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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency for Dummies!

If you want to begin your successful journey in Cryptocurrency, then this free e-Book is a must for you. Download the book now and master the basics of cryptoeconomy.

The Only eBook You Need to Understand Blockchain & Cryptocurrency!

In the e-book titled “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Dummies,” we have covered the basic concepts of cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology. As the name suggests, the book is written for newbies and in a layman’s language, and doesn’t require a technical background to understand the nuances of the topic.

For entrepreneurs, writers, developers, marketers, and investors, cryptocurrency is a goldmine waiting to be exploited. However, the economic rewards come loaded with a significant amount of risks. If you are planning to start your next blockchain-based venture or want to make money with a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, you need to capitalize on opportunities while minimizing the risks. This book serves precisely this purpose: Learn the basics, minimize risks & maximize gains while dealing in crypto economy.

Blockchain technology is the future of the ‘next big what?’. This concept is a technological ‘goldmine’ that is just unveiling numerous possibilities to us. And this is only the beginning. Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, shared economy, transparency & online trustworthiness are some of the possibilities to name a few. Already declared as the next big idea by world leaders like Brian Chesky (CEO & founder, Airbnb), Bill Gates (Co-Founder, Microsoft Inc.), Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Galactic, 400+ companies) & John McAfee (Founder, McAfee), the technology truly is revolutionizing. So an understanding of the subject is worth it!


The objective of this eBook is precise. To make the reader aware of the concept of Blockchain technology and its application in Cryptocurrency. If you are a beginner and have no idea about these terms, this guide is crafted for you. This eBook will be the shortest path between you and the latest trends and events in this field.

At the end of this eBook, you will be able to

  • Know what Blockchain technology is, it’s concept & functioning
  • Understand the jargons, terms and their definitions used in this field
  • Understand the features, applications, and potential of Blockchain technology
  • Grasp what is Cryptocurrency and how it functions
  • Know about the features and types of cryptocurrencies with examples
  • Know how you can utilize benefits of cryptocurrencies including transactions, investing & trading and mining them.

Let us begin our exciting journey and quickly understand some basic terms and definitions used in this subject. Understanding these jargons is essential as you will frequently come across them. Not too technical, they have been made easy for the reader’s quick understanding.

Executive Summary – 3 About SixPL – 4 Chapter 1 – Objective of this eBook – 5 1.1 Objective. 5 1.2 At the end of this eBook, you will be able to 5 Chapter 2 – Blockchain technology & Cryptocurrency – 6 2.1 Important terms & definitions. 6 Chapter 3 – What is blockchain technology? 9 3.1 Concept 9 3.2 Functioning. 9 3.3 Quick summary. 10 Chapter 4 – Features & applications of Blockchain technology 12 4.1 Features. 12 4.2 Applications. 13 4.3 Potential 14 4.4 Quick summary. 16 Chapter 5 – Cryptocurrency – 17 5.1 Concept 17 5.2 Functioning. 17 5.3 Examples. 18 5.4 Cryptocurrency exchanges & digital wallets 18 5.5 Quick summary. 20 Chapter 6 – What does cryptocurrency offer – 21 6.1 Transactions. 21 6.2 Mining. 22 6.3 Trading. 23 6.4 Quick summary. 23 Chapter 7 – Conclusion – 24
  • Address
  • Altcoin
  • ASIC/ASIC Miner
  • Blockchain
  • Block
  • Block height
  • Block reward
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Distributed ledger
  • Hashrate
  • Halving
  • Mining
  • Node
  • P2P (Peer-2-peer)
  • Proof-of-work
  • Smart contracts
  • Token