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How to Get Started With Influencer Marketing

How to Get Started With Influencer Marketing


Not sure how to promote your products and services? Hand it over to influencers; they will create new and inventive ways to popularize your brand like never before!

In our last blog, you may have got an idea of how Influencer marketing works to better connect with your audience. As promised, this blog will suggest you an easy  way to get started with your influencer marketing campaign. Here are the broad strokes:


Determine your target audience and outline your goals


Before you introduce your influencer, you must understand your audience first. You must also clearly define your marketing objectives depending on whether you want to increase your brand awareness or promote your product. Having a clear vision will evidently help you to accomplish your goals and choose the right influencer for your brand.


Select the right social media channels


Choosing the right social media channels is one of the most important things while you decide to run your campaign. It’s not just always the audience and the influencer, but also the right social media channels which make your campaign successful. The social media channel that you choose ultimately determines your ROI. For instance, video content works better on Facebook and YouTube while pictures go better on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

While determining which channels & methods are to be used, it is crucial to perform an extensive research to know where your potential customers spend most of their time. However, building a campaign, it is ideal to employ multiple platforms for a better exposure and test how different platforms work to reach your target audience effectively. Once, you finalize your channels, you can optimize the message to receive best outcomes.   


Find the most suitable influencer


There are several ways to hunt your perfect influencer out there in the market. Among the top ideas, let’s discuss the few of them:


  • Do an Internet search: Among the various methods to look for your influencer, this is probably the most time-taking process if you are starting from the scratch. To get started, you need to go through different websites, read blogs, find people with a natural affinity and watch videos to find the perfect influencer that resonates with your brand.


  • Explore in the influencer marketplace: Just as there is a marketplace for everything, you can look out for influencers on different networks dedicated to influencer marketing like Famebit, Tidal, TapInfluence, among others.


  • Social media monitoring: This is one of the most used technique to find perfect influencer for your brand. There are tools like BuzzSumo that help you find influencers who are talking about the relevant topics to your brand. As a popular way, you can also look for relevant hashtags on Twitter to find people who are already talking about your brand or products to approach & grab opportunity to partner with them.


Closely follow the activities of your desired influencer


Following your potential influencers before approaching them is crucial. Before you make a decision, you must carry thorough research to understand who they are. Things that you should consider is how the influencers connect with their audience; what response do they get; which brands do they promote and how do they present information.

While considering the above points, you must not jump onto numbers game. What really matters is the quality of followers. An influencer who wins the trust of his/ her audience and has ability to encourage their audience to try something new just on their recommendation is the one you are actually looking for. You must realize that intimacy and trust are the most important factors while determining the potential effectiveness of your influencers at promoting your brand or product.


Approach your Influencer


Once you select the right influencer to carry your marketing message, it’s high time that you approach them. To develop a steady connection, you can start by following them on social media, subscribe to them, promote their content and then finally ask them if they are interested in promoting your brand.


Create a Marketing Campaign


As you partner with your influencer, it’s time for you to create a compelling marketing campaign for your influencer to share. Having an influencer who shares his/her experience while using your product or service holds great value. However, there are several other ways your influencer can promote your brand to the audience. In accordance, you can go with your influencer to:


  • Provide a generous product review
  • Organise a contest or giveaway
  • Tweet about your product or service
  • Share videos of experience in the event, organized by you
  • Create a native ad for your product


Once you follow the points mentioned above, it suggests that you have geared up for an effective influencer marketing campaign. This will also help you find the best influencer for your brand and get the most out of your partnership!


Influencer Marketing: A Powerful Tool in Today’s Marketing Landscape

Influencer Marketing: A Powerful Tool in Today’s Marketing Landscape

The campaign of KFC India which it created just before launching its Double Down Burger is still a fresh memory. To create a buzz, the brand worked closely with food bloggers who generated a great curiosity around what will be in the next burger with #KFCSecretBurger.  After the burger was revealed, the brand collaborated with influencers including Buzzfeed to flood social media with reviews about the taste. Not just KFC but thousands of brands today are turning to influencer marketing as an effective way of advertising their organization’s name out. For any business looking to grow, influencer marketing can work wonders!

For brands who are still unaware of the concept, an influencer is a person with the ability to influence the perception of others and make them perform the desired action. Influencers may not necessarily be a celebrity but can also be micro influencers. Having influencers as a part of your marketing strategy to advertise your product or service tend to benefit you enormously as these influencers have a devoted fan base with particular interests. This suggests that you can effortlessly target your niche audience who will then communicate to the far wider target audience to generate impressive outcomes.


How does influencer marketing works?


Influencer marketing draws in key brand pioneer to drive your message to your audience in the most organic way. It targets people with a huge social media following who can sway and make an impact on audience featuring the key influencers. In simple words, rather than marketing directly to the audience, you leverage on influencers to get out the word for you! For an instance, a testimonial by a popular journalist, blogger, or a YouTube personality who talks about the product’s features and benefits makes a deeper impact on potential buyers and persuades them to make a positive purchasing decision.

Influencer marketing helps your business a viable option to interact with customers in a natural way and direct them towards the desired action. Having a perfect combination of reach, contextual credibility, and salesmanship, influencers hold a great potential to deliver the message to a broad audience and influence them to maximize marketing opportunities. A recent study also indicates that 30% of the customers are likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger, which makes influencer marketing worth investing.


Benefits of influencer marketing


As per recent reports, 92% marketers are expected to launch at least one influencer campaign. If you also are thinking to start your own influencer marketing campaign, here are few ways how you can benefit immensely:

Generates greater returns: From leading companies to small businesses and newly minted startups, organizations are witnessing positive returns from influencer marketing. The main reason why influencers drive sales and affect purchasing decisions is that they are social celebrities with high engagement and ability to persuade others. It can immensely help you boost your conversions rates and fortify sales. Their message, content, videos, pictures or pictures reaches thousands of people that generate conversions on a large scale. Its ability to generate enormous returns on investment (ROI) has encouraged various companies to increase their influencer marketing budgets for the recent time to come.

