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Fiverr Review – Get Everything Done for just $5

Fiverr Review – Get Everything Done for just $5


Anything that can be done online can be done on Fiverr.com. Professional business services such as logo design, content writing, translation services, videos editing and development, image editing, business plan development, online research, website development and testing, etc. are some of the most common things available on Fiverr.


And most of the services start at just $5.

I have purchased following items from Fiverr at just $5 each. I can’t get a better product from anywhere else at $5.





I have bought several other items at Fiverr and quite happy with overall service delivery.

Not all buyers are happy with the services. Many feel that it is a waste of time and money to buy things on Fiverr.

Some also argue that Fiverr services are like this:




It is true that “You get what you pay for.”

However, at the same cost, you can get a better quality of output than others, if you do things differently.

Fiverr is an excellent marketplace for creative and professional services. You can take maximum advantage of it if you know how to get things done especially through outsourcing.


Before, you go ahead and buy something on Fiverr, set your expectations right:


  1. The quality of output depends on the clarity of your instructions and the seller you choose
  2. What you get for $5 is worth more than the cost, provided you don’t compare it with a similar service from a renowned brand worth hundreds or thousands of dollars
  3. If you know what you want, then you will get exactly that. If you don’t know what you want and expect the sellers at Fiverr to advise you, then you will never get what you need
  4. If you don’t want to risk $5 to save $200, then you shouldn’t use the website


The truth is, smart business people and marketers save thousands of dollars by buying services on Fiverr. In fact, many professionals buy the same service from Fiverr at $5 and sell it to their clients at $100 or more.


How to take the best out of Fiverr:


  1. Write down the instructions clearly. Leave no space for any doubt. Use references wherever applicable.
  2. Don’t use words or phrases such as “I want best quality content” or “something that convinces users to take action.” These are subjective expressions which have no relevance for sellers. What is best for them may not be good for you and vice versa.
  3. Before selecting a seller, read their requirements clearly. Do provide what all information they need to deliver your services.
  4. Communicate with them clearly and provide accurate feedback in a professional manner if the output is significantly different from your expectations.


How to buy on Fiverr – Step by Step guide to buying on Fiverr


  1. Register on Fiverr.com
  2. Write down the instructions clearly
  3. Search required services using Search box on the top or using top navigation menu
  4. Open top five or ten sellers’ profile in the new tabs
  5. Pay attention to reviews, comments, ratings, and service package description of each seller. Evaluate sellers on these parameters.
  6. Shortlist the sellers who meet your requirement closely. Don’t get confused. Select the one who seems to be flexible and trustworthy. In case of any doubts, send a message to the shortlisted sellers and clarify your doubts. Select the final seller or freelancer whom you will hire – Before finalizing a vendor, you should send the project details to them and get their final quote to avoid any confusion during the delivery of services.
  7. Proceed to Order if satisfied with their answers
  8. Make Payment
  9. Send the project details through message including all relevant attachments.
  10. Within few hours of placing the order, you should receive a message from the seller. Communicate with them until your work gets delivered
  11. Once the work is performed to your satisfaction, close the project and leave a rating for the seller. Do remember that if you are not satisfied with the services, then you may request a refund. Once your refund is processed, you will have the option to buy the services from other vendors. Thus, your money is safe.


Beware of scam artists on Fiverr:


Don’t buy SEO backlinks, website traffic or anything that seems fishy or impossible to achieve in real life. Buying such services can hamper your site’s reputation. In the past, many webmasters have complained that after buying traffic from Fiverr, their sites got penalized by Google. So beware of such services that offer some guaranteed results especially in the online marketing space.


Fake Items on Fiverr


A lot of sellers used to sell fake reviews like Amazon or Yelp Reviews on Fiverr. Recently Amazon has filed a lawsuit against hundreds of such vendors. Following are some of the fake items sold on Fiverr at fractions of the original cost:


  • Mobile App Installs (Android and iOS)
  • Website Traffic
  • SEO Backlinks
  • Facebook Page Likes and Twitter Followers
  • Software Keys (software that is available on the market at $150 per annum can be found at $5 on Fiverr).
  • WordPress Themes


While these items are fake, many times it works well for buyers to purchase them as they need cheap stuff irrespective of quality. For example, if a politician needs millions of Twitter followers, they can buy the same at Fiverr. To them or their supporters and media, quantity is more important than quality. Similarly, customers buy mobile app installs and reviews to boost their temporary online reputation.


