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Simple Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Website

Simple Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Website

All digital marketing strategies will invariably focus on improving conversion rates. Indeed, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may aim to increase search engine visibility. Social media outreach may intend to build a brand’s image and foster trust. But ultimately, all such strategies will hinge on pushing customers down the sales funnel to convert and drive sales. Still, websites may typically suffer from low conversion rates, which other strategies alone can’t rectify. With that in mind, we’ll devote this article to exploring some simple ways to increase conversion rates on your website.

Conversion inhibitors

Initially, adopting the potential convertee’s perspective, we may explore common conversion inhibitors. While marketers may disagree on exact underlying factors, we may identify core inhibitors as the following:

  • A lack of trust
  • A poor user experience (UX)
  • Needlessly long buying processes
  • A lack of perceived need or urgency

Naturally, final conversions don’t hinge on these factors alone; search engine visibility and lead acquisition rates play a crucial role. Moreover, retention rates significantly augment final sales post-conversion, enhancing the average customer lifetime value (LTV). 

Addressing inhibitors to increase conversion rates on your website

However, as this subject offers notable complexity, we may begin by simply addressing conversion enhancements themselves. Namely, we’ll address some simple ways to increase conversion rates through content optimisation and website optimisation.

#1 Keep your website well-maintained

First and foremost, we should address convertee trust and ensuring your website’s technical health – a cornerstone of SEO. A proper maintenance schedule and process can help safeguard your website against attacks and malicious actors. Moreover, website maintenance can future-proof your website, ensuring optimal performance through frequent software updates. Thus, hiring professionals to regularly update your website should be an excellent starting point.

#2 Refine your keyword research

Next, still on the subject of SEO, you may wish to review your content strategy. Keyword research does not simply enhance visibility but also conversion rates. You may thus consider the following as you review your keyword choices:

  • How does your content rank for your keywords of choice?
  • Do your keywords resonate with your audience, inciting engagement and driving conversions?
  • Are there other keywords you could rank for or bid for?

While these questions will typically concern SEO, they also directly affect conversion rates themselves. An engaged audience is more likely to convert, and engagement begins with offering valuable, relevant content. 

#3 Keep your design and layout simple

Your content’s subject, tone, and style aside, simplicity offers to enhance conversion rates. Indeed, UX design hinges on simplicity, which aids the potential customer’s journey. Here, you may consider the following, among others:

  • Are your most valuable elements and calls to action (CTAs) above the fold?
  • Does your website offer easy navigation to valuable pages?
  • Is mobile navigation simple? 
  • Does your content layout use white space and negative space to ensure better visual appeal?
  • Do secondary, distracting elements get in the way?

To acquire insights on these factors, you may use such user behaviour analytics tools as the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Heat maps; scroll, move, and click and touch maps
  • Eye-tracking software

Naturally, A/B testing should precede any sweeping changes to your layout. Nonetheless, design simplicity offers a very lucrative way to increase conversion rates on your website.

#4 Provide social credit

Further addressing the trust inhibitor, you may consider providing social credit wherever possible to build confidence in your proposition. Notably, the exact form of social credit you may use will depend on your website, product or service, and industry. However, there are many forms of social credit you may consider, including:

  • Customer reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Affiliate logos
  • Third-party endorsements, coverage, and studies

Regardless of its form, all social credit has the same purpose; to instil confidence and build trust with your audience. Marketing will only do so much in this regard, and audiences may have suspicions of newer vendors. Social credit tackles this challenge by providing reassurance that other customers left satisfied with their purchase.

