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The Digital Marketing Benefits of WordPress

The Digital Marketing Benefits of WordPress

Initially a blogging platform, WordPress has grown to be so much more. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular and powerful blogging and content management systems (CMS) out there. It features hundreds of easy-to-use plugins, widgets, and beautiful themes to choose from. Since it’s totally customizable, it is used for many famous blogs, news stations, and business websites. It is considered one of the most convenient website building tools, especially for startups that lack coding expertise and funds to invest in web design. No wonder over 74 million websites, including some big-name brands such as CNN, The New York Times, BBC America, and Ebay, are built using WordPress. Even Beyoncé uses it! And these major players didn’t choose WP for no reason. When it comes to digital marketing, there’s nothing better than WP. In this article, we’ll look into some of the greatest digital marketing benefits of WordPress.

What are the greatest digital marketing benefits of WordPress?

Search engines love WP sites

Many businesses have trouble coming up with a good strategy to improve their Google ranking. One of the most effective ways to boost your ranking is using WordPress. A very obvious reason to choose WP is that it’s optimized for search engines like Google, which means that it tends to rank high. Google can easily index and crawl WP sites since WordPress is written in quality code that is exceptionally clean and easy-to-read. 

WP simplifies internal linking and URL customization and allows assigning categories and tags to landing pages. WP offers numerous plugins that make it easy to optimize your website yourself. One of them is the Yoast SEO Plugin – arguably the best free plugin for WP. It helps you customize your site title, title tag, meta description, and keywords, and estimates how well a page is going to rank with search engines, which makes it ideal for businesses with slightly more aggressive digital marketing goals. 

A good SEO strategy requires updating your site regularly with fresh, relevant content. With WordPress, content management has never been easier. With so many SEO benefits built-in, you can easily incorporate the best content marketing practices with the touch of a button.

WP is easy to maintain and update

If you want to have more control over your site, post new content, and make changes to existing content, but you’re not an expert, WordPress can help you a lot. It is so easy to understand and use that you don’t need to learn coding. Moreover, you can set automatic security updates and maintenance updates. That way, you can rest assured your site is technologically up-to-date and protected at all times.

WP enhances website performance

Website performance directly affects the success of digital marketing. If visitors have trouble browsing your site, they are more likely to abandon it and go to your competition. Page speed is one of the main factors affecting your site performance. Nothing can ruin user experience like slow-loading pages. In addition to minimalist WordPress themes designed to improve site performance, WordPress has some great plugins specifically designed to make your site load faster. When using WP, you can optimize anything from your images to your database and widgets to enhance website performance.

WP enables easy site migration

You might have heard that website migration is one of the most dangerous tasks in digital marketing. If you have an older site that isn’t user-friendly and needs updating but there is content you want to keep, WordPress comes to the rescue. It makes it simple to migrate that old-fashioned site and upgrade it, without sacrificing any of its content or authority.

WP supports blogs and connects to social media

As mentioned earlier, WP started out as a blogging system. Nowadays, WP is the platform of choice for many important sites – remember all those industry leaders using WP for their websites? You can hardly find a better content management system for blogging. WordPress supports blogs, makes them easy to update and change. As WP easily connects to social media accounts, you can share your blog posts with your social media followers. You can easily link your company’s social media accounts to your WP site and start sharing content and updates. This way, site visitors will be able to share, like, comment on blog posts.

WP offers lots of design options

In addition to its exceptional functionality, WP is equipped with many stunning, clean design options you can choose from and make your site stand out. There are numerous customizable templates that can make any site look beautiful and professional.

WP fits the size of any screen

WordPress has a vast number of responsive themes that can fit any screen size. Most importantly, WP is supported on mobile devices. Mobile-friendliness is imperative in this day and age since most traffic is shifting precisely to mobile devices. In fact, Google penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly, acknowledging the fact that most users browse the internet on their mobile phones.