Many a time, people also buy the null version of software on Fiverr at far cheaper rates than the cost of the original software. However, Fiverr can’t be blamed for such activities as it is a marketplace that facilitates buyers and sellers to do meaningful transactions. What you buy or sell may be your choice. However, over time the platform has taken a serious note of such vendors and trying to debar them from selling unlawful services.




Fiverr is a fantastic platform for buying professional services. I strongly recommend it to entrepreneurs and small businesses, who need to save every penny they can to run their activities smoothly at initial stages of their business formation. Until you need very high-quality services, you can trust Fiverr to get the basic work done at affordable price.

Why banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes is the best decision by any government since independence?

Why banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes is the best decision by any government since independence?

On November 8, 2016, India took a decisive step of banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes to fight against corruption, black money, terror funding and fledging fake currency industry. The government has taken several measures to make the transition as smooth as possible without leaving the scope for any loophole that allows black money holders to launder their illegal wealth. In India, the corrupts are well connected and influential. They consider themselves above the law and can go to any extent to establish their superiority over other fellow Indian citizens. Since they play a critical role in the formation of every government, it is almost impossible for any government to make a policy that goes against the interest of such powerful and wealthy people.

The Government of India led by Mr. Narendra Modi has pleasantly surprised its citizens by taking one of the biggest policy decisions since independent India to fight against graft. The new rule may cause temporary inconvenience to millions of people across the country. However, its positive impact may be felt for generations to come.

The fight against corruption is a continuous process and will continue till humans exist on earth. No single rule or policy can eliminate the corruption completely. What matters the most is whether we are moving in the right direction or not. Keeping aside our political inclinations, let us analyze the current policy to see its long term ramifications and where we are heading.

Here are some facts from the recent policy decisions made by Government of India to fight corruption:

  1. Existing notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 will not be valid from 9 November 2016 onwards.
  2. RBI will shortly issue (On 10 November) new notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000.
  3. Rs. 2000 currency will be the first in India
  4. The old notes can be deposited in banks and post offices accounts from November 10 to December 30, 2016, without any limit. You need to carry Aadhar and PAN cards to deposit the money. After December 30, you can deposit the old notes in some designated offices of Reserve Bank of India with reasons and declarations. While there is no limit on deposit of old notes, you can exchange old notes worth INR 4000 up to 24 November from any banks and post offices accounts.
  5. ATM withdrawals will be limited to INR 10,000 per day and INR 20,000 per week. The limit will be increased later.
  6. Until November 11, Rail, Bus, Air Ticket Counters, Petrol Stations (authorized by public sector companies) and government hospitals, milk booths, Safal, Crematoria and Burial grounds will accept old notes. Tourists can exchange old notes at Airports.
  7. Banks and ATMs will be closed for Public on November 9 and while some of the ATMs may not function on November 10. The cash withdrawal limit will be Rs. 2000 for 9 & 10 November.
  8. The cheque, card, and online payments will remain unaffected. The coins and other notes of lower denominations will continue to be legal tender
  9. New notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 will be available in ATMs from 11 November.

Connecting the Dots

GoI started one of the biggest financial inclusion schemes of the world – Jan Dhan Yojna – to integrate the weaker section of the society into mainstream financial and banking system. More than 250 million (25 crores) new bank accounts have been opened as on November 2, 2016, under this scheme. Almost 200 million RuPay cards have issued under the same scheme. This scheme helped a lot of poor people to get connected with the banking system of the country.

Then through a Voluntary Income Disclosure Scheme, the government gave an opportunity to people to legalize unaccounted wealth by paying a flat 45% tax. At the same time, Income Tax department has become hyperactive and tracking all large transactions. PAN card has been mandatory for transactions of more than Rs. 2 lakh. Several other measures were taken to make black money transactions difficult. The current decision taken by the government is not a diversion tactic to divert attention but a part of its carefully crafted strategy to eliminate corruption. Thus, expect some more stringent policies and tough decisions to fight graft in the future. The next steps by the government will not close the loopholes but also strengthen the enforcement procedures to track and prosecute regular offenders.


