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How to Build a Healthy Backlink Profile?

How to Build a Healthy Backlink Profile?

Backlinks are an essential part of search engine optimization. They correlate directly with your rankings – the more quality backlinks you have, the better you will rank in search engine results. The critical word in that sentence, of course, is quality. Because while backlinks can be a great asset, they can also backfire. Too many backlinks on the wrong website will have the opposite effect. In fact, they may even incur search engine penalties. So to truly reap the benefits of this strategy, you’ll need to build a healthy backlink profile full of quality backlinks from diverse sources.


Backlinks explained


Backlinks are links on other domains that lead back to your website. They’re one of the essentials of SEO – if you want to see a significant rise in rankings, you’ll probably need to work on your backlink profile. There are various ways to get backlinks. You can use your own social media profiles to link back to your website or add a link to your homepage to your citations. But the most important (and coincidentally the hardest to acquire) backlinks are contextual links in quality content posted on reputable websites. This is what you’ll most want to focus on when building a good backlink profile.

How to build a healthy backlink profile

You can create backlinks by writing blog posts for other websites.

The importance of a healthy backlink profile

There’s a good reason why high-quality backlinks are considered a staple of digital marketingthey benefit your website in many ways. The obvious benefit is that backlinks direct people to your website from other websites, thus directly increasing traffic. But there are other, less apparent pros to backlinks, too: they improve your website authority and help you build a network with other websites. All this combines to increase your ranking, improve your visibility online, and attract more visitors.

What constitutes a healthy backlink profile?

There are many easy ways to get backlinks – all you need to do is include a link to your website in one of your off-site profiles or a comment on somebody else’s content. But those kinds of backlinks don’t carry much weight. Instead, you should focus on contextual links because that is what Google’s algorithm will take into account. Google will be able to recognize the quality of your backlinks and, by extension, your website, by looking at two significant factors:

  • the host website – your backlinks should come from legitimate websites with authority in your field
  • the link itself – your backlinks should be relevant to the context, naturally integrated into the content, and useful for visitors

Finally, a good backlink profile requires diversity. The links should lead to different pages and have different anchors; constantly linking the same page using the same anchor will look like spam to Google’s algorithms. They should also come from various websites; if you’re always getting links from the same website, Google will be suspicious about bad SEO practices.


How to build a healthy backlink profile

Quality backlinks help your SEO rankings

5 tips for building a healthy backlink profile

Properly building your backlink profile will require some effort. But don’t worry – it most certainly pays off in the end! So here is what you need to do if you want to acquire high-quality backlinks:

Generate quality content for yourself and for others

Before you can get any links, you’ll need some quality content that people will want to link to, so take the time to develop your content marketing strategy. Build up your website, choose relevant topics for blog posts, optimize your content for the right keywords, and post frequently to get people talking. Creating good content can in and of itself lead to quality backlinks. If people like your posts, they’ll share them on their platforms, generating organic backlinks for you. But you can also try guest blogging instead. Offer to create content for another website. In return, you’ll add a link back to your website.

Reach out to partners, affiliates, customers, and other website owners

In most cases, people won’t link to your website out of the goodness of their hearts. You’ll need to be proactive and take the first step. This means reaching out to other website owners and asking them to include your backlinks in their content. To make this part easier, contact the people you know first. Turning to business partners and affiliates will increase your chances of success. Then, encourage your customers to share your content if they enjoyed it. Finally, check some of the top websites in your industry. Do they allow guest blogging and backlinks? If so, create a good pitch and email the owners!

Be active in the community

If you thought that a career in content writing wouldn’t include some mingling with others in the industry, you were sorely mistaken. Even in the digital world of SEO, making the right connections matters. Strengthening your ties with other businesses and organizations can easily translate into quality backlinks. And if you focus on those in your geographical area, you can even improve your local SEO. Participate in conferences, events, and other gatherings that will help you make connections with businesses, organizations, and website owners who can be of help when you’re pursuing backlinks.


How to build a healthy backlink profile

Making connections in the industry will help you spread the word about your business

Choose the host websites carefully

How effective a backlink is in raising your ranking will depend largely on the website that links back to you. Links from suspicious or blacklisted websites can actually hurt you, and links that come from mid-tier websites won’t help you much. What you want to be aiming for are leading websites in your industry. Getting a backlink on a website with high domain authority will increase your domain authority as well. Those backlinks will also be rated better by Google and thus help you rise in the rankings more. While you won’t always be able to get a backlink on the top-rated website in your niche, you should still aim for quality websites instead of settling for just anything.