94% of marketers using influencing marketing find it an effective practice which generates up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising.  


Builds trust and credibility: Winning trust of customers cannot be done overnight, where brand spend years to gain it. Social influencers spend a significant time and efforts to win the trust of their followers. Influencer marketing creates an excellent opportunity to build this confidence, as the influencers act as a credible source telling potential customers about what your brand offers in the most compelling way. While making a purchasing decision, customers widely lean to influencers to learn how a product performs. Hence, if you work with social media influencers to review and recommend your product or services, you can see a spike with customers who rely on these reviews to go for a particular product or a brand. It will also help you to boost brand credibility and customer loyalty.


Drives conversions & relevant leads: Top influencers, being expert in their field hold a specific niche audience, based on which they create your content strategy. This also suggests that if your products or services are directly related to an influencer’s niche, you can use it as an asset to generate relevant leads. Not just this, in fact, influencer marketing is also a popular way to drive conversions by incorporating a call-to-action on sponsored posts. Such as providing a discount code by an influencer provides value to their followers and also allows you to get a hold on customers quickly.


Aids content strategy: As a marketer, you must be aware of how challenging it is to generate fresh content ideas to attract the audience. Creating offbeat content on a regular basis not only requires creativity but also enormous resources. This is where influencer marketing helps!  Influencers are blessed with a huge following base, where the only way to engage them is to create compelling content. Thus, influencers invest a lot of time to create quality content for their social media channels. Influencers ensure that the load to develop fresh content gets shared. When you partner with an influencer, some of the content can be produced by you while others can be created by the influencer for your campaign. This strategy also ensures that you deliver creative and high-quality content routinely.   

Final Thoughts…                                                                                                                

Influencer marketing helps your business a viable option to interact with customers in a natural way and direct them towards the desired action. So, now when you know what influencer marketing has to offer you, it’s time for you to incorporate it into your marketing strategy and drive some real time results! However, like other marketing strategies, you cannot hope to start seeing the positive results overnight but selecting the right influencer and creating an effective campaign can be a game changer for your business.

Gear up for our next blog to know easy steps to get started with your own influencer marketing campaign…

Boost Your SEO Strategy with User-Generated Content

Boost Your SEO Strategy with User-Generated Content

Ever wondered what impact does User-generated content make on your SEO strategy? You might have noticed that the popularity of UGC has grown significantly in recent years. Top websites are more than eager to share user-generated content on their platforms. Among the most shared UGC includes digital videos, blogging, podcasting, review sites, social networking, mobile photography, wikis, etc.

Believe or not, consumers act as your best marketers. It is more frequent that your potential customers trust other online reviews given by other customers to make a buying decision. This happens because we all are more open to accepting the opinions and suggestions given by our peers. You can always flaunt your product, but the sentiment that someone creates who is outside of the organization is even more impactful. By simply adding customer reviews on the website pages, you can increase your organic page visits greatly.

UGC, as a form of crowdsourcing, can immensely bring value to your website and SEO in following ways:

Provides SEO with qualitative content: Through user-generated content, you can always generate fresh and authentic content that acts as a key to keep your ranking on top. Brands need not require a lot of resources to create new targeted for SEO as the content is constantly generated by the users itself. This also indicates that the brands are not talking about their happy customers; instead, the customers themselves are talking about the brand.

Few sites, especially E-commerce websites often lack fresh content. In this case, UGC acts as a great solution to offer some content to other users looking for some information to evaluate the product or services. Having reviews also suggest that your site is active and credible for customers.

Acts as a great source for long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are very effective in terms to have your rank high. Having UGC help brands to know phrases that users generally search on the search engine which brands may not necessarily think of including to their customer marketing. Through UGC, you can be aware of trending topics in which your visitors are most interested in. Having comments or reviews, you have an opportunity to excel in your PPC campaigns as you can choose ideal phrases and keywords to optimize your overall SEO strategy.

When users post what they love about your product or service, they provide you an insight into what your audience is looking for. Knowing which long-tail keywords to use can make a huge difference in your ranking!

Enriches social media optimization: A well-executed content curation strategy is necessary to boost your SEO. Social media marketing and SEO are closely associated in a way that sharing content on social media platforms engages users and brings them to your website. This calls a great traffic to your website, which amplifies your SEO. This, in turn, improves your site visibility and indirectly pushes your ranking high on search results.

Sharing your customer’s reviews or images builds greater trust with your followers on Facebook or Twitter,  which increases likes, comments, and shares. The more you engage your followers on social media, the more you attract more organic traffic to your website!

Offers great results for search engine queries: To evaluate a website, automated search engine algorithms use spiders that keenly look into the ratings and reviews provided by the customer.  Also, to evaluate site’s reputation, search quality raters give ratings to the website manually according to its content originality, topic mastery, authority of the author, among various other tenets. Thus, the content provided by the customers help you to earn SEO points from quality rating systems and provides great results to search engine queries.

Just as top brands and companies are harnessing the use of user-generated content, you too can embrace UGC as an effective tactic to improve your overall organic search performance. Majority of customers today rely on Google for their buying journey and thus, it is important for you to grasp UGC as one of your strongest marketing tools to strengthen SEO.  

Once your leverage on UGC, make sure to monitor your website on a regular basis. One negative review can badly impact your brand image if you take time to respond him/her. You will also need to select the right spam filter to prevent comment spamming, as it can harm your rankings, authority, and traffic. However, if managed appropriately, user-generated content is one of the best options to boost your SEO campaign.


TemplateMonster vs. Elegant Themes: Website Template Winners

TemplateMonster vs. Elegant Themes: Website Template Winners

When it comes to designing a website, it makes sense to learn the difference between TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes. As you probably know, these two website template services are believed to live up to the expectations of novices and professional web developers. Both TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes are famous for their revolutionary approach to the live customization, the drag-and-drop functionality, and the social media optimization. What is more, TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes have been around on the web market for quite some time already and have won a reputation for quality. As you can see, the services under consideration have a lot in common.