#5 Strengthen your CTAs

Similarly, you may wish to strengthen your CTAs to help ensure more conversions. Your CTAs should ideally have the following characteristics:

  • Accuracy and clarity; clear, compelling copy that underlines your proposition’s value
  • Simplicity; your CTA should offer simple, jargon-free language
  • Visibility; your audiences should immediately see your CTA 
  • Visual appeal; your CTAs should be visually appealing through their shape, size, font, and colour

As such, you may take different appropriate steps to strengthen your CTAs:

  • Clarify your message; audiences should know your exact proposition
  • Strengthen your copy; your CTAs should promote your proposition’s value
  • Humanize your language; a simple “yes, sign me up”-style message may work best for your audiences
  • Improve your layout; ensure your CTAs are immediately visible and can’t be confused with other elements
  • Make your CTAs more visually appealing; using different visual elements can help drive clicks

Of course, as above, your exact modifications should depend on your audience’s response to them. Thus, constant A/B tests should more reliably reveal the best course of action.

#6 Add a countdown timer

Another way to strengthen your CTAs and incite urgency lies in countdown timers. This frequently underused element can offer very notable results, as studies show. For example, Sleeknote’s findings on popups found that those with countdown timers outperformed ones without by a massive 113%. Similarly, a case study by CXL demonstrated a 332% conversion rate increase through inciting urgency. You may thus consider adding countdown timers in whichever way best fits your website, including in such elements as:

  • CTAs
  • Exit-intent popups
  • Product recommendations

#7 Simplify the buying process

Finally, addressing the factor of process simplicity, you may try to simplify the buying process to incentivize customers. Ways to do so, and increase conversion rates on your website, may include the following:

  • Don’t require sign-ups and sign-ins for purchases
  • Keep input fields optional
  • Make every page highlight and promote the next step in the process
  • Refine your filters so that customers don’t face choice paralysis

Other practices may include offering free shipping, a money-back guarantee, and other perks. These may also instil confidence in your buyers, ensuring them that going through the process is worth their time.

How to Build a Healthy Backlink Profile?

How to Build a Healthy Backlink Profile?

Backlinks are an essential part of search engine optimization. They correlate directly with your rankings – the more quality backlinks you have, the better you will rank in search engine results. The critical word in that sentence, of course, is quality. Because while backlinks can be a great asset, they can also backfire. Too many backlinks on the wrong website will have the opposite effect. In fact, they may even incur search engine penalties. So to truly reap the benefits of this strategy, you’ll need to build a healthy backlink profile full of quality backlinks from diverse sources.


Backlinks explained


Backlinks are links on other domains that lead back to your website. They’re one of the essentials of SEO – if you want to see a significant rise in rankings, you’ll probably need to work on your backlink profile. There are various ways to get backlinks. You can use your own social media profiles to link back to your website or add a link to your homepage to your citations. But the most important (and coincidentally the hardest to acquire) backlinks are contextual links in quality content posted on reputable websites. This is what you’ll most want to focus on when building a good backlink profile.

How to build a healthy backlink profile

You can create backlinks by writing blog posts for other websites.

The importance of a healthy backlink profile

There’s a good reason why high-quality backlinks are considered a staple of digital marketingthey benefit your website in many ways. The obvious benefit is that backlinks direct people to your website from other websites, thus directly increasing traffic. But there are other, less apparent pros to backlinks, too: they improve your website authority and help you build a network with other websites. All this combines to increase your ranking, improve your visibility online, and attract more visitors.

What constitutes a healthy backlink profile?

There are many easy ways to get backlinks – all you need to do is include a link to your website in one of your off-site profiles or a comment on somebody else’s content. But those kinds of backlinks don’t carry much weight. Instead, you should focus on contextual links because that is what Google’s algorithm will take into account. Google will be able to recognize the quality of your backlinks and, by extension, your website, by looking at two significant factors:

  • the host website – your backlinks should come from legitimate websites with authority in your field
  • the link itself – your backlinks should be relevant to the context, naturally integrated into the content, and useful for visitors

Finally, a good backlink profile requires diversity. The links should lead to different pages and have different anchors; constantly linking the same page using the same anchor will look like spam to Google’s algorithms. They should also come from various websites; if you’re always getting links from the same website, Google will be suspicious about bad SEO practices.


