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Everything You Need To Know About WordPress Maintenance Services

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress Maintenance Services

Created a beautiful website or a blog on WordPress? If yes, then it’s understood that you must have invested significant amounts of your time and resources in designing and development of your WordPress website. It is ok to feel good about what you have accomplished. Your work, though, is only half done. It is importantnot to forget the importance of WordPress maintenance services in keeping your site alive and ticking. Your website needs more than just regular upgrades and designing -it needs regular maintenance, to protect it against hacking, malware, and numerous other functionality problems. In short, WordPress maintenance is essential to keep your site safe, sound and upgraded.

What constitutes WordPress Maintenance services?

WordPress support and maintenance services include a host of activities such as

  1. Security – this involves 24/7 protective guard against malware with effective monitoring and cleanup, security scanning, spam cleanup, scheduled backups.
  2. Updates – regular performance and security updates like installation of new plugins, new themes, website layouts and plans, etc.
  3. Real time issues – such as database optimization, website mitigation.

So how to plan your WordPress Maintenance Needs

We would suggest that you begin with a calendar of maintenance services that your website may need, based on performance reviews and user responses to the website design. These activities include removing outdated plugins, improving website themes, database and site optimization, and upgrading the version of WordPress in use. Once you have everything sorted out, validate your WordPress website for code and style sheet changes. One thing that you should be doing on a regular basis is to check for dead links and errors that may be causing your website to lose traffic. Also, check your website’sincoming links because they can boost your website ranking on search engines.Finally, check if your website is efficient in database optimization and take regular backups.

Is it advisable to seek assistance for WordPress maintenance?

Website maintenance services are necessary to allow smooth functioning of your websites.Besides offering efficient operations, these maintenance tasks also have other benefits, such as:

  1. Get quick and easy access to newly launched premium plugins and themes
  2. Learn and understand WordPress through effective guidance and tutorials
  3. Get access to a variety of fast and secure web hosting services
  4. Understand how to allocate annual marketing expenditures through proper planning.
  5. Maintain the flow of organized traffic to influence new lead conversion.

Top 3 Options  for WordPress maintenance services

WP Curve

WP Curve is one of the best WordPress development and maintenance provider that helps users get 24/7 support against theme clashes, site hacking, optimization of search engine traffic and boost marketing conversions.

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer is one of the best solution providers for preventive protection that will audit and secure your WordPress site, and workon a maintenance plan that is best suited to your website’s needs. It offers solutions like compatibility support, migration care, malware clean-up and regular WordPress support.


Maintainn provides one of the most efficient support services for WordPress users at minimal costs. These include WordPress site security, backups, development updates and real-time help.

It is always advisable to seek services of experts who “understand WordPress well”. In busy schedules and times, websites are often plagued by issues like plugins and updates. WordPress maintenance services will always help your sites in running backed up and bug-free.

Best Project Management platforms for your startup

Best Project Management platforms for your startup

In this globalized world, where every business needs proper planning, organizing and networking around the world, your business might need a makeover. The project management tools and platforms enable you to conduct your day to day business quite easily. Every project comes as an opportunity for your business, but if you are not prepared with appropriate technical tools and management skills, it can have catastrophic consequences. Project Management Platforms  provide you the necessary technical edge for your business which converts your business objectives and goals into reality. Project management is a powerful tool not only for big businesses, but also for small businesses.

There are a number of benefits of using project management software tools which are essential for successful completion of your projects. The overall benefits can be summarized as:

  • Enables creating milestones, pipelines and tasks for your project.
  • Helps in getting automatic email reminders which ensure that you do not fall behind the deadlines.
  • Helps to create a profile for specific roles for every contact.
  • Allows tracking all the email correspondence.
  • Views the finished tasks and projects
  • Automatically includes any important file associated with the working project.

There are a number of PMR software available in the market and you can choose from them as per your business requirements. It has proved an essential tool for small businesses too due to the reason that most small business are managed single handedly or by a small group which most likely lack organized working.

So, let’s check out the best five available applications to run your small business smoothly:


Asana is regarded as one of the best and most popular Project Management applications for small businesses. The best part is that it is an absolutely free application.

It is best suited for the businesses that require real time interaction among team members. It enables you to visualize your tasks and goals which are done automatically assigning priority to your projects, and updates on the project in the program.

However, there are also strings attached to it e.g. You cannot use it offline or track progress of projects. But given the simplicity of this application which keeps it apart from other PM applications available in the market, it can be the best option for startups.


Basecamp is popular among entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses. It is a web based application which enables a user to manage tasks and to streamline communication among team members. It is an application which is used in sharing files, having a discussion, collaboration on documents, and check due dates etc.

Although it’s not free, it is worth the price.. It starts from a minimum price of $49 to maximum $149 which can be chosen as per the business needs.