There are some genuine concerns over the introduction of Rs. 2000 notes. Since the new notes have improved security features, it will be far easier to track them as compared to old currencies. Some people may truly face temporary hardship for few days. I suggest them that a few minutes of painful exercise in the morning can transform the way your body and mind works for the entire day and even for whole life. This is one of the best decision taken by any government since independence. And people should accept small inconveniences with grace. At the time of writing this blog, the real estate shares have tumbled by 20%. It clearly indicates the future impact of this decision on prices of properties. The price correction in real estate should be big news for lakhs of home buyers who wish to buy a home but can’t do so as the current rates are ridiculously high.
The new rule will also impact political parties including the ruling BJP which will find it difficult to fund their extravagant campaigns. The best part of the announcement lies in the way government has handled it. At the time when the bedroom discussions become the breaking news, the entire useless Indian media and political establishment have been shown their real “Aukaat” by the Modi government. The government and RBI must have made extensive preparation for printing and introducing new notes by November 11. However, none of the media houses or political leaders were able to get an iota of insider information. I call this the best example of “minimum government and maximum governance.” It also shows the honest intentions of the current establishment at the centre to eliminate the menace of corruption.

I will keep adding new facts and figures on this blog. Meanwhile, I would like to know your critical opinion on this issue. If you find my analysis biased or incomplete, don’t hesitate to point it through comments. If you like it, please like, comment and share it to spread the word.

Facebook Statistics

Facebook Statistics

Relevant Facebook Statistics at one place. Updated on July 21, 2016.

Parameter Statistics As of Date Source
Monthly Active Users 1.65 billion 31-Mar-2016 Facebook
Average Daily Active Users 1.09 billion March 2016 Facebook
Mobile Monthly Active Users 1.51 billion 31-Mar-2016 Facebook
Mobile Daily Active Users 989 million March 2016 Facebook
Number of Employees 13,598 31-Mar-2016 Facebook
Total Revenue $17.928 billion 2015 Facebook
Advertising Revenue $17.08 billion 2015 Statista
Share of Mobile Advertising Revenue 77% 2015 Statista
Average Revenue Per User $10.73 2015 Statista
The Top 6 Best and Worst Social Media Trends For 2015

The Top 6 Best and Worst Social Media Trends For 2015

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. But 2015 is definitely eventful for social media. Social media gurus have caught on to trends that can make a huge impact in the times to come. SixPL is a premier digital marketing agency that has the best (and the worst) trends for social media this year.

Vanishing Media: Facebook is for everyone but youngsters want more options. New online territories are being carved out because Facebook and Twitter have competition and it is not just Instagram which is threatening to upset the gravy train. Snapchat is looking to snap up more customers and as it is with other rapidly developing fields, yesterday’s social media now has to catch up with today’s.

Sophisticated Blogging: From a time when it was all about words alone to a point where blogging platforms even provide streamlined interfaces and approximate reading time, blogging has come a long, long way. While wordsmiths may bemoan this trend, Internet blog publishing platforms such as Medium are making hay while the sun shines. Creativity is just one aspect of packaging. Nowadays, it is all about packaging the blog so that readers have their fair share of knowledge and fun at the same time.

Private Networks: With changing times, social networks are also changing. While Twitter operates best if information is publicly shared, online users who want privacy can choose from many options. Lulu is a women-only app on iOS/Android which is catching on fast in Brazil, the football mecca. Lulu goes beyond FaceMash and it certainly works out for ladies who want to rate guys with numbers. This closed network gives users the privacy and security they need and cherish on an otherwise annoyingly public Internet.

Selfies Are In With Shots Of Me: Social media certainly won’t hit the high note when it comes to downsizing the human ego. Shots of Me has more than Justin Bieber rooting for them. This iOs app is perfect for sharing selfies. The restriction on comments does limit cyber-bulling but it is the height of self-centeredness.

Airbnb Soars To New Heights: The social media synergy has a new mix and It is Airbnb.  Social networks are built for sharing and Airbnb has caught on to this trend fast. Social networks are great if you want to book a dog-sitter(DogVacay) or rent stuff (Rentything).

Vine is Creeping In: Instagram may have taken to video, but the grapevine is that Vine has taken steps to edge them out. The 6 second witty apps are bringing users a novel experience which is the reason why there are so popular. Quick videos with fun and entertainment are the USP of this service. Vine celebrities are also adding their star power and platform integration has done what is was meant to do. This app is a boon for marketing as it can be easily shared on the 2Ts- Twitter and TumbIr.

With new trends catching on, the online social media space just got more exciting. Keeping tabs on this rapidly expanding media is all about connecting with the trends.

