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What is Corporate Identity?
Corporate identity is defined as the overall image of a corporation or a business in the minds of its customers, employees and investors. It usually refers to the collection of visual elements used to promote the image of a corporation across diverse platforms. This represents the combination of color schemes, designs, words etc employed for projection of corporate identity.

What is Corporate Identity Design?
Designing the visual elements that are to be used to make a visual statement about the company and to communicate its business philosophy and the product of this process is the corporate identity design. The corporate identity differs from corporate image. Corporate image is changeable mental impression about the company in people’s minds. It can be positive, negative or neutral. But corporate identity is permanent and doesn’t vary with the financial performance of the company. It is neither positive nor negative. But based on the intensity of the efforts taken it can be wither strong or weak. It simply implies the visual image of the corporation in the minds of public.

Elements of Corporate Identity
Corporate identity is nothing but the sensory-experience conveyed by the collective impact of several identity elements including but not limited to name of the company, its logo and slogan, the stationery, uniforms, buildings, décor, website and social media design etc. Among these, logo and the slogan are the first and foremost important elements of corporate identity.

Your logo is literally omnipresent. It is everywhere from business card to advertisements to corporate gifts. Designing an interesting and an exclusive logo is very important for business success. The finer details of the logo like the color and font should be carefully chosen to maximize the logo’s efficiency which is primarily oriented at your customers.

Your slogan should be short and catchy and easy to remember. You should be aware of the fact that your slogan directly influences your products sales at the market. This phrase should be a thought provoking one representing your value.

Business card is also an important element of brand identity. It can be considered the mini corporate presentation. Personal, business or corporate, whatever may be the type of the business card, all contribute towards corporate identity and hence designing a business card must be given its due importance. Though the size and shape are pretty much similar you can have a variation with the orientation to get that uniqueness and freshness.

Letterhead, a part of corporate stationery has its own share of contribution towards corporate identity. Usually letterheads help you get noticed easily. Mainly used for conventional communication purposes your letterhead helps you stand out in a crowd and your business associate can easily grab your proposal letter easily from the pile of papers occupying his table!
Designing unique corporate identity

Your corporate identity should be unique. If it is not it doesn’t serve its purpose. Utmost care should be taken to design unique corporate identity. Not only the font size and the colors are significant. Even the typefaces are important. Leaving out nothing, include every element in the identity design process to get that overall uniqueness. The letter heads, invoices, statements, proposal and quote templates, email templates, memos, mailing labels, FAX covers and envelopes – Everything is important for a cohesive corporate identity and all need to be designed in integration with each other to design a unique identity of your own.

Never Get Inspired!
Yes. When it comes to corporate identity design you should never get inspired of other existing designs and practices, because inspirations may lead to imitations. Your identity design, even if to a minor extent appears like a copy to the already existing one, it is a complete disaster! The very fundamental necessity of the corporate identity design is gone there and in effect you do not have an identity of your own for your business. So do not ever get ideas from the existing corporate identity designs.

Think of your own. Design from your own preferences and choices. Develop from your own business philosophy and values. Apply your thought process. Needless to say, choose a distinguished agency for your corporate identity design.

Give it all you have got
Corporate identity design is a one time process. It is almost an irrevocable one. Once the damage done say for example with a bad slogan, it is not easy to recover from that. Put your best and give everything you have got to come up with a unique corporate identity design that is truly exclusive and effectively communicates your business philosophy and successfully connects with your customers, employees and investors.

Author: Saket Kumar Singh

A digital marketer and strategist by profession, I love writing and travelling. In the past I have been a Communication Engineer, Coder, Banker and Lead Consultant. Someday I would travel to explore the world.