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Small business blogs perform the role of a guide and help small businesses identify their key competencies and state how these businesses can effectively use these competencies.

Social Triggers:

Social Triggers is a blog from Derek Halpern. The blog focuses on the very basic element of marketing which includes understanding the psychology of the buyers. Despite consumer psychology being the most basic and essential aspects of marketing, very few blogs focused solely on the psychological and social components of marketing. The blogs, analyses the psychological and social triggers which affect the buying behavior of the consumers.

The blog suggests readers how to focus on the factors which help businesses identify the psychology of their consumers and develop strategies which are effective in converting these prospects into actual business.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner guides businesses in terms of using various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other such platforms. The blog helps users identify the right social media platforms for them and guide them with methods to use these platforms in an effective manner. Social Media plays a very important role for businesses and this blog is useful in determining the right methods to use the social media in an optimum manner.


Moz.com helps readers identify the right methods to help improve the ranking in Google search. All the businesses which have an online presence, Google search engine ranking are an essential factor. Getting the websites a higher ranking in the search, both locally and internationally is important for the business websites. Moz.com guides users in understanding various aspects such as Google Algorithm and other key elements. It also guides with developing strategies and various tricks which help in increasing the ranking of the websites.

Franchise King

For businesses which are involved in franchising and want to understand the intricacies of running a franchise, Franchise King is the right blog. It guides its readers about almost every aspect of franchising business right from starting a franchise to running it and other operational aspects associated with it. The blog is written by Joel Libava and is highly useful for Franchise owners in terms of the methods and key elements of franchising explained in this blog.


While starting a business, no entrepreneur thinks about selling of the business. However, this does not change the fact that for any successful business, it is a possibility to receive a decent offer in the future, which might intrigue its owner to sell it off at a very good price. Exitpromise.com helps its readers to identify the right opportunities when these come and evaluate what can be termed as a good deal for their businesses. There is a possibility that the buy- out price for a business can be much higher that its actual worth and can be a very lucrative offer. Therefore, the owner must think in terms of logical and commercial feasibility of such an offer rather than being emotional about the business. This blog helps with such aspects of selling a business and guides the readers with the best methods to develop the right strategies for an exit.


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