4 Reasons for choosing WP Engine as WordPress hosting platform

4 Reasons for choosing WP Engine as WordPress hosting platform

Do you ever find yourself wondering if WP Engine is the best WordPress hosting platform? If yes, we will answer this question for you then. Yes, it is;especially if you are a fan of hassle free hosting and love working on an efficiently managed system that is fast and backed up.

WP engine is easily one of the most popular web hosts in managed WordPress hosting universe.It is a highly premium hosting service for WordPress websites and applications, that boasts of simplicity and security in managing sites. After having tried out hundreds of WordPress hosting platforms, it becomes clear that the best WordPress hosting is one that is stable, cheap and gives maximum uptime without any real time problems.

So why do we like WP Engine? Here’s why.

Ensures Smooth Migration

WP engine has one of the smoothest website migration services. It is important that the WordPress hosting provider has a well defined process based on correct anatomy of your profile. WP engine has an efficient onboarding team that provides 24/7 support for dedicated migration services. The migration checklist helps in planning the entire migration procedure from the previous site to the WP platform.

Security and Support

WP engine is a world renowned hosting provider that uses the support of the best in class engineers and content delivery networks to help sites load much faster. WP engine undertakes a lot of “behind the scene” action to manage site security, scaling and working of plugins. Building backups and restore points is also a hassle free process. Site maintenance processes like malware detection and removal, and site restoration are simplified and made systematic.

WP Staging

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to track site prototype to understand the working of your themes, plugins and custom codes, WP Engine helps you make use of a separate staging area. This staging area is a different work area from your live site, where updates can be made easily. It is a great platform to try out new designs and themes. The one-click publish button makes it easier to implement design changes undertaken during the development.

User Friendly Support Services

There may be many hosting providers that guarantee 24/7 email and phone support, easy grievance redressal and assurance to resolve all kinds of problems. But with WP engine, there is guaranteed access to a very knowledgeable staff that assures continuous help in understanding WordPress working issues along with extensive support for designers and developers.

Opting for WP Engine can be a wise decision, as it offers services that are fast and scalable. WP Engine takes care of all the security and maintenance needs on your behalf, and has a clientele of over 20,000 loyal customers to boast of success stories.

5 features that should have been built into WordPress already

5 features that should have been built into WordPress already

WordPress is a free, open source blogging tool and content management system widely used by millions of users to create a website or a blog. With easy customization, themes and designs, and a lot of widgets and plugins, it is no wonder that WordPress has quickly become the world’s most used website development platform. With its help, even technology novices have been able to create awe inspiring websites and blogs that bring a lot of traffic. Since WordPress is also SEO friendly, it demands very little work to bring in great results. However, for those who are a little advanced and need a little more functionality in their websites, WordPress may not always deliver what they require. Fear not though, because the WordPress developer community is always trying to make life easier for its patrons. But while we are talking about it, let’s also discuss the things that top our wishlist of what WordPress should have to make our lives a little easier.


Whenever a user visits a webpage powered by WordPress, the system performs multiple server-side processes and database queries to generate that page for the visitor. It affects the speed of the website, and users might face major slowdowns and downtimes.Web cache can be a helpful tool to overcome this problem. A web cache is a mechanism for temporary storage of web documents, which helps reduce bandwidth usage and decreases server load. Some improvements can be made through plugins like Quick Cache.


The inbuilt ‘search’in WordPress could be improved. For example, if you are looking for the author’s exact name in the search, possibly you won’t find it. This is because WordPress can only literally find the exact words in its search. The biggest problem with WordPress search is that it may not always show relevant results for your query.A better search algorithm is the next step in improving WordPress. Third party search engines like Google andYahoo can be utilized for improvement.

WordPress Shortcodes

The WordPress was designed with a motive to enable users to create their own website and blogs, even without technical knowledge. But, WordPress shortcodes have been difficult to use for the average users. In fact, shortcodesseem against the very ethos of friendliness projected by WordPress. Unlike designers and developers, simple users use web applications to manage their content, because they don’t want to bear the pain of Javascript, stylesheets and other technical requirements.

There is still no constructive solution to this problem.

Web Form Builder

Now, almost every website uses web forms. It helps users get feedback and inputs, and also enables them to communicate with their intended audiences. Content driven websites need web forms to know users’ opinions and feedback. Unfortunately, there are no such custom made web forms available on WordPress. If a form builder interface can be made available,something similar to the navigation and header builders; users can customize it to enhance communication with users.

