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In this globalized world, where every business needs proper planning, organizing and networking around the world, your business might need a makeover. The project management tools and platforms enable you to conduct your day to day business quite easily. Every project comes as an opportunity for your business, but if you are not prepared with appropriate technical tools and management skills, it can have catastrophic consequences. Project Management Platforms  provide you the necessary technical edge for your business which converts your business objectives and goals into reality. Project management is a powerful tool not only for big businesses, but also for small businesses.

There are a number of benefits of using project management software tools which are essential for successful completion of your projects. The overall benefits can be summarized as:

  • Enables creating milestones, pipelines and tasks for your project.
  • Helps in getting automatic email reminders which ensure that you do not fall behind the deadlines.
  • Helps to create a profile for specific roles for every contact.
  • Allows tracking all the email correspondence.
  • Views the finished tasks and projects
  • Automatically includes any important file associated with the working project.

There are a number of PMR software available in the market and you can choose from them as per your business requirements. It has proved an essential tool for small businesses too due to the reason that most small business are managed single handedly or by a small group which most likely lack organized working.

So, let’s check out the best five available applications to run your small business smoothly:


Asana is regarded as one of the best and most popular Project Management applications for small businesses. The best part is that it is an absolutely free application.

It is best suited for the businesses that require real time interaction among team members. It enables you to visualize your tasks and goals which are done automatically assigning priority to your projects, and updates on the project in the program.

However, there are also strings attached to it e.g. You cannot use it offline or track progress of projects. But given the simplicity of this application which keeps it apart from other PM applications available in the market, it can be the best option for startups.


Basecamp is popular among entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses. It is a web based application which enables a user to manage tasks and to streamline communication among team members. It is an application which is used in sharing files, having a discussion, collaboration on documents, and check due dates etc.

Although it’s not free, it is worth the price.. It starts from a minimum price of $49 to maximum $149 which can be chosen as per the business needs.


It is highly recommended for the professionals who always have a hectic schedule. Through this PM application you can surely manage your work without stressing your brain. The integration of projects, events, tasks, people, companies, calendar, and your work helps you to get the work done. It’s a wonderful application for groups as well as it enables you to see who has done, how much work in your team and who can have access to that.

It starts from a minimum price range of $23 and goes up to $148.


It is a cloud based PM application which has been highly recommended in government circles, that’s why it’s business has expanded in more than one fifty countries. Its popularity soared due to highly secured data transfer provided by this app. The best feature of this application is that it encrypts all the data exchanged with the server as per industry standards along with authenticating the server itself for the users. It also enables its users to have quick discussions and chat, and also it keeps the whole conversation at one place. Also helps you in creation of milestone, and tracking your deadlines.

It can be availed by paying just $15 per user per month.


Producteev provides its clients a number of remarkable features which may be found only with this PR application. Firstly, there is no restriction on the number of users and projects. Secondly, it filters every task by people, project, status, due date, and more filtration you can attach to it as per your need. Thirdly, real time communication among users and progress tracking also helps in getting your business done timely and smoothly.

It starts with the free trail pack and platinum services can be made available at a very minimum cost of $30 per month.

These are the best project management applications which can be used to increase efficiency of the business. At the cost of a fraction of your income, your small business can become a successful enterprise.