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Ever wondered what impact does User-generated content make on your SEO strategy? You might have noticed that the popularity of UGC has grown significantly in recent years. Top websites are more than eager to share user-generated content on their platforms. Among the most shared UGC includes digital videos, blogging, podcasting, review sites, social networking, mobile photography, wikis, etc.

Believe or not, consumers act as your best marketers. It is more frequent that your potential customers trust other online reviews given by other customers to make a buying decision. This happens because we all are more open to accepting the opinions and suggestions given by our peers. You can always flaunt your product, but the sentiment that someone creates who is outside of the organization is even more impactful. By simply adding customer reviews on the website pages, you can increase your organic page visits greatly.

UGC, as a form of crowdsourcing, can immensely bring value to your website and SEO in following ways:

Provides SEO with qualitative content: Through user-generated content, you can always generate fresh and authentic content that acts as a key to keep your ranking on top. Brands need not require a lot of resources to create new targeted for SEO as the content is constantly generated by the users itself. This also indicates that the brands are not talking about their happy customers; instead, the customers themselves are talking about the brand.

Few sites, especially E-commerce websites often lack fresh content. In this case, UGC acts as a great solution to offer some content to other users looking for some information to evaluate the product or services. Having reviews also suggest that your site is active and credible for customers.

Acts as a great source for long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are very effective in terms to have your rank high. Having UGC help brands to know phrases that users generally search on the search engine which brands may not necessarily think of including to their customer marketing. Through UGC, you can be aware of trending topics in which your visitors are most interested in. Having comments or reviews, you have an opportunity to excel in your PPC campaigns as you can choose ideal phrases and keywords to optimize your overall SEO strategy.

When users post what they love about your product or service, they provide you an insight into what your audience is looking for. Knowing which long-tail keywords to use can make a huge difference in your ranking!

Enriches social media optimization: A well-executed content curation strategy is necessary to boost your SEO. Social media marketing and SEO are closely associated in a way that sharing content on social media platforms engages users and brings them to your website. This calls a great traffic to your website, which amplifies your SEO. This, in turn, improves your site visibility and indirectly pushes your ranking high on search results.

Sharing your customer’s reviews or images builds greater trust with your followers on Facebook or Twitter,  which increases likes, comments, and shares. The more you engage your followers on social media, the more you attract more organic traffic to your website!

Offers great results for search engine queries: To evaluate a website, automated search engine algorithms use spiders that keenly look into the ratings and reviews provided by the customer.  Also, to evaluate site’s reputation, search quality raters give ratings to the website manually according to its content originality, topic mastery, authority of the author, among various other tenets. Thus, the content provided by the customers help you to earn SEO points from quality rating systems and provides great results to search engine queries.

Just as top brands and companies are harnessing the use of user-generated content, you too can embrace UGC as an effective tactic to improve your overall organic search performance. Majority of customers today rely on Google for their buying journey and thus, it is important for you to grasp UGC as one of your strongest marketing tools to strengthen SEO.  

Once your leverage on UGC, make sure to monitor your website on a regular basis. One negative review can badly impact your brand image if you take time to respond him/her. You will also need to select the right spam filter to prevent comment spamming, as it can harm your rankings, authority, and traffic. However, if managed appropriately, user-generated content is one of the best options to boost your SEO campaign.