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How to Show more than 20 Users in WordPress Dashboard?

How to Show more than 20 Users in WordPress Dashboard?

One of our WordPress sites had more than 800 old registered users. I wanted to delete a majority of them due to inactivity. It is a time taking process to select 20 users on a page and bulk delete them (default number pf users displayed at once).


List of 20 Users on WordPress Dashboard


Then I learned it is super easy to display and perform action on more than 20 users in the WordPress dashboard.



Click on the “Screen Options” on the top right corner and change the “Number of Item Per Page” from 20 to anything you want. And it’s done.


Displaying more than 20 Users on WordPress Dashboard

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Is Ahrefs worth your penny?

Is Ahrefs worth your penny?

As a digital marketer, could anything be better than being able to spy on your competitors’ SEO strategies, their keywords, their backlinks, and other aspects? Well, Ahrefs allows you to do all of these, and also offers its users the biggest backlink index than all the other tools. Ahrefs comes with a free trial period of 15 days; however, it is a bit on the pricier side. Through this Ahrefs review, I will walk you through the tool, thereby, helping you decide whether the tool is worth its price or not.


What is Ahrefs all about?


For those not acquainted with this SEO tool, the Ahrefs application helps you to analyze your site’s backlinks profile and your competitors’ sites effortlessly. Also, it comes in handy in exploring the most profitable keywords for both organic as well as paid search. In case you find yourself inept at finding relevant keyword ideas, Ahrefs comes to your rescue and provides you with the most accurate traffic estimations. Let us explore the unique features of this tool that make it awesome.


Get started with Ahrefs.


Upon entering a website’s link in Ahrefs search box, you will get the following information about the site.


  1. Ahrefs rank: The organic traffic to a website or URL determines its Ahrefs rank.
  2. UR (URL ratings): The UR determines the influence of the URL by the number of backlinks pointed to it.
  3. DR (Domain ratings): The large backlink index makes the domain rating of Ahrefs way more precise than the Domain Authority of Moz.




The Ahrefs tool gives you a graphical representation of how the referring domains and the backlink strength have developed over time. The backlink graph will help you to spot poor backlink creation on your competitor’s site. Thus, it allows you to use your competitor’s low growth of backlink profile to your advantage, helping you to create backlinks rapidly.

The graph for keywords and organic traffic aids you in monitoring how organic traffic to a site has grown over a period. You can analyze this graph and find out the search traffic that a website received at a specific time. The features mentioned thus far are only basic ones. Ahrefs comes with a host of powerful features that I will help you explore shortly.


What’s so special about Ahrefs’ Backlink profile?

Ahrefs’ backlink index isn’t just their greatest strength; it is also the best amongst all the other tools. When you enter the URL or the domain name, Ahrefs displays every backlink created for that URL or domain. What really impressed me were the many powerful filters that come along with this feature You get results with many useful filters like one link for every domain display, grouping similar links, the link type (Redirect, Gov, Edu, and Dofollow vs. Nofollow), and the platforms where these backlinks are posted. The Lite plan allows you to look up 100 URLs and 25 domains per day. The Standard plan, on the other hand, helps you look up to 500 URLs and 100 domains every day.  

The Broken Backlinks feature helps you to know if visitors are being directed to the broken pages on your site. You can either fix the page or reach out to people to change the link leading them to your site. Thus, you can convert the links using the broken backlink feature. I used this feature to reclaim some of the links that were no longer in use.


Anchors help you to locate the anchor text in your backlinks. Filters like 2 words, 3 words, and 4 words will help you to figure out anchor texts for different lengths. Also, you can remove anchor texts from Nofollow links.

Spy on your competitors’ live SEO campaigns.


New/lost backlinks: This feature assists you in finding out at what time a backlink has been built. You can choose a date, and you will know which backlinks were created on that date. This feature enables you to find out the areas that your rivals are working on for generating backlinks. The “lost backlink” feature informs you about the lost backlinks. It is especially helpful for active guest bloggers who wish to know if a blog owner has removed their backlinks from their guest posts. In the absence of this feature, you will have to keep track of your guest posts manually and ensure that the backlinks to your site are still functional. Thus, it helps you to know whether your backlinks are live or not.