At the same time, there are quite a few key factors that predetermine the striking difference between TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes. That is why we have decided to contrast the two website templates services to see what makes them stand out in the web market.

Spoiler Alert: If you are running low on time, then feel free to skip the main body. Go directly to the Conclusion section. This is where you find the table in which we summarized all the main factors about TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes.


TemplateMonster: The Richest Collection of Web Themes and 24/7 Tech Support


Advantages of TemplateMonster


1. The biggest advantage of TemplateMonster is the richest collection of website templates that contains 26,000+ items. This is the marketplace to go in case you want to have a choice between WordPress Themes, Joomla Templates, PrestaShop Themes, Magento Themes, WooCommerce Themes, and Moto CMS Templates. Neatly organized into thematic categories (for instance, Business & Services, Design & Photography etc.), website templates from TemplateMonster are easy to navigate. What is more, you can optimize the search for the web templates with handy tags like ‘On Sale’, ‘Top Rated’, ‘New’ etc.

2. One more benefit of using website templates from TemplateMonster is their superb tech support. For starters, it is free. Also, it is available via different communication channels. You can talk to tech support managers on the phone, chat with them, or submit a ticket. What is more, the tech support team is available 24/7, even on bank holidays (!).

3. As soon as you add a web template you like to the shopping cart, you will be offered to buy some extra features. For instance, once you choose to buy Monstroid2, you will see a long list that contains services like Prime SEO Pack, Web Copywriting Services, the Logo Creation etc. Do not be mistaken – you do not have to buy any of these additional features to launch a website successfully (even though it may seem you have to). In order not to get lost in this abundance, click on “Learn more” or contact a tech support manager (available for free 24/7). This way you can double-check whether you will need any of these features in your specific case. One more way to deal with all these additional features is to play cool and skip them altogether.


4. As TemplateMonster has become the international marketplace, it is not a wonder their templates go hand in hand with the powerful language support. English, French, Spanish, Russian, Deutsch, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish are some options to choose from.

Disadvantages of TemplateMonster


The pricing policy of TemplateMonster is overall affordable. You can find a template for as little as $10+. But what if to compare these prices with Elegant Themes? Well, let’s face it – it is hard to compete with Elegant Themes where you get the access to 87 themes for $89!


Elegant Themes: Simplicity Above All


Advantages of Elegant Themes


1. The main advantage of Elegant Themes is their straightforward pricing policy. There are only two options to choose from, i.e. Yearly Access and Lifetime Access. No matter what plan you pick, you will enjoy all the themes and all the plugins available. Great, right?

Elegant Themes

2. One more advantage of Elegant themes is the simple licensing policy. All products from this theme house can be used on as many websites as you need. Sure thing, this is especially handy for web developers with the constant flow of web projects.

Disadvantages of Elegant Themes


1. Elegant Themes offer only WordPress themes. Yes, it is true that WordPress is the in-thing these days. But we all know how quickly the web universe evolves. We also understand that WordPress is limited in its potential as this cms was originally designed as a blogging instrument. You would not want to use WordPress as a platform to start an online store (if given a choice), would you? In addition, there are only 87 themes to choose from. So, in order to keep up with the latest trends in the web design, you may need to get a bit more sophisticated with the web themes you opt for.

2. Not all templates you find on Elegant themes are mobile-friendly. In fact, only about ¼ of templates available are responsive. It remains an open question who needs a website that looks odd and unwelcoming on a mobile or a tablet these days. In practice, it means that you pay for 80+ themes but can actually use only 22 that are responsive.

3. The tech support from Elegant Themes can use some improvement in terms of the live communication. The live chat is available only on weekdays. It means that the best time to start launching your website is on Monday at 8 am sharp. This way you can make sure you have someone to turn to if things get messy (which they can).


To recap, here is what we have come up with after contrasting TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes.

We sincerely hope that this comparison post has shed light on the most apparent differences between TemplateMonster and Elegant Themes. So, now that you know everything you need, it is time to make the best of this information. Make a choice wisely and start your online adventure with the best web template services!

Latest Trends in Cryptocurrency Industry

Latest Trends in Cryptocurrency Industry

Bitcoin Struggles Above $9000 as Bull Breakout Stalls


Bitcoin (BTC) is presently attempting to discover acknowledgment over the $9,000 stamp, thanks to the noteworthy bullish breakout.


The cryptographic money crossed the longing dropping trendline in a persuading way and shut well over the resistance at $8,459 this Friday, flagging a bearish-to-bullish pattern change.


Be that as it may, over the most recent 48 hours, BTC has attempted to clutch profits above $9,000 throughout the end of the week, demonstrating bullish depletion around the key resistance.


As of composing, bitcoin is changing hands at $8,940 on Bitfinex that is up close to 40 percent from the April. 1 low of $6,425.


BTC made a little doji candle on Saturday, creating uncertainty in the market center. At the point when seen against the scenery of a 40 percent rally from $6,425, the doji likely flags bullish depletion. Further, BTC experienced misfortunes on Sunday, affirming a bearish doji inversion trend.


The cryptographic money is hinting at weariness almost a stable protection zone of $9,177-$9,280, shown by the accompanying elements:


  • $9,177: March 21 high.
  • $9,278: 23.6 percent Fibonacci retracement of the auction from the Dec. 17 high to Feb. 6 low.
  • $9,285: 100-day Moving  Average(MA).
  • $9,280: Feb. 25 low.




  • In the coming time, BTC looks set to test the 200-day MA arranged at $9,784 and could hit the $10,000 checkpoint.
  • Indications of bullish depletion close to the critical resistance zone show scope for a minor pullback, perhaps to the rising 10-day MA situated at $8,423.
  • Just an every day close (according to UTC) beneath the plummeting trendline bolster (previous protection) would flag bullish nullification.