WP supports analytics and tracking

WordPress is the hands-down best platform for your internet marketing needs. It is a powerful tool that helps you optimize the traffic to your site. Analytics show us what we are doing right and what needs improvement. All WP sites offer an analytics panel that shows you how many people have visited your website and how frequently. If you add some easy WP plugins, you’ll be able to track the success of your CTAs and landing pages. 

WP is free to use

Its affordability is one of the greatest digital marketing benefits of WordPress. Although there are costs associated with using WP if you want to host with them or you wish to upgrade to a higher-level template, anyone can build and design a WordPress website for little to no money at all. 


Author bio:

Everly Winger is a content writer mostly writing about SEO and digital marketing. For over a decade, Everly has helped many businesses create an informative blog for their website. On weekends, she sings in a local bar with her husband. 

Leading Russian Banks To Create Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Leading Russian Banks To Create Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Alfa Bank and Sberbank are amongst the first global pioneers that took the initiative to pilot cryptocurrency portfolios. These portfolios are intended to serve a limited number of private clients. The efforts are yet restricted to specific clients that will purchase shares of funds to trade in significant cryptocurrencies. These currencies will include the most prominent cryptos in the market including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, among others.


Kommersant newspaper gave out its report last Friday, bringing out the fact that these piloted portfolios will be restricted to private clients only, and the operations will be under the supervision of Bank of Russia.


Sberbank is the central bank owned by the state that maintains and processes employee paychecks for all government offices in Russia. On the other hand, Alfa Bank is one of the leading private banks across Russia. Alfa Bank is planning to make its mark in crypto commerce using the Group IB, AddCapital investment fund, and National Settlement Depository.


The deputy chair of Sberbank Private Banking; Ana Ivanchuk said:


“We’d like to offer our clients an absolutely transparent way to invest in digital assets with full compliance with regulations that will let them invest in the product they are interested in Russia.”


Anton Rakhmanov, who is the manager of Alfa Bank’s private banking branch, said:

“Our goal is to speed-up the recognition of the digital assets as legitimate financial assets as soon as possible.”


AddCapital is being considered for taking charge of solving technical challenges for the venture. The enterprise played an integral role in unfolding recent pre-sales of the Telegram Tokens. CEO Alexey Prokofyev suggested that the endeavor will be supported by investors seeking a share of the fund.


The six crypto coins maintained by the user portfolio will be constantly revised about four times every year. This revisal will include managing and be cross-checking the proportions by balancing them against a specifically devised trading algorithm.


Alexey Prokofyev added,“The shares are liquid, and a client can send them for fiat currencies any time.”


Moscow Exchange Group has decided to appoint the National Settlement Depository as the designated custodian for the project. Testing the portfolio operation will roughly take 45 days, however, the specific durations and proceedings have not been intimated yet.


Sberbank has refused to give out any statement on this topic.

Evaluating The Genuine ICOs

Evaluating The Genuine ICOs

The recent advancement in blockchain technology has changed the way we perceive a business. Whether it is the making payments through a Crypto channel or getting funds for your new business, blockchain has covered it all. The technology has provided a common platform for investors and entrepreneurs to come together and make most of the opportunity.


With the first Initial Coin Offering launched in 2013, the world witnessed the potential in blockchain business. By 2016, ICOs were the buzzword in every industry. As a business investor, it is definitely worth looking into the rising ventures. In order to make a large profit, you must look beyond the Bitcoin.


In such a scenario the traditional initial public offerings are an excellent opportunity to get coins at a lower price. These coins immediately rise in value when the ICO is over. However, on the flip side, they might lose value and crash. In such cases, the investors never recover their investments.


Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to spot potential baggers and save yourself from scammers:


The Team Is More Important Than The Business


To understand the potential of the venture, you must do a background check on the team member profiles. Experience in the service industry, and their knowledge in the technical expertise relevant to the blockchain will determine the capabilities. What you should be looking for is the perfect balance between professional and business expertise. Lack of experience Might indicate incompetence which might eventually risk your investment.


Understand The Product


Before investing in the ICO, you must understand the product and its potential. Does this product offer something unique and useful to the market? Identify the target audience and how they will be benefited from the product. Make your evaluations as for how well will the product do in the niche market.