How to build a healthy backlink profile

Quality backlinks help your SEO rankings

5 tips for building a healthy backlink profile

Properly building your backlink profile will require some effort. But don’t worry – it most certainly pays off in the end! So here is what you need to do if you want to acquire high-quality backlinks:

Generate quality content for yourself and for others

Before you can get any links, you’ll need some quality content that people will want to link to, so take the time to develop your content marketing strategy. Build up your website, choose relevant topics for blog posts, optimize your content for the right keywords, and post frequently to get people talking. Creating good content can in and of itself lead to quality backlinks. If people like your posts, they’ll share them on their platforms, generating organic backlinks for you. But you can also try guest blogging instead. Offer to create content for another website. In return, you’ll add a link back to your website.

Reach out to partners, affiliates, customers, and other website owners

In most cases, people won’t link to your website out of the goodness of their hearts. You’ll need to be proactive and take the first step. This means reaching out to other website owners and asking them to include your backlinks in their content. To make this part easier, contact the people you know first. Turning to business partners and affiliates will increase your chances of success. Then, encourage your customers to share your content if they enjoyed it. Finally, check some of the top websites in your industry. Do they allow guest blogging and backlinks? If so, create a good pitch and email the owners!

Be active in the community

If you thought that a career in content writing wouldn’t include some mingling with others in the industry, you were sorely mistaken. Even in the digital world of SEO, making the right connections matters. Strengthening your ties with other businesses and organizations can easily translate into quality backlinks. And if you focus on those in your geographical area, you can even improve your local SEO. Participate in conferences, events, and other gatherings that will help you make connections with businesses, organizations, and website owners who can be of help when you’re pursuing backlinks.


How to build a healthy backlink profile

Making connections in the industry will help you spread the word about your business

Choose the host websites carefully

How effective a backlink is in raising your ranking will depend largely on the website that links back to you. Links from suspicious or blacklisted websites can actually hurt you, and links that come from mid-tier websites won’t help you much. What you want to be aiming for are leading websites in your industry. Getting a backlink on a website with high domain authority will increase your domain authority as well. Those backlinks will also be rated better by Google and thus help you rise in the rankings more. While you won’t always be able to get a backlink on the top-rated website in your niche, you should still aim for quality websites instead of settling for just anything.

Have a strategy

Perhaps the most important thing when building a healthy backlink profile is having a good strategy. You’ll need to develop your own content, come up with guest posts, create a good pitch, and keep track of which backlinks are having an impact. Without a systematic approach, keeping track of all that is not going to be easy. So do your research. What are others in your niche doing? Which top-ranked websites allow guest blogging and backlinks? What are website owners looking for in backlink pitches? Which of your existing backlinks are generating the most traffic? The answers to these and similar questions will help you develop a successful strategy for building quality backlinks.


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Essential WP Plugins for Marketers

Essential WP Plugins for Marketers

WordPress is a content management system used by individuals, small businesses, and giant corporations alike. Whether you run a small startup or a multinational company, WP can be a strong ally. It can help you streamline your workflows, increase sales and traffic, beat the competition, and grow your business, as long as you know how to make the most of it. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the essential WP plugins for marketers that extend WP’s functionality. 


OptinMonster is an excellent lead generation tool you can use to create and display many types of forms on your WP site without hiring developers. Since all forms are mobile-friendly and responsive, you’ll also be able to reach smartphone and tablet users. OptinMonster can help you boost subscriptions and conversions and even turn abandoning visitors into customers thanks to its signature Exit Intent technology. It comes with beautiful pre-built templates, built-in analytics, and A/B testing. 

Yoast SEO

For most sites, search engines are the most valuable source of web traffic. If you want more people to find you and generate more traffic, you must optimize your content for search engines. Even though WP is SEO-friendly, Yoast SEO is one of the essential WP plugins for marketers because it helps them fully optimize each page and blog post. Using Yoast SEO prevents common mistakes marketers make that hurt their search rankings, like missing alt text descriptions. This must-have plugin automatically grades content for keywords and metadata and identifies areas that need improvement. Yoast SEO is free and available from the WP plugin directory. Its premium version offers more features.