It is highly recommended for the professionals who always have a hectic schedule. Through this PM application you can surely manage your work without stressing your brain. The integration of projects, events, tasks, people, companies, calendar, and your work helps you to get the work done. It’s a wonderful application for groups as well as it enables you to see who has done, how much work in your team and who can have access to that.

It starts from a minimum price range of $23 and goes up to $148.


It is a cloud based PM application which has been highly recommended in government circles, that’s why it’s business has expanded in more than one fifty countries. Its popularity soared due to highly secured data transfer provided by this app. The best feature of this application is that it encrypts all the data exchanged with the server as per industry standards along with authenticating the server itself for the users. It also enables its users to have quick discussions and chat, and also it keeps the whole conversation at one place. Also helps you in creation of milestone, and tracking your deadlines.

It can be availed by paying just $15 per user per month.


Producteev provides its clients a number of remarkable features which may be found only with this PR application. Firstly, there is no restriction on the number of users and projects. Secondly, it filters every task by people, project, status, due date, and more filtration you can attach to it as per your need. Thirdly, real time communication among users and progress tracking also helps in getting your business done timely and smoothly.

It starts with the free trail pack and platinum services can be made available at a very minimum cost of $30 per month.

These are the best project management applications which can be used to increase efficiency of the business. At the cost of a fraction of your income, your small business can become a successful enterprise.

How to become a consultant

How to become a consultant

Becoming a freelance consultant has become a growing trend among those people who don’t want to be caught in the 9 to 5 time schedule or rat race. The globalized world and technological revolution have made it possible for the free minded people to work according to their own terms. They bring their years of expertise and skills to become self employed consultants. In simple terms, a consultant is one who is an expert in a particular subject or field, and organizations are willing to pay for their services. Usually we imagine freelance consultants sitting in cafés, meeting with clients in 5 star hotels and attending social parties. But this is not the case, because a consultant may have just replaced their boss with several new ones – your clients. Surprised? Well, the truth of this business is that only your hard work can help achieve success and your client will always call the shots.

The most attractive part of becoming a consultant is that you decide your time and place of work. Most people are thrilled to realize that they can now work from anywhere and get a better work-life balance. It’s not tough to be on your own, but given the tough competition ahead, it would be advisable to have a plan and structure for establishing a consultancy business. I have narrowed down the small but essential steps required for establishing a successful consultancy:

  • You must figure out what kind or range of services you are going to provide to your customers. There are many to choose from, for instance, accounting, writing, programming and designing etc. Your offerings should be reasonable and should be within the reach of your expertise.
  • It is advisable to start networking as much as you can, before opening a consultancy. Initially, most of your work will come from references and past contacts. It would be worthwhile to make sure that every potential client from you contacts list knows that you are available as a freelancer. Your previous employer can be an asset in this regard because they know about your quality of work, so you can start with them.
  • Next step is to determine how much you are going to charge for your services. Your charges should neither be too low nor be too high. Better keep an eye on the market rates and adjust your rates accordingly.
  • Create your own brand in the market. You can create it by your excellent work experience, but do not forget to create your virtual presence on the internet. The internet is a great source of consultants to get new businesses. So start with creating your own website, where you can show your knowledge through blogs and other tools. A website will also help people find you easily, especially if they are looking for a service that you are an expert in.
  • Lastly, it is possible that you may be caught saying yes to every project. This would be a mistake. Make sure you know how to say ‘no’ to the projects which you are not comfortable taking up.

If you follow these simple steps, you are almost ready to start your consultancy business. Rest, you will learn as you along the way.

Web Design Cost: How much you should pay to design a website?

Web Design Cost: How much you should pay to design a website?

How to Decide the Right Budget for Your Website Design?

I have met many small business owners who find it difficult to understand the pricing structure for website designing and development services. They request quote from various website designing firms, including freelancers, and find a huge variation in their pricing. Such varied range of quotes for the same services can be baffling, making it even more difficult for them to arrive at the right budget for their project. This blog is intended to help business owners understand the variables at play for determining a budget for website design and development.

Website Designing Business

Website design is a service that requires coherent efforts by a team of skilled professionals from multiple disciplines. While it is hard to determine the exact cost of a website as it depends on a number of factors such as location, qualification and size of service provider, you can definitely get an approximate value if you know how pricing is decided.

Based on your requirement, most firms calculate the number of man hours required to complete the project. A website designed in 100 hours would be expensive than a website which can be designed in 50 man hours.

 Components of Website Costing:

  1. Domain Registration fee: Typically, the domain registration cost for a .com domain name is USD 10. The charges for other extensions vary a little.
  2. Website Designing and Development fee: The cost for this aspect of website design varies widely and depends on several factors such as look and feel, functionality, backend technology, multiple device compatibility, data security, location and qualification of service provider, and loading time of the website.