Customized Sidebars

It would be very helpful for users if they could create widget sidebars; select which posts or pages, and which sidebarsthey want to have on their website.

 WordPress software is created by enthusiastic developers, who volunteer their time and effort towards creating websites, themes and plugins. When they are developing all these things, one of their main aims of the service is to provide an ease of operation.These recommended features can certainly enhance user experience and improve the functionality of their websites or blogs. Perhaps, some developers would heed our requests too.

Top 5 Review Themes for WordPress in 2016

Top 5 Review Themes for WordPress in 2016

A great review theme can greatly improve the effectiveness of your review website. So whether you are an affiliate marketer, or just a passionate blogger, using the right theme can make your website look and function just the way you want. Here are some of our handpicked themes for you if you are looking to build a great reviews website.


Edition Theme for WordPressEdition is a beautiful responsive news and magazine WordPress theme, which can be easily used for any review website. The theme is optimized to be responsive and works well with most screen sizes – especially on smartphones. It is compatible with WordPress V3.9 and has a unique grid like layout with sliders to present your content uniquely and easily. The page builder follows the drag and drop scheme, making it extremely easy for you to build your website. It also has love and share buttons, which are perfectly suited for a review website. It is priced at $48.


Valenti theme for WordPress

Snapshot of Valenti theme for WordPress

If premium HD themes are what you enjoy, and if you have been looking for such a theme for your own review website, then your search ends with Valenti. This is a feature rich theme, with a drag and drop website builder that lets you create a stunning, unique homepage, which can be easily modified at any time. The drop down menus are also beautiful, and the theme also features the ability to create a parallax effect by juxtaposing your images against your content. The Valenti v3.0 was launched in November 2014 and brought about a lot of fancy and functional changes in the theme. It is priced at $58.


Review It theme for WordPress

ReviewIt Snapshot


Ciola Theme for WordPress

Ciola Theme Snapshot

This review theme is modern, with very clean interface and is perfect for very high class and modern websites. The theme has been designed to include a lot of widgets, and shows all the tags on the pages. This fully responsive website can also be easily integrated with various specialized websites including Flickr. The theme is ideal for affiliate marketers and online magazines, as it also has specially designated advertisement areas on the homepage. The fully integrated review and rating system allows you to embed videos, and also create as many pages as you want. Ciola is highly customizable and can be purchased for a mere $48.

Simple Reviews

Simple Reviews Theme for WordPress

Simple Reviews Theme Snapshot

This is the perfect review theme for you if simplicity is what you prefer. This theme has been especially made keeping in mind the needs of affiliate marketers. The theme will woo you with its simplicity and attractive design. The website can be easily integrated with Amazon to show its products within a post, along with live pricing. The theme also has a built in rating system using stars, which makes it perfect for any reviews website. Since the theme is very simple, it also offers a very fast load time. You can further place the spotlight on the items you wish to highlight, and the admin panel is fairly customizable too. Affiliate marketers should definitely consider this theme. It is priced at $37.

7 WordPress Blogs You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

7 WordPress Blogs You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

There is no doubt about the fact that WordPress is the easiest and most preferred content management system. Needless to say, it has a huge following, and there are millions of people who use it. Of these millions, there are a few who have been incessantly guiding others and helping them get more out of their WordPress experiences. There is so much happening in the world of WordPress, and these blogs.Their respective authors help you find the best and the most useful resources from the endless stream of information. Here’s our list of top ten blogs that would add a lot of value to your WordPress experience.

WP Squared

WP Squared

WP Squared sees weekly updates from its much popular authors – Sam Sinton, Joe Fylan, and Kevin Muldoon. The blog brings you plenty of WordPress news, tutorials, themes, and reviews and introduces new plugins too and online tools for WP authors. The blog has been expanding slowly, and the posting frequency has also increased. Expect a lot of good stuff from the team!

87 Studios

WP Studios

The mind behind this fantastic blog is that of Kris Hoja, a WordPress developer himself. Being a developer, Kris has learned the ins and outs of WordPress blogging and knowsexactly what people want. In addition to the great WordPress information, news and reviews, 87 Studios also offers a lot of competitions on a regular basis. If you are looking for tutorials, you will find them here aplenty. This place is also perfect for those looking for themes and plugin reviews.


WP Recipes

If you are an intermediate WP user, who is still learning the ropes, WPRecipes will be useful for you. It is a one stop blog for authors and bloggers who love to experiment with their site’s functionality and enjoy tinkering with how their site looks. WPRecipes offers great tips and tricks for those who continue to change their navigation, or reformat their layout or simply add blockquotes here and there. The blog also offers a lot of code snippets which can work wonders for a blog.