The Code for Ethereum’s Consensus Change Is Now Ready for Review


New code written to revolutionize the way the Ethereum organize achieves consensus is presently prepared for review, according to the developers.


Ethereum change proposition (EIP) 1011, known as Hybrid Casper FFG (another way to say “Friendly Finality Gadget”), would actualize the initial phase in a long-term arranged shift from the energy-concentrated mining process and toward a professedly greener strategy popularly called “minting.”


Ethereum’s existing consensus protocol – the way the system consents to add another block to the chain. This is called proof-of-work and expects assets to be exhausted as its proof.


Ethereum’s maker Vitalik Buterin and different engineers have talked about in the long run moving to a proof-of-stake model, in which clients secure Ether up in different wallets and poses a risk of losing these “stakes” on the off chance that they don’t take after the consensus rules. That arranged progress to proof-of-stake is known as Casper.


EIP 1011, if actualized, would be an incomplete advance toward the full move to Casper, presenting a hybrid framework that joins proof-of-stake and proof-of-work, an approach talked about in papers divulged a year ago.


Casper, while long really taking shape, is as yet questionable in a few quarters – for instance, a security analyst at VMware called it “fundamentally vulnerable” a month ago. However, Danny Ryan, one of EIP 1011’s writers, alongside Chih-Cheng Liang, told kindred developers amid a gathering that the proposed code is “prepared for a survey, open talk, and so forth.”


Ryan included that improvement work for Ethereum customers could start soon and that he was relating to the formal confirmation engineers. He added that as these bits of the baffle are motivating nearer to being finished, he’ll suggest that it’s an excellent opportunity to begin discussing fork block numbers.


As Ryan recommends, the change won’t be comparable with existing Ethereum programmings, implying that the system should experience a hard fork to be executed. There’s still some approach to be implemented before that happens.


Ryan continued that with the concerns on testing he doesn’t know when precisely that happens including that he would leave the EIP up for talk somewhat longer before they begin doing a measurement on that side.


Russia’s Supreme Court Orders Review of Crypto Website Ban


The Supreme Court of Russia has instructed a court in the city of St. Petersburg to consider an application for a reversal of the decision against a blocked digital money data site.


As per Russian lawful data site RAPSI, the Vyborgsky District Court of St. Petersburg blocked Bitcoininfo.ru in 2016, guaranteeing that cryptographic forms of money are a method for virtual transactions and collection, and hence, the arrangement of related data is illicit on the grounds that it undermines the nation’s sole lawful cash – the ruble.


The court did not welcome the litigants to the previous trial, and they were uninformed of the court’s choice to obstruct the site until the point that entrance was cut off Russian crypto distribution. Anycoin said that the first appeal time frame shut by that point.


Bitcoininfo apparently tried to offer the decision regardless of missing the window, yet the court declined to audit it. Anycoin revealed a month ago that the Supreme Court would review the case after consequent surveys, which it has now passed onto the St. Petersburg City Court as of Friday.


As per RIA Novosti, the same St. Petersburg court assessed a similar interest in February and gave a choice to square 40 bitcoin-related locales.


The Russian government has communicated resistance to informative websites about cryptographic forms of money. A year ago, its national bank said it would support endeavors to piece access to external sites offering digital forms of payment in the nation, referring to dangers to financial specialists as its defense, as already announced.


Softbank Eyes Carbon Emissions Cuts with Green Energy Blockchain Pilot


In an attempt to diminish carbon emanations, Japanese innovators and power firms are propelling a pilot venture expected to enable customers in rural zones to exchange sustainable power source over a blockchain-based stage.


Decided to begin in June this year and embraced by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, the task will be regulated by vitality exchanging startup Power Sharing with innovative help gave by energy partnerships, for example, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Furthermore, monetary leader Softbank, as per an announcement that was given this Monday.


Softbank said it would loan its ability in authenticating necessary data about sustainable power source exchanging. That information and the power exchanges will then be recorded and executed over the blockchain stage together created by the accomplices.


The expectation, as per the announcement, is to utilize this client to-client system to boost occupants in rural Japan to change to a sustainable power source, of which they can offer any abundance amount, as a feature of Japan’s push to lessen carbon dioxide outflows.


While conventional concentrated frameworks can likewise give a stage to sustainable power source exchanging, the accomplices clarified that they turn out to be to a significant degree complex if utilized crosswise over general shoppers. In that capacity, existing frameworks are restricted to large enterprises.


The pilot, while still months away, marks the most recent endeavor by built up enterprises to use blockchain innovation in decreasing CO2 outflows in the energy sector.


As beforehand detailed by CoinDesk, innovation goliath IBM has just begun investigating the utilization of a blockchain stage in driving energy-oriented companies in China to exchange their unused CO2 emanation shares, as a significant aspect of the nation’s more extensive push to battle air contamination.


AWS Is Making Hyperledger and Ethereum Easier to Use


Amazon Web Services is a distributed computing arm of the online e-business leader. AWS has uncovered another administration for jump-starting innovative blockchain systems for the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric conventions.


In a blog post on Wednesday, AWS boss evangelist Jeff Barr stated that the recently accessible layouts enable customers to dispatch an Ethereum (either open or private) or Hyperledger Fabric (private) systems in a matter of minutes and with only a couple of clicks.


The post gives specific directions to set up an Ethereum layout, which underpins mining, and also an EthStats page that offers arrange measurements and an EthExplorer instrument that shows the exchanges and keen contracts went into the distributed record.


AWS is a quickly developing fragment of Amazon’s business, which saw deals increment 55 percent in 2016 and 43 percent in 2017. The division is in wild rivalry with other tech mammoths’ distributed computing arms, including Microsoft Azure, which demonstrated an early enthusiasm for presenting blockchain as a service administration when it banded together with the Ethereum startup ConsenSys in 2015.