Just Writing

Most bloggers and site creators agree that WordPress is one of the best content writing tools out there. The Just Writing plugin provides a distraction-free writing mode to help writers be more productive. By removing all distractions, this WP plugin enables you to use your time more efficiently and create better content. Its additional features include a spell checker and formatting removal.

Proofread Bot

Every content writer wants their content to be typo-free. This useful WP plugin for marketers can spot both spelling and grammar mistakes. In addition, it detects stylistic issues and prevents writers from accidentally plagiarizing their content.

Title Experiments 

Your click-through rate depends heavily on the title of your post. Make sure the first thing your readers see is what makes them want to learn more. Choosing compelling, attention-grabbing titles that accurately describe your content is harder than it seems. Title Experiments helps you decide which title works best for your readers by calculating click probability. It enables you to run a quick A/B split test for post titles to help you choose the most suitable one. 


This beginner-friendly, easy to use contact form plugin also allows you to create any form on your site. That includes survey forms, order forms, email subscription forms, donation forms, etc. It comes with a drag-and-drop form builder that enables you to quickly create WordPress forms on your website as well as beautiful, pre-designed, ready-to-use templates. If you want to make your site more agile and user-friendly, WPForms is a great choice. It’s fully optimized for speed and SEO and responsive on mobile devices. 

Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

With the help of Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, your visitors can subscribe to comments on your posts and get a notification email whenever a new comment is added. This way, users keep up with the conversation, and your pages get more views. Additionally, commenters can unsubscribe from specific posts or suspend all notifications if they want to. 

Inline Related Posts

This plugin is one of the most useful features to have when creating a blog with WordPress. Unlike most related post plugins, this plugin allows you to display related post links inside your content, not after the end of an article. As it shows similar content in places where readers are more likely to click on it, this must-have plugin also helps you increase page views. However, keep in mind that certain types of related posts should go below the article, which is not possible when using Inline Related Posts.


Jetpack is among the most popular and powerful plugins for WordPress. Few WP plugins for marketers can compete with its concept and design, as it’s easy to use and configure. It is mainly used for site statistics, social sharing, and SEO purposes. This all-in-one plugin has many advanced features such as mobile themes, analytics, widgets, content tools, etc. Marketers can use all of its features or only select those they find useful. While many marketers use this plugin to get an overview of their traffic rates, others use it to publish new posts on their social media channels. It is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory for free, but there is also Jetpack premium.


If your comment section is full of unwanted, spammy comments, Akismet is your best friend. This helpful plugin catches and stops spammy comments before they appear on your site. It automatically reviews and filters comments, searching for any malicious links and signs of spam. The basic version, appropriate for small blogs, is free, while the premium comes with a monthly fee. 


One of the best ways to make money on the internet is through affiliate marketing, and ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best WP plugins for marketers. This plugin helps you promote affiliate products on your site. WP’s best affiliate link management tool allows you to manage your affiliate links inside WP, cloak the long and complicated affiliate links into short URLs, add them to your posts, and check each affiliate link’s performance on your WP site. Moreover, you can organize your links into categories. 


Photo used


How your website can improve the domain authority with easy steps

How your website can improve the domain authority with easy steps

Since the early days of a new website, website masters have been looking for ways to improve their position against specific keywords on the search engine. 

Likewise, for each business and website that you need to improve, you need a pattern to quantify your various strategies so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. 

At the point where you need to spend some dollars, you first need to realize the amount you need to measure. 

One of the prominent ways to measure the website is to look for the domain authority of the site. The domain authority is the number or score which is referred by the Moz. 

This number is created by the algorithms of Moz which includes multiple factors and this way, you can increase the trust in the search engine through working to improve your domain authority. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to improve the domain authority of the website that would also help to increase the ranking on the search engine. 

What is the domain authority and how to check it?

One of the most well-known SEO analysis at the moment is Moz’s Domain Authority. It is a full level estimate that can be used to compare your website to other sites in the long term. 

Moz uses a calculation to determine the Domain authority, and a few, about 40, factors number of links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc. enter into the decision about your score. 