Have a strategy

Perhaps the most important thing when building a healthy backlink profile is having a good strategy. You’ll need to develop your own content, come up with guest posts, create a good pitch, and keep track of which backlinks are having an impact. Without a systematic approach, keeping track of all that is not going to be easy. So do your research. What are others in your niche doing? Which top-ranked websites allow guest blogging and backlinks? What are website owners looking for in backlink pitches? Which of your existing backlinks are generating the most traffic? The answers to these and similar questions will help you develop a successful strategy for building quality backlinks.


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Essential WP Plugins for Marketers

Essential WP Plugins for Marketers

WordPress is a content management system used by individuals, small businesses, and giant corporations alike. Whether you run a small startup or a multinational company, WP can be a strong ally. It can help you streamline your workflows, increase sales and traffic, beat the competition, and grow your business, as long as you know how to make the most of it. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the essential WP plugins for marketers that extend WP’s functionality. 


OptinMonster is an excellent lead generation tool you can use to create and display many types of forms on your WP site without hiring developers. Since all forms are mobile-friendly and responsive, you’ll also be able to reach smartphone and tablet users. OptinMonster can help you boost subscriptions and conversions and even turn abandoning visitors into customers thanks to its signature Exit Intent technology. It comes with beautiful pre-built templates, built-in analytics, and A/B testing. 

Yoast SEO

For most sites, search engines are the most valuable source of web traffic. If you want more people to find you and generate more traffic, you must optimize your content for search engines. Even though WP is SEO-friendly, Yoast SEO is one of the essential WP plugins for marketers because it helps them fully optimize each page and blog post. Using Yoast SEO prevents common mistakes marketers make that hurt their search rankings, like missing alt text descriptions. This must-have plugin automatically grades content for keywords and metadata and identifies areas that need improvement. Yoast SEO is free and available from the WP plugin directory. Its premium version offers more features.

Just Writing

Most bloggers and site creators agree that WordPress is one of the best content writing tools out there. The Just Writing plugin provides a distraction-free writing mode to help writers be more productive. By removing all distractions, this WP plugin enables you to use your time more efficiently and create better content. Its additional features include a spell checker and formatting removal.

Proofread Bot

Every content writer wants their content to be typo-free. This useful WP plugin for marketers can spot both spelling and grammar mistakes. In addition, it detects stylistic issues and prevents writers from accidentally plagiarizing their content.

Title Experiments 

Your click-through rate depends heavily on the title of your post. Make sure the first thing your readers see is what makes them want to learn more. Choosing compelling, attention-grabbing titles that accurately describe your content is harder than it seems. Title Experiments helps you decide which title works best for your readers by calculating click probability. It enables you to run a quick A/B split test for post titles to help you choose the most suitable one. 


This beginner-friendly, easy to use contact form plugin also allows you to create any form on your site. That includes survey forms, order forms, email subscription forms, donation forms, etc. It comes with a drag-and-drop form builder that enables you to quickly create WordPress forms on your website as well as beautiful, pre-designed, ready-to-use templates. If you want to make your site more agile and user-friendly, WPForms is a great choice. It’s fully optimized for speed and SEO and responsive on mobile devices. 

Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

With the help of Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, your visitors can subscribe to comments on your posts and get a notification email whenever a new comment is added. This way, users keep up with the conversation, and your pages get more views. Additionally, commenters can unsubscribe from specific posts or suspend all notifications if they want to. 

Inline Related Posts

This plugin is one of the most useful features to have when creating a blog with WordPress. Unlike most related post plugins, this plugin allows you to display related post links inside your content, not after the end of an article. As it shows similar content in places where readers are more likely to click on it, this must-have plugin also helps you increase page views. However, keep in mind that certain types of related posts should go below the article, which is not possible when using Inline Related Posts.


Jetpack is among the most popular and powerful plugins for WordPress. Few WP plugins for marketers can compete with its concept and design, as it’s easy to use and configure. It is mainly used for site statistics, social sharing, and SEO purposes. This all-in-one plugin has many advanced features such as mobile themes, analytics, widgets, content tools, etc. Marketers can use all of its features or only select those they find useful. While many marketers use this plugin to get an overview of their traffic rates, others use it to publish new posts on their social media channels. It is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory for free, but there is also Jetpack premium.