In 2016, AWS reported that it would begin working with growing blockchain businesses, offering devoted specialized help and framework for the organizations included. Google, as per a Bloomberg report posted in March, is additionally taking a shot at a blockchain answer for its cloud business.


The organization said at the time that in money related administrations, appropriated record innovation is at the front line of any talk identified with advancement. AWS is working with monetary institutions and blockchain suppliers to goad development and encourage seamless research and development.

Google Confirms its Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google Confirms its Broad Core Algorithm Update

Last week, webmasters saw a sudden ranking fluctuations in their website rankings. Even premium SEO tools witnessed a huge drop in rankings of key websites. This gave speculations about a new algorithm update. Google has now officially announced this broad core algorithm update.

The news is now confirmed that Google has rolled out another broad core algorithm update this week. This algorithm update was released on 16th April, Monday as confirmed by its official Twitter handle.  

Google writes in its tweet that it usually makes broad changes in its algorithms to improve search results. They do this routinely throughout the year. Google added that some of its changes are focused on specific improvements while others are broad changes.


Many SEOs thought that the update targeted low-quality pages however, it was later confirmed that the update was closely related to content relevance. Google is adjusting rankings to ensure that searchers obtain best search results to their queries.

Google released a similar algorithm update early this month after it was explained that a “broad core” algorithm update is something that takes place routinely several times all through the year

However, if your ranking is also affected by this update, it does not necessarily indicate a low quality of your content. Instead, it’s more likely that your content needs to be more relevant to the users who are looking for the information.

Weekly Cryptocurrency News

Weekly Cryptocurrency News

RBI barred banks to work with cryptocurrency exchanges


On Thursday, India’s Central Bank, RBI announced that the banks and financial institutions will no longer have any links to virtual or cryptocurrencies exchanges or other related services. RBI in its statement said that with an immediate effect, all entities regulated by RBI shall not deal or deliver services to individuals or businesses. Entities that are already providing such services shall soon quit the relationship within a specific time.


As per Financial Express, Deputy Governor of RBI, BP Kanungo, informed reporters that this specific time would be three months.


In the same statement on Thursday, RBI said that it had put together an inter-departmental group to review the issue of issuing its own digital currency.  


The bank explains that having quick changes in the landscape of payments industry with contributing factors like rising of private digital tokens and soaring cost of metallic money have encouraged Central banks all around the world to analyze the option of introducing fiat digital currencies.


RBI adds, “while many central banks are still engaged in the debate, an inter-departmental group has been constituted by reserve bank to study and provide guidance on the desirability and feasibility to introduce a central bank digital currency.”  


The news takes up the concern again that India was about to completely impose a ban on cryptocurrencies. However, a panel formed last year, with a motive to study potential regulations has not yet released its proposals or findings. Over the past few months, various officials have stated publicly that government does not recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender.


PocketBits, one of the cryptocurrency exchange in India has played down the significance of the step. As per a statement published on Twitter, PocketBits argues that there is no need to panic as exchanges in India have already been cut off from banking access largely, where RBI has just reiterated what it has already implemented. The exchange also said that for now, there is no ban on bitcoin as there is no official government stand on this, Its just RBI taking the stand on the technology which they are implementing themselves in terms of Digital Rupee.


RBI has previously issued several warnings and cautioned the public over cryptocurrencies. The first warning was reported in 2013. It also released a warning in the month of December stating that it has not licensed any company to work with cryptocurrencies. It also raised concerns regarding ICOs to caution consumers.


Namita Vishwanath, technology law expert, a principal associate at InduaLaw, calls it a very aggressive move. She adds “Instead of RBI taking a holistic approach and seeing how to curb potential misuse, it seems to be a rather broad-stroke approach of completely prohibiting this altogether.”


India’s crypto exchanges oppose central bank’s move


Just after RBI made the announcement that entities regulated by RBI shall stop working with companies that offer cryptocurrency or other related services, exchanges in India are fighting back against this move.


Many startups like Unocoin, Coinsecure, and Zebpay have raised an alert regarding potential disruptions to their services in case their banking providers withdraw from the market within three months, as notified. However, the statements also suggest that the industry is planning to mount some legal challenge.


Jincy Samuel, Coinsecure chief operating officer, said that various stakeholders of industry are discussing the matter with Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Committee of India and the Internet and Mobile Association of India to see if they can help in getting a hearing at Supreme Court regarding the current decision of RBI.


Samuel also acknowledged the impact of central bank’s decision across the country. She says that the move has left users with no option other than to deposit or withdraw fiat from these platforms. To move forward, users will have to switch to the cash market.


In a statement out by Unocoin, it says that all the funds are absolutely safe with them and there is no need to worry. Unocoin also adds that as of now, no banks have issued any notice to them, and when they do it, the information will be communicated.


Zebpay also announced on Twitter that the sudden disruption in the banking services could affect their ability to service deposits or withdrawals. But at the same time, it also added that the customer’s assets and funds will stay secured and they are finding other options.


Ajeet Khurana, Zebpay’s chief executive tweeted “No way I am stopping. We will continue to do what is best for our customers, and what is best for our country. Am studying the current situation and will react shortly. [A]nd we will emerge stronger.”


Arizona’s cryptocurrency tax payments bill is being revamped


According to one of its sponsors, Arizona’s crypto tax payments bill is being revamped with an ambition to put it forward for a vote in the upcoming weeks.


Jeff Weninger, Arizona representative in an interview told Coindesk that a comprehensive work is being done on the measure that will allow residents to make payments of their tax liabilities with cryptocurrencies.


The measure was taken forward back in February by the Arizona Senate, however, the public records suggested that the matter went lingering in the House of Representatives unless a committee recommended its passage.


Weninger said, “We’re still working on moving it.” He also told that he has been working closely with Senator Warren Petersen who drafted measure on some changes. The key recommendation is to make the language more agnostic about which cryptos can be used with “bitcoin” term being slashed out of the bill.