Essentially, the domain authority is a suitable trade for PageRank and a number that you should use to quantify your SEO implication.

There are different tools available online like Moz, deviantart or Prepostseo.com some of them provide features such as da checker for unlimited urls. These tools are usually available for free as well as it can be used online and instantly.

1. Focus on Your On-Page SEO

We have seen online SEO changes improve rankings and slightly increase domain authority all by themselves. 

At least you have your on-page SEO altogether. Title Tags, meta-title and description, and internal linking should consistently get the best possible consideration and time. 

2. Off-Page SEO and link building is very important

This is one of the most important factors for ranking as well as for increasing the domain authority of a site. 

Every backlink procured is a vote of confidence in the web indexes. There are different approaches to forming backlinks, and different techniques influence Domain Authority more than others.

Guest Post Link Building

However, Google’s aspiration algorithm gives less position for guest posts. 

Guest postings cannot give the significant boost that various techniques can have, so, while significant, it should currently be done in combination with other all the more remarkable systems.

Different websites can use for the guest post marketplace and these usually provide the sites according to your desire. 

Link recovery

Connection recovery is essentially a push to repair broken connections, or request joins when your image or article is referenced without connecting to your site. 

At the point where a connection is broken or does not exist at all, no connection value is passed to the disk. 

Connection to these distributions where there is a confusing interface or unconnected brand information, and prompt to add the correct connection, can regain the connection value and important trust flags that Web crawler relies on. 

It has to be done in huge quantities to be efficient, and it can be a long, boring cycle to the end.

Think of Connect Recovery as your website cleanliness. Shielding customers from arrival on 404 pages is consistently ideal. 

You should always repair broken connections and make connection requests if someone refers to your image.


Content marketing

The further development of content is by far the fastest and best approach to improving natural visibility and thus the Domain Authority. 

What is Content marketing? Content marketing means idealizes, make, plans, and creates newsworthy, outstanding, and content-related content for the customers. 

3. Disable bad links

Although incoming connections are essential to your site’s DA and rankings, bad connections are more dangerous than anything else in SEO.

Connections taken from a nasty site can reduce your site’s domain authority and sometimes even lead to Google being punished.

To avoid this, you should check your site for bad links and remove them as quickly as you would expect under the circumstances. 

You can use distinctive SEO tools to distinguish destructive links by getting a complete connection profile of your site.

Besides, if you are unable to remove these links, you can use the Google Search Console to deny or ignore them. 

Thereafter, Google’s crawler will not consider any unnatural or malicious backlinks when ordering.

4. Improve your internal connections

Another way to improve the customer experience on your website is to adapt to your internal connection structure. 

By coordinating links to other informative pages on your website, you can retain your guests and lower the bounce rate.

Internal linking also makes it easier for web crawler bots to sneak into your site, which helps with ordering your pages.

Another advantage of a corresponding internal connection structure is that it passes the interface juice from one side to the next.

Checking links is an SEO term that refers to the assessment of a page that has been forwarded to different websites. It demonstrates the positive support of the web index, as more links pointing to a page show its reliability.

5. Increase Your Social Signals

This is a truth that the social signals for your site are not directly relevant to the ranking factors of the search engine but still, it is considered to be the best for increasing the domain authority. 

For increment in the domain authority of the website, you should:

  • land your Facebook business page and try to expand your followers
  • To ensure that you have a functioning web-based media presence in a part of the interpersonal organizations so that the content you offer gets a few likes, tweets, and so on.
  • To watch your content look great when sharing by using the social sharing analysis


The Benefits of the Yoast SEO Plugin

The Benefits of the Yoast SEO Plugin

Starting a blog is one of the most effective ways to increase your website’s visibility. However, everyone who ever attended a digital marketing course knows that writing an article is one thing and optimizing it to match search engines’ requirements is a completely different type of work. Luckily, you do not have to be an SEO expert to handle this properly. Nowadays there are dozens of great SEO plugins that can do this complicated work for you.