Know which keywords your rivals are using.


Upon entering the URL, you can see the organic keywords which are driving traffic to your competitor’s website. If you want to some fantastic traffic-driving topic ideas for your blog, this feature will come in handy. If some keywords help your competitor rank higher, they can help you too. The Pareto Principle states that 20% of your keywords drive about 80% of your traffic. How about using the top 20% keywords of each of your competitors? The results that you will get might just blow your mind.

Content gap: Through Content gap, you can find all the keywords for which you don’t rank, unlike your competitors. It informs you about the crucial areas that you should work upon, related to content. If your rivals can rank from a specific keyword, so can you. You won’t find this feature anywhere else.

What’s so cool about Best Pages?


Ahrefs displays the top performing pages according to the backlinks. The screenshot below displays top results which are the root domain. Then appear the top pages of my site with good backlink strength. Use the “HTTP codes” filter at the top to avoid the pages with 301 directions. This feature will help you to create backlinks quickly by publishing link-attracting proven content. All that you have to do is to go through the top pages of your investors to instantly get the pages with maximum traffic. Thus, you won’t have to go through the keywords at which your competitors are ranking. Isn’t that cool?

What makes paid search a boon for PPC marketers?


Running PPC campaigns has never been this easy and fruitful. Ahrefs not only enhances the return on your ad investment, but also lets you spy on your rivals, know their targeted keywords, and view the ad copies that they are using for those keywords.

Through this feature, you can also view the top landing pages that your competitors are using. Thus, you can easily find out all the pages that deliver excellent results for your opponents. If you are considering investing in advertising, then this feature can be of great help.

Content explorer: If you have used both the Ahrefs as well as the BuzzSumo tool, then you will know how the content explorer feature alone makes the entire BuzzSumo tool redundant. Using this feature, you will know the top shared content in every niche. After the results are displayed, it allows you to filter the results based on languages, date, referring domains, domain ratings, number of social media shares, organic traffic, word count, etc. Through these filters, you can find out precisely what you need.


The referring domains filter will help you to find viral content that attracts excellent links. This feature is very useful in generating content ideas for your blog posts that can go viral, thereby, earning links and social media shares.

This feature also lets you know all the people on Twitter who have tweeted a specific content on Twitter. Thus, it gives you a chance to know about budding social media influencers and build relationships with them.

If you operate in a niche where you have to cover viral news and content quickly, Ahrefs can be very useful. It allows you to identify viral content in any niche within a matter of hours. Instead of the topic name, you can enter your domain’s URL in Content Explorer. It will display all the popular content of the site. Clicking on the ‘details’ button below each of the presented results will help you to drill down the data further.


Ahrefs also displays the backlinks and organic traffic charts of the content, as you can see in the screenshot given below. Separate tabs allow you to explore backlinks and refer anchors, domains, and organic keywords for the displayed result. There’s no wonder what you can do after knowing your competitors’ data.

Keywords Explorer: The feature ‘keywords explorer’ effectively replaces the need for any keyword research tools. It makes keyword research quick and easy. All you need to do is entering your topic idea or seed keyword. Ahrefs will calculate how difficult the keyword is, and also give you the search volume for monthly local and global searches. The keyword filters are as follows.



  1. Phrase match: It will let look for the exact keyword.
  2. Traffic share: This filter will return the percentage of the seed keyword traffic obtained by every top 10 ranking blogs.
  3. Also rank for: Any content that ranks for your seed keyword might also be ranking for some other keywords. This filter returns those other keywords for which that content ranks.
  4. Having same terms: It returns the keywords that contain words of your seed keyword.




How about some fault-finding?


Although I am completely in love with the Ahrefs tool, a bit of nitpicking will do people no harm. While using this tool, I found certain areas where Ahrefs can improve, and can impress us through and through.



  • Poor UI: Despite all its fantastic features, there is something about this tool that might not motivate rookies to try it. Ahrefs’ poor user interface might come across as very complicated for someone who is using the tool for the first time. With so many things adjusted into a single page, this tool, unfortunately, comes off as rather intricate and complicated.