These changes have been made in the bill to make it more agnostic about name specific digital currencies. However, it is up to Revenue Department to fix that.


The revamped bill will also let the tax officials decide whether to set up their own method to exchange crypto to U.S. dollar or let the startups compete and convert it and send U.S. dollars. He also mentioned that the changes will be implemented in a week or two. Also, they ’ve been working on it dedicatedly to make all the members understand it and be comfortable.


Arizona has established itself as a positive environment for startups working on this technology owing to the legislation passed till date. The first of it was signed last year into the law and recognized blockchain signatures and smart contracts as legally valid.


Considering all the factors, it shows that Arizona is welcoming the new-age entrepreneurs and this new technology quite well.


In the same interview with Coindesk, he lastly said: “We hope to lead on this and other technologies in future.”  


Ontario Regulator looking into the activities of Crypto Trading Platforms


The Ontario Security Commission is gathering information about the cryptocurrency trading platforms that are operating in the province.


OSC spokeswoman, Kristen Rose on Friday said that the agency has received many complaints about platforms selling cryptocurrencies that may qualify as securities. “These platforms and any businesses that are coins that are security to trade them, maybe offside security law,” she said.


Under Ontario law, exchanges must apply for recognition by the commission. The application made by the firms must describe the aspects of their business such as operations, corporate governance, access requirements, financial viability, and fees.  


None of the exchanges have been legally recognized in the province, nor any of them has been granted an exemption from the regulation.


However, the commission is not following a full-bore investigation but is only gathering information about how these platforms are working.


The OSC has freshly presented a document highlighting the priorities of this fiscal year with a prominent focus on cryptocurrencies. The main motive behind this move is to provide protection to customers while also promoting innovation and capital formation.  


OSC said ICOs in particular “present significant investor protection issues.” Ontario’s viewpoint towards ICOs is not necessarily unfavorable, however, the OSC approved TokenFunder’s sale in October.


Japan’s financial regulator suspends two crypto-exchanges


Japanese regulator has ordered two cryptocurrency exchanges to freeze their operations due to insufficient KYC procedures for two months.


This order has come to an effect immediately where Eternal Link and FSHO will face suspension until June 5 and June 7, respectively as per issued by the Financial Services Agency on Friday.


However, it is months long inquiry that these exchanges had not properly required consumers to give information like purposes of trade. They also did not follow procedures around reporting the suspicious transactions to FSA.


The agency said that failing to put these anti-laundering efforts is not in conformity with the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceedings.


The order on Eternal Link indicates that the firm has violated Japan’s laws by using customer deposits to pay company expenses, although temporarily.


FSA also found that Eternal Link, FSHO, and Last Roots have made insufficient improvements to their internal safety measures which protect user information against potential threats.


Bit Station has also been ordered to halt its operations, while five others were ordered to report back to FSA regarding their business improvements measures.


After $500 million worth of NEM tokens got stolen from the Coincheck exchange, FSA is stepping up its efforts to keep a check on domestic cryptocurrency exchanges to inspect loopholes in their business operations.


Effective Tips to Drive More Referral Traffic

Effective Tips to Drive More Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to that percentage of traffic on your site that comes outside of Google. It is one of the major factors that contribute to brand’s online success. All of us want to generate a lot of genuine referral traffic to our website. Isn’t? But only a few of you actually receive it. However, there are a few amazing ways that can surely help you to generate massive amounts of genuine referral traffic. Here are some of the surefire ways to do it:

Leverage on Q&A sites: Q&A sites are a great source of referral traffic! Sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are of great help especially for small and medium-sized businesses to bring huge referral traffic. When you leverage on these sites, your main goal is to solve other’s queries or problems, which can definitely bring lots of relevant and qualified traffic on your site. You can apply a strategy that works best  in a way to generate more traffic such as:

  • Carefully identify and pick relevant topics, search phrases and categories that are closely related to your business. Don’t waste your time in answering questions that already have few answers to them.
  • Find relevant questions by outlining your expertise in the field. You can define your expertise in the “Knows about” section. You can also take help of keywords like SEO, marketing, among many others.
  • Scroll through diverse information present for each question to acquire useful data.
  • Set apart the questions that have no followers or less than 100 views and also screen out questions with over more than ten answers already.
  • Put 2-3 links to your relevant content as it drives a huge amount of traffic to your site.
  • Give adequate time to each post to discover the type of driving traffic.

Create and promote video marketing content: You can generate extensive referral traffic by creating your videos and promote it on suitable channels where you have your target audience. While creating your video marketing content, make sure to be specific and clear about the topics and formats. Embrace a storytelling approach in your video marketing campaign. This ensures that you connect better with your audiences. Also, don’t forget to use a Call To Action button to drive more traffic.

Creating a video marketing campaign is not just limited to putting it on YouTube, it requires a lot more! Once you create a video marketing content, it is important to promote it effectively. Few tools that can help you create and launch your video marketing campaign are:

  • YouTube Editor: This free tool is completely integrated with YouTube that provides a variety of editing capabilities on the website. You can add transcripts or even add comments to your videos.
  • Flipagram: This tool helps you to merge images in order to make your video stories short. This can help you with posting your video on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. A lot of companies use this tool to advertise their products over different channels.
  • Wideo: This tool offers you a wide variety of template selection to create your own videos. The best part is, you can add your logo or other graphics to enhance your branding process.
  • Stop Motion: This is an amazing tool that helps you to make videos using stop motion technique. It controls edit options for each frame in the video where you can watch and make changes to your video frame by frame.
  • Animoto: This tool is an effortless video editor. Following simple steps, you can get your video edited. All you need to do is just add photos & videos, personalize it and finally place it on your website.

Curate content effectively: Content curation refers to a process of collecting information which is relevant to a particular topic or subject. Content Curation is an effective way to get quality backlinks and get massive amounts of referral traffic. This is a time-taking process as it requires you to gather striking content that connects directly to your niche audience.