If your comment section is full of unwanted, spammy comments, Akismet is your best friend. This helpful plugin catches and stops spammy comments before they appear on your site. It automatically reviews and filters comments, searching for any malicious links and signs of spam. The basic version, appropriate for small blogs, is free, while the premium comes with a monthly fee. 


One of the best ways to make money on the internet is through affiliate marketing, and ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best WP plugins for marketers. This plugin helps you promote affiliate products on your site. WP’s best affiliate link management tool allows you to manage your affiliate links inside WP, cloak the long and complicated affiliate links into short URLs, add them to your posts, and check each affiliate link’s performance on your WP site. Moreover, you can organize your links into categories. 


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LinkedIn Introduces Video Ads in its Newsfeed!

LinkedIn Introduces Video Ads in its Newsfeed!

LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site, has introduced a new feature to post video ads for sponsored content on its news feed. Phil Spitzer, Product manager at LinkedIn, says that unlike pre or post-roll video ads, these video for sponsored content can be directly placed in the news feed as a standalone post.

The video ads present in the news feed, have persistent “call to action” button, that captures lead throughout the video, at any point. Advertisers are also equipped with conversion tracking, which allows them to measure the number of leads, website visits, and sign-ups, among other valuable actions. The actual performance can be estimated through insights and breakdowns like, who is watching the ads, who is getting engaged and who is converting.

Video of the sponsored content can be targeted on the basis of job title, seniority, industry type, skills or competencies, company name, and other categories.

Along with this, LinkedIn is also providing an opportunity for businesses to add video to their company pages. This enables companies and publishers to showcase a video directly on its page. As per LinkedIn, a company page video generates conversation 5x more, as compared to other content forms.

How to Write a Catchy Headline

How to Write a Catchy Headline

Would you like more visitors to click through as well as read your content which you want to publish? Well qualified marketers know that creating an attractive headline is the key to being successful in this content marketing .If you would like your blog posts or, a your copy to perform well, on the internet it is vital for you to create a magnetic headline. Undeniably, a headline which is short and catchy is your entry into your reader’s mind as well as your potential customer’s world. This is a very busy space they occupy. 

You should be having a magnetic headline for your marketing material or blog post, this is primary component because a whopping total of 80% of your website visitors will read your headline however only a measly 20% will go on to finish reading the article. It means that writing a great headline isn’t only a copywriting technique that you wish you could master.  

Bad headlines will give you loopholes in your content marketing

You need to focus your headline on the number one strongest benefit which you can provide to your reader. Always keep in your mind that your headline should be to ensure that the people who are visiting your landing page or blog post read the next line. This means that if your headline doesn’t catch the attention of your website visitors you lose your audience as well as your would-be audience members. You want individuals to see the value that your company can bring to the table.

Never lie to your readers, just promise them to be more relevant. Ensure that you don’t make a promise which you are unable to keep because if you do this you’ll lose the reader. Remember that BAD news travels faster as opposed to good news. This means that you need to keep your readers happy.

Far too many content marketers are one-trick wonders. What this means is that they don’t allow their blogs, hubs, vlog or podcasts — whatever type of content works for them — to grow as well as cover more ground with a larger variety of media. If you’re a “stuck” content creator you need to better understand your audience in order to uncover useful topics.

What, if headlines don’t work

Headlines don’t work when readers feel that they don’t match the article written or, alternatively, aren’t relevant to a particular theme. (In addition, when the length of a headline exceeds 62 characters, search engines tend to disregard the rest of the headline. This could cause the conversion rate to decrease in the long run. Ultimately, this will decrease the search engine appeal which you’re after.)

Think about playing with numbers

Earlier we had a discussion  that your headlines plays a major role in giving the effectiveness to your content and catch headlines is the one who can attract readers in a single visit. A number of research studies have demonstrated that headlines with numbers tend to produce 73% more social shares in addition to engagement.

This means that if you integrate specific numbers as well as data into your headline this is an effective way which will make your headlines of your content more attractive to readers. One of the reasons why making use of numbers works in headlines is owing to the fact that numbers are like “brain candy.” What we want to explain by this is that the brain is interestedin numbers.