Bob WP

Bob Dunn is an independent WP enthusiast, who has built a lot of quality content over the past few months, and offers a great array of excellent WP tips and tricks. Bob has a background in marketing and web design and does not hesitate in giving his ownopinion about everything he writes. It is what sets his blog apart from all the others that offer cold hard facts.


WP Tuts+

It is not a blog per se, but a network of blogs that help you learn both creative and technical skills in WP very easily. It has something for everyone. So whether you are a seasoned WP user or are just starting out, you will find something of use here.

WP Jedi (WP Solver)

WP Solver

With a primary focus on themes and plugin reviews, WP Jedi is your gateway to everything hip and happening in the world of WordPress. Though you will mostly find reviews on this site, which is updated daily, you will also often find useful business and security related information here.

WP Superstars

WP Superstars

A new kid on the blog, WP Superstars is the brainchild of Adam Connell, a self-styled blogging wizard. On this blog, you can find useful reviews of plugins and themes, along with a lot of useful information about various practical WP resources and general WP advice.

Eight things you didn’t know you could do with WordPress

Eight things you didn’t know you could do with WordPress

Working on WordPress is easy and comfortable, even for the beginners. It offers severalfeatures and functionalitiesthat help you run a website or a blog, without the necessity of having a lot of technical skill.The flipside to getting comfortable, though, is that we easily get used to things and almost always forget about the tools and featuresthat we don’t use.While a lot of us would go out and try to find out ways to make our website more functional; there are those, who would not give such kind of exploration a second thought. Of course, nobody wants to read detailed or lengthy notes. We don’t even realize that the knowledge of the features that we are ignoringmay have increased our website’s efficiency or made our life easier. There are some such hidden gems in WordPress that have gone unnoticed for a while, and we have prepared a list of them so that you can begin to use them too.

  1. Stream Videos

Some people need to stream videos on their website, and may find it hard to do it in WordPress. However, with theVideoPro theme (http://www.theme-junkie.com/themes/videopro/), you can easily broadcast videos by embedding them on your website. It will enable you to provide video uploading facility on your website. Another interesting theme that can be used for the same purpose is theTrueMag video theme (http://demo.cactusthemes.com/truemag/).

  1. oEmbed

It is usually one of the most ignored media functions of WordPress. It permits you to paste a single URL in your HTML editor, automatically using the embed code, and generate media content without the help of WordPress plugins. The sites from where media content can be embedded, include YouTube, Twitter, Animoto, etc. For more information, you can visit http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds

  1. Know Your Customer Feedback

WordPress can be a savior for those businesses, where knowingthe customers’ response is always important. The idea (http://www.appthemes.com/themes/ideas),is a productivity theme that allows you to listen to your customers and engage constructively with them. The Ideas theme powers your customer feedback engine, enabling you to set up categories, prioritize content by votes, and choose the best and most popular suggestions to implement. It also enables users to submit ideasand suggestions to vote on.

  1. Customizable Dashboard

This is one of the less known features of WordPress and lets you manage what should or should not be on your dashboard. So you do not have to toil with a dashboard that does not increase your productivity by any means. Instead, customize it to meet your individual needs and working style. It is worth trying, and for more help visit: http://en.support.wordpress.com/screen-options

  1. 5. Booking

The booking plugin named Booking System Pro can be very helpful for the service industry. Hotels and restaurants can utilize it for better record keeping, and in delivering better services to their customers. This plugin can be easily customized as per your business needs. For more information about this functionality or to purchase it, go to (http://codecanyon.net/item/booking-system-pro-wordpress-plugin/2675936)

  1. Organized

Have you ever felt that running a website as an administrator is like being aperson who has been forced to run on a treadmill for hours, without any breaks or halts? Yes, organizing your website can be that tiring. You are regularly required to update and post on your website, and this commitment sees no holidays. But you might not be aware of Post Scheduling. Post scheduling helps you schedule your postsby their date, month or hour. Yes, you can manage and control your article’s posting date in advance. For more information read: http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/schedule-a-post

7.WordPress Menus

Most of us are content with the basic menu bar on our website, but then there are those of us, who require that little something extra. The good news is, your WordPress menu bar is customizable. It enables you to set up categories and tags, and other useful portfolios and semantic links. For more information, you can see Julie Christine’s blog on“How to Customize Your Menu Bar in WordPress” (http://www.fabulousblogging.com/2014/11/how-to-customize-your-menu-bar-in-wordpress-for-com-or-org/).