To curate content of your blogs or articles, you can use different sites like Scoop.it and Storify. These sites can help you drive traffic by finding your influencers in your niche. You can simply look for relevant keywords in the search bar or can browse the latest trending topics. Suggest your content pages to the users with over 100+ views per day to their pages. This will call a large number of scoopers to visit your site. You can then re-scoop your page to their followers and other social networks.

This is how you can engage them on various social media platforms and search their website to approach them with suggestions for their Scoop.in accounts. Similarly, Storify can also be used to display tweet series on a particular topic and place your stories as a slideshow.

Use influencer marketing technique: Nowadays, influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful tools to create your brand awareness in front of the target audience.  Influencer marketing is close to celebrity endorsement to persuade people. Influencers can be bloggers, celebrities, trendsetters or domain experts. As these influencers have a deep impact on people, this form of marketing can reap you maximum benefits.

Here are few tips to lead a successful influencer marketing campaign:

  • Look for influencers who hold high post engagements like shares, likes or comments.  It is not always necessary to focus on big personalities rather; you can also focus on mid-sized influencers.
  • After you find your influencer, make sure to reward them with gift cards, free products, prizes or similar things.
  • Create a page on your site where influencers can send their traffic. Make sure to customize this page regularly for the visitors.
  • Take a note of views, engagement, audience reach, click-throughs etc. by developing Key Performance Indicators.
  • Make use of tools like Ninja Outreach or Traackr for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Join online forums: Online forum posting sites are a great way of generating traffic. While joining these forums, remember to add value without being too promotional. Use your brand name while getting registered with the forum. You can make efforts in your’s forums niche, but remember to check that the forum is active. Check this by checking that the forum has new posts every month.

Add value by telling your personal experiences instead of offering advice. Don’t forget to create a signature with a Call To Action link. You can add a new thread with a link to resources that is useful for the group.

Use social media effectively: You may share content on social media but how many of your followers actually read it? There are possibilities that your followers skip your post. You must use different techniques to increase the chance of every post being read. To make optimum use of social media and increase your social referrer  traffic:

  • Share the same content more than once. Doing this ensures that your followers read your post, even if they miss it once.
  • Create a sharing schedule and think of ways to create variety in your content sharing schedule.
  • Increase your brand’s reach by using different hashtag tools like Hashtags.org or RiteTag
  • Optimise your content using graphics or images to catch people’s attention and get a few more extra clicks.
  • Keep a track on results to measure the effectiveness of your social publishing schedule.
  • Keep a record of the number of clicks, retweets or shares to know whether there is an increase or decrease in the post activity.
  • Focus more on social media platforms which gives you higher ROI. Make use of platforms where your content gets most engagement with higher conversion rate.
  • For the remarketing purpose, make use of Facebook dynamic ads, templates and product catalogs. Instead of creating multiple ad templates for each product, you can simply create a single ad for all your products. Facebook takes vital information such as pricing, images, and displays different product to different users.
  • Just like Facebook, Instagram stories are working wonders! Use Instagram stories to increase your brand awareness and drive engagement.
  • For Twitter, use Twitter Analytics dashboard to ensure that your tweets are getting enough engagement.
  • Engage audience by creating social media giveaways and interacting with your customers to generate enormous leads.

Create a Guest Posting strategy: Guest posting is the process of publishing your article to someone else’s website. Carrying out effective guest posting is a significant way to get huge referral traffic. Begin with your guest posting efforts on sites that are relevant to your business. Inclining towards guest posting will get your content right in front of your target audience.

Make your guest posting schedule to keep your referral traffic intact. While you start your guest posting efforts, make sure to:

  • Guest post only on websites that are relevant to your business or industry. The topic of your blog should closely relate to the industry type.
  • Write precisely keeping in mind your target audience.
  • Mention your name in the content and add specific backlinks to generate massive referral traffic and advertise your guest blog post.

Get listed on review websites: A review website has reviews on different businesses, products or services. Getting listed on several review websites can help a lot to generate referral traffic. The visitors of these sites are already known to buyer’s journey and are ready to commit to a purchase. However, getting rankings on these review websites may differ from company to company. List your site along with your website link to direct visitors to your site and generate huge referral traffic.

Use visuals and infographics: Images are the most important form of content for businesses. Visuals play a vital role in engaging audience.Infographics can attract a lot of readers and get more likes, shares, comments, links and the most importantly “traffic.”

Visuals help people to better understand the complicated data and grasp quickly. It is still difficult to engage the audience with long content, but with visuals, you can do it easily! There are a lot of free tools available to create infographics such as Photoscape, Vizualize, Canva Infographic Maker, among many others.

There are certain Email service providers like MailChimp which can be used to share visuals with your email list. By sharing infographics in different channels, you can tremendously increase your referral traffic and improve your Google rankings well.

Once you implement the above tactics, you can definitely attract enormous referral traffic to your website and get massive leads!

Seoul, South Korea All Set to launch “S-coin”

Seoul, South Korea All Set to launch “S-coin”

During an interview with CoinDesk Korea, Mayor Park Won-soon announced the initiation to create a cryptocurrency for the South Korean city of Seoul. The city will soon be developing its own cryptocurrency – the “S-Coin.” The cryptocurrency is set to play a significant role in city-funded social benefits programs- according to Park Won-soon. Park also shared his intentions to encourage the development of industrial clusters and potent startups that will function or promote the use of blockchain technology.


Park Won-soon stated, “As Seoul is the world’s leading city in the field of information and communications, including the 4th industrial revolution, I think it should naturally study new technologies such as block chains.”


Similar to Estonia, which is endeavoring to utilize blockchain innovation to all legislature regulatory procedures, Park believes that the blockchain can be connected to every bureaucratic organization in Seoul, for example, the general population transport framework worked by Seoul City and the arrangement of youth allowance. Besides, Park demonstrated that the S-Coin could be utilized as a transaction technique for city-financed welfare programs for open representatives, youthful occupation searchers, and natives helping the earth by sparing power supply, gas, and water.


