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Why ICO Whitepaper is critical for your project

Why ICO Whitepaper is critical for your project

For those of you who don’t know what a white paper is, let’s get this one straight. A white paper is an authoritative report that informs the readers succinctly about a complex issue. It allows businesses to explain themselves to the readers and inform them about a problem in the market and offer a credible solution for the same.


An ICO whitepaper plays a critical role in the success of every ICO and distinguishes legit ICOs from the fake ones. Remember that the purpose of your white paper is to inform the reader about your project. So it should not have the slightest aspect of a sales pitch, although you are selling the readers an idea. The success of any project depends on several factors, like the amount of investment that the project managed to pool in, audience engagement, and the overall management of the ICO. However, a well-written white paper for ICO can often determine how the project will unfold, right in the initial stages of the ICO. The following points will tell you why.


  • A whitepaper highlights the existing problem: Why would anybody be interested in your project until it addresses a genuine issue? And if nobody wants to hear what you are talking about, better find yourself a much benevolent ‘Uncle Sam’ to see through your investment needs. Also, a document that only introduces a problem without offering a viable solution won’t find too many takers. A well-written ICO whitepaper not only addresses a genuine issue in the market but also provides a workable solution to fix that problem. A white paper, therefore, builds trust between you and the potential investors that the solution you are suggesting will work, and the project will grow exponentially in the coming years giving everyone a fair share on their investments.

ico whitepaper


  • A white paper is a reflection of your company’s philosophy: A white paper is an embodiment of the company’s philosophy, economic viability, and rationality. The roadmap that the company proposes to achieve its objectives reflects how the company perceives its aim. I have been a part of several ICOs, and I have learned something from each one of those. Believe it or not, any veteran investor worth their salt is capable of gauging the legitimacy of an ICO project by merely looking at the timeline proposed in the document. A well-written white paper for ICO conveys the organization’s message. It throws light on the company’s philosophy, which consequently determines the customers’ decision to invest in the project.


  • The ICO whitepaper identifies the core team and their track record: Would you ever trust someone with your money in accomplishing a specific set task if you have no clue about that person’s qualifications? Well, I guess we all know the answer to that one! Similarly, every investor would be circumspect in trusting a project that has got no known names in the cryptocurrency niche. A fantastic team can pull off an average idea. Also, the best of the ideas and business plans are bound to fail when entrusted with a below-average team. Potential investors will want to know whose responsibility it will be to bring to fruition the ideas mentioned in your project. Your white paper for ICO is one place where you can give a detailed account of the core team that will manage the project. It will provide the readers with sufficient insights into the previous projects that your team has handled.


why ico whitepaper is critical for your project


  • White paper generates publicity: A closely knitted piece of informative document educating the readers about a market problem and proposing a viable solution is cool. Naturally, people will want to know more about it, thereby, bringing in more positive publicity. You might have seen upcoming ICOs building and managing large communities on platforms like the Telegram and Discord. These followers may not all necessarily invest in these projects, but they create the much-needed hype around these ICO projects so that genuine investors can come to about these projects. Where do you think ICOs managed to earn these followers on community management platforms? Well, these are all ‘gifts’ from their white papers. Thus, an impressive white paper for ICO acts as an effective promotion for the project to attract investment.


  • An ICO whitepaper attracts investments: The ultimate objective of the white paper is to attract investments which will propel the project to move forward. A document with powerful and compelling words, thoroughly backed by data and statistics, is the perfect recipe to gain traction among potential investors. Through my years of experience, I can guarantee you that there is nothing more challenging than selling an abstract item to a person. Expecting people to throw in their money that isn’t ready yet is overwhelming. Your white paper is your only shot to making people see the potential of your project and persuading them to pool in their money. Everything else like marketing or community management comes later when the white paper has already made its mark on the readers.


whitepaper attracts investment


In a world where new ICOs keep propping up every other day, your white paper is the only thing that sets you apart from your competitors. Your white paper determines your product’s unique selling point. Thus, it is essential that you have an impressive and compelling white paper giving out details regarding your ICO project. If you find yourself inept at creating such a white paper, hire an ICO white paper writer. Or if yours is a large corporation, you can also hire an agency that provides ICO white paper writing services. Do whatever suits your needs and budget, but get this one right as your white paper can become the cornerstone to your success.


Now that you know how important is your ICO whitepaper for your ICO’s success, stay tuned to our blogs next Wednesday to find out 5 things you should bear in mind while writing an ICO Whitepaper.

Google Chrome’s Article suggestions become the fourth greatest driver of Referral Traffic

Google Chrome’s Article suggestions become the fourth greatest driver of Referral Traffic

A recent report released by Chartbeat unveils that Google Chrome’s mobile article suggestions are now the fourth biggest source of referral site visitors. The first three biggest sources include Twitter, Facebook and Google search.