  • Displays limited backlinks: Although the tool is somewhat overpriced, what further burns a hole in the user’s pocket is the fact that Ahrefs displays only a limited number of backlinks. It charges for more money if you wish to view more backlinks created by your competitor.




  • Overpriced: With a monthly charge of INR 8000, the price of the Ahrefs tool is somewhat on the higher side. The high cost will discourage many SEO professionals who are in their learning phase to let go of this wonderful tool. With so many features, only the ones with an accurate understanding of this tool and the SEO process can benefit from Ahrefs. For a novice, who is still trying to get the hang of the SEO work, investing money in this tool might only mean squandering their money.



I could only think of these three points, and honestly, I can’t think of anything that makes this fantastic tool look bad or worthless. Although its price is an issue, the ones who are more adept at using Ahrefs will find spending money on in this tool worth every penny. Ahrefs comes highly recommended to every SEO professional and digital marketer. Get a free 15-day trial and find out yourself if this tool is worth your time and money. While you are at it, do remember to share this Ahrefs review with your friends online. Have a nice time -:)

Why ICO Whitepaper is critical for your project

Why ICO Whitepaper is critical for your project

For those of you who don’t know what a white paper is, let’s get this one straight. A white paper is an authoritative report that informs the readers succinctly about a complex issue. It allows businesses to explain themselves to the readers and inform them about a problem in the market and offer a credible solution for the same.


An ICO whitepaper plays a critical role in the success of every ICO and distinguishes legit ICOs from the fake ones. Remember that the purpose of your white paper is to inform the reader about your project. So it should not have the slightest aspect of a sales pitch, although you are selling the readers an idea. The success of any project depends on several factors, like the amount of investment that the project managed to pool in, audience engagement, and the overall management of the ICO. However, a well-written white paper for ICO can often determine how the project will unfold, right in the initial stages of the ICO. The following points will tell you why.


  • A whitepaper highlights the existing problem: Why would anybody be interested in your project until it addresses a genuine issue? And if nobody wants to hear what you are talking about, better find yourself a much benevolent ‘Uncle Sam’ to see through your investment needs. Also, a document that only introduces a problem without offering a viable solution won’t find too many takers. A well-written ICO whitepaper not only addresses a genuine issue in the market but also provides a workable solution to fix that problem. A white paper, therefore, builds trust between you and the potential investors that the solution you are suggesting will work, and the project will grow exponentially in the coming years giving everyone a fair share on their investments.

ico whitepaper


  • A white paper is a reflection of your company’s philosophy: A white paper is an embodiment of the company’s philosophy, economic viability, and rationality. The roadmap that the company proposes to achieve its objectives reflects how the company perceives its aim. I have been a part of several ICOs, and I have learned something from each one of those. Believe it or not, any veteran investor worth their salt is capable of gauging the legitimacy of an ICO project by merely looking at the timeline proposed in the document. A well-written white paper for ICO conveys the organization’s message. It throws light on the company’s philosophy, which consequently determines the customers’ decision to invest in the project.


  • The ICO whitepaper identifies the core team and their track record: Would you ever trust someone with your money in accomplishing a specific set task if you have no clue about that person’s qualifications? Well, I guess we all know the answer to that one! Similarly, every investor would be circumspect in trusting a project that has got no known names in the cryptocurrency niche. A fantastic team can pull off an average idea. Also, the best of the ideas and business plans are bound to fail when entrusted with a below-average team. Potential investors will want to know whose responsibility it will be to bring to fruition the ideas mentioned in your project. Your white paper for ICO is one place where you can give a detailed account of the core team that will manage the project. It will provide the readers with sufficient insights into the previous projects that your team has handled.


why ico whitepaper is critical for your project


  • White paper generates publicity: A closely knitted piece of informative document educating the readers about a market problem and proposing a viable solution is cool. Naturally, people will want to know more about it, thereby, bringing in more positive publicity. You might have seen upcoming ICOs building and managing large communities on platforms like the Telegram and Discord. These followers may not all necessarily invest in these projects, but they create the much-needed hype around these ICO projects so that genuine investors can come to about these projects. Where do you think ICOs managed to earn these followers on community management platforms? Well, these are all ‘gifts’ from their white papers. Thus, an impressive white paper for ICO acts as an effective promotion for the project to attract investment.


