress supports blogs, makes them easy to update and change. As WP easily connects to social media accounts, you can share your blog posts with your social media followers. You can easily link your company’s social media accounts to your WP site and start sharing content and updates. This way, site visitors will be able to share, like, comment on blog posts.

WP offers lots of design options

In addition to its exceptional functionality, WP is equipped with many stunning, clean design options you can choose from and make your site stand out. There are numerous customizable templates that can make any site look beautiful and professional.

WP fits the size of any screen

WordPress has a vast number of responsive themes that can fit any screen size. Most importantly, WP is supported on mobile devices. Mobile-friendliness is imperative in this day and age since most traffic is shifting precisely to mobile devices. In fact, Google penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly, acknowledging the fact that most users browse the internet on their mobile phones.

WP supports analytics and tracking

WordPress is the hands-down best platform for your internet marketing needs. It is a powerful tool that helps you optimize the traffic to your site. Analytics show us what we are doing right and what needs improvement. All WP sites offer an analytics panel that shows you how many people have visited your website and how frequently. If you add some easy WP plugins, you’ll be able to track the success of your CTAs and landing pages. 

WP is free to use

Its affordability is one of the greatest digital marketing benefits of WordPress. Although there are costs associated with using WP if you want to host with them or you wish to upgrade to a higher-level template, anyone can build and design a WordPress website for little to no money at all. 


Author bio:

Everly Winger is a content writer mostly writing about SEO and digital marketing. For over a decade, Everly has helped many businesses create an informative blog for their website. On weekends, she sings in a local bar with her husband.