Mobile article suggestions appear when a user opens a new tab within the Chrome app. These mobile articles are also known as “Articles for You,” “Chrome Suggestions,” and “Chrome Content Suggestions.”


In 2017, the traffic from Chrome’s mobile articles has grown by 2,100%, as indicated by Chartbeat’s data. The referral traffic took a leap from 15 million visits per month to 341 million visits per month, where Chartbeat is only following referral traffic from Android.


Chartbeat attributes the exponential growth of referral site visitors from the mobile articles as users go on to transition away from desktop computers to mobile gadgets.


“Mobile web traffic to Charbeat’s client has grown over 20% since January 2017, showing how much more time users are spending on their mobile devices.”


There are a number of other factors also which contribute to the growth of referral traffic from Articles for You. One of them is Chrome being the top browser of the world. Additionally, users cannot avoid seeing suggestions as Articles for You show up by default each time when you open a new tab on Chrome.


Another reason why Chrome’s articles suggestions are so potent to drive traffic is that the suggestions are personalized and based on browsing history which interests users.


It is too early to ascertain how site owners can optimize for these articles, however, publishing AMP versions can be useful. As per Chartbeat,  Articles for You primarily surfaces AMP pages, with around 72% of article suggestions leading to AMPs.


Now when Articles for You have become an important source of referral traffic, it is on their “research agenda,” says Chartbeat. The company will follow the trend closely and consistently report on any new updates.


LinkedIn Introduces Video Ads in its Newsfeed!

LinkedIn Introduces Video Ads in its Newsfeed!

LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site, has introduced a new feature to post video ads for sponsored content on its news feed. Phil Spitzer, Product manager at LinkedIn, says that unlike pre or post-roll video ads, these video for sponsored content can be directly placed in the news feed as a standalone post.

The video ads present in the news feed, have persistent “call to action” button, that captures lead throughout the video, at any point. Advertisers are also equipped with conversion tracking, which allows them to measure the number of leads, website visits, and sign-ups, among other valuable actions. The actual performance can be estimated through insights and breakdowns like, who is watching the ads, who is getting engaged and who is converting.

Video of the sponsored content can be targeted on the basis of job title, seniority, industry type, skills or competencies, company name, and other categories.

Along with this, LinkedIn is also providing an opportunity for businesses to add video to their company pages. This enables companies and publishers to showcase a video directly on its page. As per LinkedIn, a company page video generates conversation 5x more, as compared to other content forms.

How to Write a Catchy Headline

How to Write a Catchy Headline

Would you like more visitors to click through as well as read your content which you want to publish? Well qualified marketers know that creating an attractive headline is the key to being successful in this content marketing .If you would like your blog posts or, a your copy to perform well, on the internet it is vital for you to create a magnetic headline. Undeniably, a headline which is short and catchy is your entry into your reader’s mind as well as your potential customer’s world. This is a very busy space they occupy. 

You should be having a magnetic headline for your marketing material or blog post, this is primary component because a whopping total of 80% of your website visitors will read your headline however only a measly 20% will go on to finish reading the article. It means that writing a great headline isn’t only a copywriting technique that you wish you could master.  

Bad headlines will give you loopholes in your content marketing

You need to focus your headline on the number one strongest benefit which you can provide to your reader. Always keep in your mind that your headline should be to ensure that the people who are visiting your landing page or blog post read the next line. This means that if your headline doesn’t catch the attention of your website visitors you lose your audience as well as your would-be audience members. You want individuals to see the value that your company can bring to the table.

Never lie to your readers, just promise them to be more relevant. Ensure that you don’t make a promise which you are unable to keep because if you do this you’ll lose the reader. Remember that BAD news travels faster as opposed to good news. This means that you need to keep your readers happy.

Far too many content marketers are one-trick wonders. What this means is that they don’t allow their blogs, hubs, vlog or podcasts — whatever type of content works for them — to grow as well as cover more ground with a larger variety of media. If you’re a “stuck” content creator you need to better understand your audience in order to uncover useful topics.

What, if headlines don’t work

Headlines don’t work when readers feel that they don’t match the article written or, alternatively, aren’t relevant to a particular theme. (In addition, when the length of a headline exceeds 62 characters, search engines tend to disregard the rest of the headline. This could cause the conversion rate to decrease in the long run. Ultimately, this will decrease the search engine appeal which you’re after.)

Think about playing with numbers

Earlier we had a discussion  that your headlines plays a major role in giving the effectiveness to your content and catch headlines is the one who can attract readers in a single visit. A number of research studies have demonstrated that headlines with numbers tend to produce 73% more social shares in addition to engagement.

This means that if you integrate specific numbers as well as data into your headline this is an effective way which will make your headlines of your content more attractive to readers. One of the reasons why making use of numbers works in headlines is owing to the fact that numbers are like “brain candy.” What we want to explain by this is that the brain is interestedin numbers.