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How to Change Font Size in bbPress Forum?

bbPress Plugin is an excellent tool to build community based sites in minutes. After activating plugin, you may find the forums, topics, and replies with smaller font sizes. I tried various solution posted on the internet, but none of them worked in my case.

After some research and hit and trial, following solution worked for me.

Step 1: Change the “Permissions” of CSS file needs to be edited.

By default I didn’t not have the editing permission and that is the reason why most of the Custom CSS solutions mentioned on the internet didn’t work for me. You can change the permission through cPanel as shown below:


This is how you can reach “bbPress.css” file to change its permission


Changing Permission of bbPress CSS File


Select “bbpress.css” and then click on Permissions


How to Change Permission for bbPress CSS File


Tick all the boxes for now. (Don’t forget to untick the buttons once you are done with the task of changing the font sizes.


Setting the Permission for bbPress CSS File


For the purpose of making these changes, I just made the permission 7,7,7. Later revert back to original permissions to secure your site from unwanted changes.


Step2: Use the following process to locate the “bbPress.css” file to make necessary changes:


Go to Plugin Editor


WordPress Plugin Editor


Select bbPress Plugin


bbPress Plugin Editor


Find the CSS file that has Font Sizes of everything.


Use this path: Teplates -> Defaults -> CSS -> bbpress.css


bbPress Forum Font Size CSS File


At line number 79 (it may be slightly different in your case depending on WordPress and bbPress version.

Find out the following code:

#bbpress-forums ul.bbp-lead-topic,
#bbpress-forums ul.bbp-topics,
#bbpress-forums ul.bbp-forums,
#bbpress-forums ul.bbp-replies,
#bbpress-forums ul.bbp-search-results {
font-size: 16px;
overflow: hidden;
border: 1px solid #eee;
margin-bottom: 20px;
clear: both;



Set the font-size (as highlighted in bold) as desired. (Default font size is 12px).



How to Change Font Size in bbPress Forum



Clear Cache and check the font size of your forum.


Congratulations! You are now done.


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