  • An ICO whitepaper attracts investments: The ultimate objective of the white paper is to attract investments which will propel the project to move forward. A document with powerful and compelling words, thoroughly backed by data and statistics, is the perfect recipe to gain traction among potential investors. Through my years of experience, I can guarantee you that there is nothing more challenging than selling an abstract item to a person. Expecting people to throw in their money that isn’t ready yet is overwhelming. Your white paper is your only shot to making people see the potential of your project and persuading them to pool in their money. Everything else like marketing or community management comes later when the white paper has already made its mark on the readers.


whitepaper attracts investment


In a world where new ICOs keep propping up every other day, your white paper is the only thing that sets you apart from your competitors. Your white paper determines your product’s unique selling point. Thus, it is essential that you have an impressive and compelling white paper giving out details regarding your ICO project. If you find yourself inept at creating such a white paper, hire an ICO white paper writer. Or if yours is a large corporation, you can also hire an agency that provides ICO white paper writing services. Do whatever suits your needs and budget, but get this one right as your white paper can become the cornerstone to your success.


Now that you know how important is your ICO whitepaper for your ICO’s success, stay tuned to our blogs next Wednesday to find out 5 things you should bear in mind while writing an ICO Whitepaper.

Google Chrome’s Article suggestions become the fourth greatest driver of Referral Traffic

Google Chrome’s Article suggestions become the fourth greatest driver of Referral Traffic

A recent report released by Chartbeat unveils that Google Chrome’s mobile article suggestions are now the fourth biggest source of referral site visitors. The first three biggest sources include Twitter, Facebook and Google search.


Mobile article suggestions appear when a user opens a new tab within the Chrome app. These mobile articles are also known as “Articles for You,” “Chrome Suggestions,” and “Chrome Content Suggestions.”


In 2017, the traffic from Chrome’s mobile articles has grown by 2,100%, as indicated by Chartbeat’s data. The referral traffic took a leap from 15 million visits per month to 341 million visits per month, where Chartbeat is only following referral traffic from Android.


Chartbeat attributes the exponential growth of referral site visitors from the mobile articles as users go on to transition away from desktop computers to mobile gadgets.


“Mobile web traffic to Charbeat’s client has grown over 20% since January 2017, showing how much more time users are spending on their mobile devices.”


There are a number of other factors also which contribute to the growth of referral traffic from Articles for You. One of them is Chrome being the top browser of the world. Additionally, users cannot avoid seeing suggestions as Articles for You show up by default each time when you open a new tab on Chrome.


Another reason why Chrome’s articles suggestions are so potent to drive traffic is that the suggestions are personalized and based on browsing history which interests users.


It is too early to ascertain how site owners can optimize for these articles, however, publishing AMP versions can be useful. As per Chartbeat,  Articles for You primarily surfaces AMP pages, with around 72% of article suggestions leading to AMPs.


Now when Articles for You have become an important source of referral traffic, it is on their “research agenda,” says Chartbeat. The company will follow the trend closely and consistently report on any new updates.


LinkedIn Introduces Video Ads in its Newsfeed!

LinkedIn Introduces Video Ads in its Newsfeed!

LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site, has introduced a new feature to post video ads for sponsored content on its news feed. Phil Spitzer, Product manager at LinkedIn, says that unlike pre or post-roll video ads, these video for sponsored content can be directly placed in the news feed as a standalone post.

The video ads present in the news feed, have persistent “call to action” button, that captures lead throughout the video, at any point. Advertisers are also equipped with conversion tracking, which allows them to measure the number of leads, website visits, and sign-ups, among other valuable actions. The actual performance can be estimated through insights and breakdowns like, who is watching the ads, who is getting engaged and who is converting.

Video of the sponsored content can be targeted on the basis of job title, seniority, industry type, skills or competencies, company name, and other categories.

Along with this, LinkedIn is also providing an opportunity for businesses to add video to their company pages. This enables companies and publishers to showcase a video directly on its page. As per LinkedIn, a company page video generates conversation 5x more, as compared to other content forms.