Let us look at each of these factors separately and see how they affect the cost of a website:

a. Look & Feel – If your website designing firm takes a standard free template from internet, they should charge less. Taking a standard template from net and customizing it as per your requirement should cost anywhere around USD 100-150. However, if you opt for custom design, which uniquely displays your business information, you will definitely have to shell out more money. The cost for having a website designed with a unique look and feel can be anywhere around USD 300-500.

b. Functionality – The functionality aspects make your website intelligent or dumb. Here is a list of common functionalities and cost associated with them:

  • Static Website – USD 50-100
  • Dynamic Website – USD 200-300
  • Dynamic Portfolio Showcase – USD 150-250
  • Payment Gateway Integration – USD 200
  • Social Media Integration – USD 50-150

c. Device Compatibility – We are living in an era of smartphones and tabs, so your website must be equipped to provide seamless browsing experience across all devices. In technical terms, it is known as a responsive website. The cost for enabling this functionality is between USD 150 and 300.

d. Technology – Backend technology plays a crucial role in keeping your data secure and reducing the website’s load time. This aspect is a little difficult to quantify, as there are several web technologies available and no minimum cost associated with them. Please contact us to know how this can impact user experience and costing for your website. However, SME business owners looking to create a corporate website don’t need to bother with this aspect.

e. Experience of Service Provider – A new and inexperienced service provider may agree to work on a lower budget as they need new projects to build their portfolio. If you are lucky, you may get quality work done; however, most of the times this depreciated cost of services results in a disaster.

3. Content Development Charges

The cost of content development depends on the number of words. A freelancer may charge up to USD 10 per 1000 words, where as an established company could charge around USD 40 per 1000 words.

4. Hosting Fee

Hosting fee for a corporate website can be around USD 60-100 per annum.

Web Designing Cost Overview

Component Options Approximate Cost Range (in USD) Frequency
    Min Max  
Domain Registration .com 10 10 Annual
Design Design – Standard Template 100 150 One Time
  Design – Custom 300 500 One Time
Functionality Static Website 50 100 One Time
  Dynamic Website 200 300 One Time
  Dynamic Portfolio Showcase 150 250 One Time
  Payment Gateway 200 200 One Time
  Social Media Integration 50 150 One Time
Device Compatibility Responsive Design 150 300 One Time
Content Development 1000 Words 40 50 One Time
Website Hosting   60 100 Annual


Top 7 Free Web Applications For Google Apps That Rock

Top 7 Free Web Applications For Google Apps That Rock

The best things in life are free. But if you believe there is no such thing as a free lunch, you are in for a pleasant surprise. With these successful applications from the Google Apps Marketplace, you can get the perfect experience at no cost at all and that too in Las Vegas. Here are the top 7 apps for this according to SixPL, a digital marketing agency.

ManyMoon: Yes, it is more than just the title of 2008 song by Janelle Monáe which was number 47 on the Rolling Stone’s List for this year. Nominated for the Best Urban/Alternative Performance at the 51st Grammy Award, the song borrows from another number by The Pointer Sisters. Much like the song, the online project management software is also a winner that targets an independent user. Command and tools are stored in sub-menus to keep the visuals on the page free from clutter. This free software also integrates with Google Calender and Google Docs storage. (Update: The company was acquired by Salesforce.com)

Aviary: You can fly high with Aviary. This is a free app which can beat Photoshop when it comes to designing photos. This app is also a hit for the musically inclined. Apart from editing photos online, you can also create photos and use audio editors for recording and editing not only music files but podcasts as well. Aviary also saves files in the designated Google Docs folder.

Zoho Projects: A more mature web based project management app for Google Apps, this is a premium app which also has a free version. This app also includes a wiki. If you are bugged about time, here’s the app which won’t let you be buggered any more. Zoho has bug as well as time tracking modules. It is perfect for team management and collaborations.

Offisync: Offisync is the app for those who want to get the workplace marching to the right tune. With this app, you can edit Google Documents inside MS programs. This can protect documents from the desktop on the online account within Microsoft Office.

SlideRocket: This is one of the best apps for improving online presentation of Google Docs. SlideRocket is the right ingredients to spruce up your documents. The biggest USP of this app is that it is a rich internet application which can be used for every aspect of this presentation cycle. This app lets you create and manage presentations for free.

Mail Chimp: Let this app work its magic if sending bulk emails from Gmail accounts is your goal. An added bonus is that this service is free for up to 500 emails. It is also perfect for designing, sharing and sending newsletters to a vast number of people online.

Survey Monkey: This app can beat the Titans of the app world when it comes to conducting surveys. To personalize a survey and customize it, Survey Monkey can do the trick. This app has more than one trick up its sleeves though. The basic version is free and and easy to use.

So, spruce up your app world now. Use these apps and you can get your money’s worth without paying any cash at all.