If you are using the WordPress CMS platform to manage your website, the number one SEO plugin you should try is Yoast SEO. Add it to your WordPress for great results. It will handle your keywords, links, run different readability checks. Also, it will offer suggestions on how to improve, handle your technical stuff, and much more. Take a look at all the benefits of using the Yoast SEO plugin and how you can use them to improve your ranking.

One of the most important benefits of the Yoast SEO plugin is that it lets you handle your keywords

Writing an article for your website is not too complicated. One good content writing course should be enough to get you going. Still, if you want your article to fulfill its purpose, you need to know how to focus on specific keywords. Moreover, you need to know how often to use those keywords. It’s important to know where to place them so that they look natural.

When Google looks at your page, it wants to know what it is about. It does this by looking at your keywords and all related synonyms. One of the advantages of using this plugin is that it helps you to keep track of your keyword number, synonyms, and placement and make necessary adjustments with ease.

Finding internal links for your posts has never been easier

When Google wants to learn about your website it scans many different things. Still, one of the things that it specifically focuses on is your internal link structure. Unfortunately, if you haven’t gone through ECT training institute digital marketing courses, knowing how to organize your internal link structure can be rather confusing. You need to know how to pick a good anchor text, what pages are important to be linked to, how many links to put in an article, and more.

Moreover, searching for a suitable page to link to can be very frustrating and time-consuming.  Yoast premium version, on the other hand, can handle this complicated task for you. It will analyze your articles and give you suggestions to similar posts on your website. This will ensure that your website is properly optimized and it will greatly speed up the process of creating an article.   

Change your page title and description with ease

Another important thing that most people do not pay attention to is how your website appears on Google’s result page. The advantage of using the Yoast SEO plugin is that it lets you add a custom title to your page and an optimized description in a quick and easy way. Also, it gives you a preview of how it will all look. Finally, a premium version will allow you to see how your page will look when you share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Help search engine robots index your posts

Even though high-quality content is probably the most important part of your website, there is also a lot of other stuff that you need to handle if you want Google to index your page. You need to ensure your site running smoothly, handle the visual side, manage your robots.txt and .htaccess files, clean up your URLs, and keep an updated sitemap. A lot of work, but not if you are using the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.  Of course, it won’t handle everything. But Google search robots will have a much easier task crawling through your website.  

If you want to make your articles easier to read, use Yoast SEO plugin

Today’s internet users do not have a habit to read. Despite, longer articles often rank very well on Google. The catch here is to make your article easier to read. This means using shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, transition words, subheadings, etc.

Of course, if you haven’t had an opportunity to attend a communication skills course, keeping track of all these things will not be easy. Fortunately, Yoast SEO free version will do a readability check of your article. It will give you a full report and signal the things you need to improve. This includes sentence length, paragraph length, subheadings distribution, sentence variety, and more. If you have any weak points the plugin will highlight it so you can quickly and easily make necessary changes.  Moreover, you will get an overall reading score that will show how difficult it is to read your article and an explanation on how to improve it. 

Another of the benefits of the Yoast SEO plugin premium version is that it helps you identify most commonly used words and phrases

After you finish your article, it is good to take a look at the content and identify the most commonly used words and phrases. Premium version lets you take a look at 5 words and combinations that you used most. That way you can easily see if they match the topic of your article or you have to make adjustments. Of course, your goal is to have them connected to your topic. That way Google can easily find out what you are talking about in your article and index it in similar searches as well.

No other plugin can match Yoast SEO

There are other similar plugins online but neither can match the benefits of the Yoast SEO plugin. Moreover, it has a lot of other options that you can exploit to your advantage. Install it to your website today. You will quickly see how easy it is to make great improvements in your website’s rankings and visits.

 Photo used: https://pixabay.com/photos/blogging-typing-wordpress-macbook-2620148/


Viewly vs. Vimeo vs. Youtube: The Ultimate Face-off

Viewly vs. Vimeo vs. Youtube: The Ultimate Face-off

Creativity and entertainment walk hand-in-hand! With the internet connecting the world, people everywhere can now create, share, and showcase their ideas with the power of numerous online technology platforms. Video content platforms make for a big chunk of this internet industry. They are now part and parcel of our lives. But this domain is evolving dramatically.