Pay close attention to the proposed Business models and understand the roadmap they wish to follow once their ICO goal is met.


Understand The Tokens


Get a clear understanding of the tokens they offer and what purpose will they serve. Mostly these tokens are “utility tokens” that means specific users on their respective platforms use them.


Utility tokens are the most common but are limited to the specific platform only. This means the user can just trade these tokens on the platform. Such token having few limited usages are hence prone to higher risk as they turn worthless once the platform loses traction.


A famous example of “utility tokens” is Ether. Ether is used to make transactions over the Ethereum platform. The hell in the functioning of the platform and offer more value since they are tradable for other services and can be used to make exchange over any cryptocurrency supported by the Ethereum blockchain network or the ERC20.


Utility tokens add more value to the organization since not only they can be traded, but you can also use them to enjoy services available on the platform.


Strong Partnership


The relation between the shareholders and the team that goes behind the project is an essential aspect of any ICO. A strong partnership must be established between all the agents that are responsible for the success of the ICO. Robust presale results are one of the good indicators you can look for to understand the potential of the ICO. The technical and business experience of the team behind the project determine how well they are capable of handling tough situations.


Analyze The Sales Route


Review the token sale implementations. Learn what the aspects that affect the success and failure of the ICO are. Understand how you can participate and make the ICO successful. Go through the existing stories of the successful ICOs and what were the turning points that made them successful.


Only after understanding all the aspects of the business and technology you can be sure of advantages your ICO possess. Learn as much as you can and make necessary decisions to shine. Wish you all the luck for your Crypto-venture!


How to Combat Gender Inequality in the Crypto Market

How to Combat Gender Inequality in the Crypto Market

Gender inequality is not a matter of debate anymore. The same trend has been witnessed in the blockchain market. Whether it is an upcoming ICO venture or the statistics of total investors, the women power seems to be lagging behind.


In a recent event of North American Bitcoin Conference, out of the 88 speakers, there were only 3 women. Moreover, the party after the conference was held at a strip club.


A recent venture to make a change is the Mogul that conducted an event on “Women in Crypto.” They quoted the NYTimes saying only 4-6% of the investors in the cryptomarket are women. They wish to change it and empower women to be a part of the global motion. This event was held on 5th April at Hearst Tower NYC.


Another such example is of the women in blockchain foundation who are determined to spread awareness and encourage women to participate in the business trend. They aim at educating women about the potential of this technology and how they can make the most of it.


Current Trend


Even in the current crypto market, women face the same inequalities that they suffered before. The overwhelming male domination over the technology development, distribution and wealth accumulation has reduced the opportunities for women in the ecosystem. If no measures are taken, the situation will only get worse, entrenching the present gender inequality.


The situation is worse in an anonymous crypto market since it is decentralized and no authoritative body is present to regulate the resource distribution. By enhancing the opportunities for women, we can assure a long-term involvement and justified growth for both genders.


In a recent survey of October 2017, conducted by Reddit user loveYouEth, found that only 4% of Ether users were women. Also, only 14% of the users of their wallet holders were women.


In the recent statistics provided by Coin Dance, there is only 8.86% engagement of women in the Bitcoin Community.

(Source: Coin.dance)


Measures to be Taken


Several women leaders suggest that to promote the influence of women in the Crypto is to publicise the achievements and contributions they made in the crypto market. Several examples of such Crypto Leaders are Maddie Callander: Boost VC director of operations, Athena Capital founder Meltem Demirors, BlockCypher founder Catheryne Nicholson and BitPesa founder Elizabeth Rossiello.


Creating Awareness


To achieve higher engagement of women in the blockchain technology; the community must come forward to spread knowledge of the business. No matter how complicated it seems, once there is enough knowledge of the blockchain, more and more women investors will come forward to benefit from the trend.




Many people misunderstand the underlying concept and mistake it as an industry built for software engineers only. Although the technology is reasonably advanced and may look overwhelming for many, there is obviously a large number of possibilities for all in this domain. It is time that both genders come along and contribute to the new world.