  1. Empty your trash automatically

WordPress allows you to delete your trash automatically at various time intervals. Including a small snippet of code into your website would let you do that. Read more about that here (http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-automatically-empty-your-wordpress-trash).

9 Most Popular WordPress Themes in 2016

9 Most Popular WordPress Themes in 2016

WordPress has revolutionized the way users create websites. WordPress themes enable users to changethe website’s look and functionality, without altering the original structure and information content. WordPress has one of the best CMS software, which is very easy to customize, and thus has been successful in creating a market for customizable themes.

We are also witnessing a growing community of WordPress theme sellers like Elegant Themes, WooThemes, and Themify with a membership facility on the monthly or yearly basis. There are also free themes available, but if you want to experience something unique, and better than the average, consider these popular themes.

Divi Theme

Divi is a feature rich multipurpose these for building creative and elegant websites. The theme has an efficient page builder that effortlessly and seamlessly allows creating websites with great designs and functionalities. The theme includes several layout options and a drag and drop page builder. There are numerous styling features that can be combined to create several unique designs. The theme has 2700 lines of codes allowing even those with little or no knowledge of programming to build effective and great looking websites. It is priced at $69.

Divi WordPress Theme Review


It is one of the popular WordPress themes,and itsversatile nature makes it a smart choice for any user. As Collis Taeed, the CEO of Envato remarks, “Avada is the swiss army knife of WordPress themes. It does everything”. With its full customizability, free updatesand support facilities, multiple header options, custom background, and unlimited color options,this theme can be utilized for creating any type of website -blogs,portfolios, products, and business websites. It is priced at $58.

Avada WordPress theme review


Chariot is a simple, flawless, smooth design, best suited for freelancers, artists, designers, and agencies who want to showcase their portfolios. This is a clutter fee, flat and responsive design with wide and boxed layouts. It is also retina-ready and comes with a page builder along with other facilities. Also, there are many shortcodes available, which enable users to customize layouts according to their functionality requirements. It is priced at $43.

Chariot WordPress theme Review


Modernize is a new generation WordPress theme. It is also called ‘flexibility of WP’ due to the freedom it provides in the customization of your website. The page builder within the theme allows users to drag simply and drop properties to create a page. Also, you can create unlimited sidebars with an option of over 350 fonts. It is priced at $58.

Modernize wordpress theme review


Armada is constituted of several useful features that make it easy to design creative and modern websites. The theme includes several options such as the Widgets, Translation, WooCommerce, Customisation options for WordPress and Page Builder through the Drag and Drop option. The theme is suitable for building websites of start-up enterprises, application developers, website designers, portfolio managers and corporates. The theme is compatible with the current versions of all browsers. It is priced at $59.

Armada WordPress Theme Review


Barberry is a Swiss- designed theme,perfectly suited for e-commerce websites. Bootstrap framework and fully responsive retina-ready designs are the two main strengths of this WP theme.  This theme does not haveanystark colors, but a simple monochromatic setting, which brings out the products and the content.  Also, it fully supports the WooCommerce plugin. It can be bought for $55.

Barbery wordpress theme review


Bridge offers over 2000 options, 100 unique demos and 24 different layouts making it highly feature reach and multifaceted. The theme can be easily customised according to the requirements of the website designers and the large number of options and layouts allow creating numerous unique combinations. The Visual Composer of the theme allows page building by dragging and dropping features. These options can be combined to design an attractive website with intuitive interface that is easy to manage and operate. Bridge supports a comprehensive documentation with step-by-step instructions and a collection of over 600 fonts. It is priced at $59.

Bridge WordPress Theme Review

Bridge WordPress Theme Review


The Million is a multipurpose theme with a simple and clean layout,and a unique navigation. Its other functionalities include the ability to change the logo, styling, headers, design, and much more. This theme is perfect for businesses websites, and corporates. This is a good choice for those who want to see their website stand apart. The theme is priced at $48.

Million WordPress theme review

Panic Station

Panic Station is a responsive WordPress theme – beautifully designed full screen background support. The slick effects, and page transitions make it favorite of the all segments of website users. The price of this theme is $48.


Panic Station WordPress theme review

Panic Station WordPress theme review