With every flourishing technology comes the instincts to monetize it. And, middlemen pop-up reaping substantial profits. Same is the case with popular video content platforms. Recent changes in the Youtube’s monetization policy hit the video creators hard. This centralized action needs to be addressed. In this post, we will take a look at the autocracy and democracy paradigms of the video content tech-platforms. It is the ultimate face-off between Viewly, Vimeo, and Youtube!


The Autocratic paradigm!


Autocracy simply means that absolute power lies with a single person or an organization. A dictatorship if you may! And platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, etc. are central platforms with total control of the content lying with them. However, these popular video publishing platforms have entertained us for long. The creatives beg to differ. Why so? Here are the reasons;


  • Unjust monetary distributions: Video creators and content developers power this industry. But central platforms give them only a fraction of revenue in return. While creative professionals deliver the most value to such platforms, they are often struggling to make the money they deserve. And, their monetization is only limited to ad revenues, without any direct contribution or connection with the audience to support their work!
  • Costly content delivery: It is a herculean task to deliver video and creative content globally. The cost of this expensive operation is loaded on the shoulders of the content creators. High-performing content creators usually have to pay for hosting and storage of their content.
  • Unwanted ads: Autocratic video platforms worship ad networks. The reason is that they get revenue from them. This relationship creates a diminished user experience for people, often bombarding them with irrelevant and annoying ads. This becomes a challenge for the creatives as well as their audience with platform keeping the most of the revenue.


Solution? A democratic Blockchain video platform


Enter Viewly! A democratic video publishing platform at its core that is powered by the revolutionary Blockchain technology. Viewly has stepped up to address the fundamental challenges faced by the video content creators and the viewing audience. Viewly is a decentralized social video content platform that empowers the creatives to share their content with their audience freely. The users here can support the work of their favorite video creators with the micro-payments ecosystem. The control of the platform belongs to the users, and the currency used here for incentives is called ‘VIEW.’


Here is why Blockchain platforms like View.ly are the future of video content & entertainment;


  • Peer-to-peer content delivery: Viewly uses a Peer-to-peer content delivery network to connect video creators with their audience. Not only this reduces the cost of video content delivery, but also utilizes redundant (extra) resources of the users and incentivize them with VIEW tokens.
  • No ads: Since Viewly is a Blockchain platform, the users, and the content creators are directly connected. An absence of the middle-men means no ads are required to generate the revenue in such an ecosystem! It automatically translates into a win-win situation for both the viewers and the content developers.
  • Direct Support: With vote-based tipping, recurring payments from fans, and business endorsements, video content creators on Viewly get the real value for their talent! Unlike the unfavorable policies of platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc., Viewly’s revenue flows through a Blockchain mechanism. One can start earning right away even with a small audience. As a content creator, you make money as long as you add value to your audience.


How is Viewly’s ICO doing?


Well, View.ly has already achieved 66 percent (US$8m) of their ICO sales goal (US$12m) in VIEW token pre-sales at this point. While this post is being drafted, only 9 minutes are left for its Token sales to go live. It seems that the platform will reach its goal easily.


But how about its future?


Viewly incentivizes the users to pool their bandwidth and data storage resources to power the P2P content delivery network. Content creators get rewards and support from their audience. There are no annoying ads. The users are the decision makers. The preceding statements make one thing very clear. That democracy is a form of freedom cherished by all. A system where everyone wins for adding fair value to it is the choice of the masses. Blockchain technology has allowed us to embed this paradigm in the technological domains too.


This is a nascent point to figure out if Blockchain video publishing platforms like Viewly will surpass giants like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, or Amazon Prime. But one thing is definite. The future of human technology lies in decentralizing them to deliver value to the masses. Democracy has always trumped Autocracy!