Specifically, Park focused on Seoul’s readiness to issue money. He stated that to influence an S-coin, we have to develop institutional and lawful help, such as local laws. He also said that he would attempt to change different rules and controls of the central government. He gave eco-mileage that gives monetary advantages to subjects sparing power, water, and gas, youth recompense to help youngsters who are looking for occupations, open representative welfare focuses. The organization is additionally thinking about plans to apply blockchains to its frameworks.


This is required to be incorporated into the blockchain end-all strategy of Seoul, which will be completed in April. In November, a year ago, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (Samsung SDS) has been entrusted with building up a data technique design (ISP) for the Seoul City blockchain-based local development. This is the initial phase in setting up a guide for the presentation of a blockchain among local government and open foundations.


At the point when a city chooses to issue its own local currency, there is a considerable measure of inquiries holding up to be replied. On account of S-Coin, the money will be utilized for different ideas all through Seoul. As a matter of first importance, the new coin will be used to pay for public transportation. It is additionally an installment strategy for city-subsidized projects and environmental projects.


This attracts a few likenesses to how Bitcoin is functional as a part of Zug’s economy. All things considered, S-Coin will be controlled by the city chamber of Seoul, as opposed to being decentralized cryptographic money. Specific technological details of S-Coin stay hard to get at the current moment. It stays hazy which blockchain will be utilized to issue this money or how high the aggregate supply will be.


Possible Effects on Bitcoin


Given South Korea’s significance in the realm of Bitcoin and cryptographic forms of money, the dispatch of S-Coin is somewhat interesting. These monetary standards won’t contend with each other given the current aspects. S-Coin is constrained in usefulness to Seoul, while Bitcoin utilize traverses South Korea completely. The two types of significant worth can without much of a stretch exist together in the capital city.


The majority of this further affirms South Korea is getting ready for real digital currency and blockchain direction. With the administration inclining toward presenting another tax collection system for these financial standards, Bitcoin and altcoins keep on gaining authenticity. These new tax assessment rules will become effective in June of 2018.


It isn’t the first run through a city chooses to issue its own local cryptocurrency. In the UK, the town of Hull as of late propelled HullCoin. It appears this idea is catching public interest, which isn’t really a terrible thing. Activities like these assistance individuals get more familiar with the concept of digital monetary forms. Over the long haul, it might just make ready for more prominent worldwide digital currency acceptance.


Regional sources report S-Coin will be presented sooner or later in April of 2018. The up and coming dispatch of this money will without a doubt draw in a considerable measure of consideration. In conjunction with S-Coin, the city of Seoul additionally needs to set up a fund to help nearby blockchain ventures. This expanded spotlight on more up to date advancements has all the earmarks of being of impressive enthusiasm to chairman Won-soon too.


Park likewise said he wants to cultivate a blockchain environment. He said that he met blockchain organizations, and thinks that their organizations are not seeing the light due to several different directions. He also added that all things considered, innovation is as cutting edge as any other nation. “We are planning to create clusters where the start-ups we want to build up, and how they can develop the technology and spread the funds to the world,” he said.


Concerning government’s solid administrative strategy on ciphered cash, Park stated, “The last time the Ministry of Justice announced regulatory measures, it was tremendous resistance, and the government seemed to think deeply about it.”  Park also added later, ” First, it is the local government’s task to create cases and models. If the Seoul government releases certain regulations, it will be able to make the model more freely.”


Park, a standout amongst the most compelling government officials in Korea, who is most inspired by the blockbuster innovation, will challenge out of the blue among the Seoul showcase in the elections decisions hung on 13th June.

Filtering Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Filtering Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Want to know the ways to filter referral spam in Google Analytics? You might find an answer here…


You can minimize or even eliminate the negative effects of fake traffic in Google Analytics. If you are a beginner, you must check out the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery and look out for referrer spam or block bots. While you look in the gallery, you can find some great resources there, but filtering referral spam requires a lot more.

Given below are some effective steps that can help you with the process the filtering spam or block bots in Google Analytics:


Identify which bots are harmful: Belief or not, bot all bots are not bad! There are plenty of bots which makes our search world go round. To cite some examples, these may include GoogleBot, BingBot, SpyFu, Deep Crawl, Screaming Frog, among various other bots. However, these bots are not dangerous for sites, or even for the visitors of the site.


The bots that can turn out dangerous for your site includes the ones that can seize your traffic, get through loopholes in CMS for the purpose of hacking and scrape your content. On the basis of your industry type, there are certainly some forms of bot traffic more harmful from others. Thus, it is important to figure out which bots need to be tackled.

In fact, it’s not always the bots that are harmful; there are many other referral sources that can send enormous traffic to ruin your data.


Carefully filter your Analytics Traffic: Before you start to filter out your bot traffic, you must know what is being taken out of your data set. This requires you to compare data. To do this, you can create a separate view in Analytics and name it like “bot traffic filtered.” This is how you can do it following these simple steps:

  • Click on “Admin”
  • Click on the drop-down menu, in the right column under “View”
  • Select “Create new view”
  • In the next step, be sure to set your time zone, which defaults to Pacific Time


Block bots in Google Analytics: Google provides you an “easy button” instead of doing it manually to block known bots. This can minimize your work up to 75 to 80 percent. The bots are regularly updated as Google keeps on finding new bots.

For your new view, you can select the “view settings” option and click the checkbox. This will exclude all hits from the known bots. Doing this will tell you what will happen to your traffic as soon you turn on bot filtering. But, before this, make sure that none of your important traffic sources are part of Google’s list of known bots. When you decide to roll it out in the main profile, add an annotation to explain changes and prepare people who view your analytics. All you need to do is click on the little arrow under analytics chart in Google analytics and follow the instructions.  


Create a custom referrer filter: Google’s bot filtering system may work for a while, but certainly, there will be some other referrers which might send volumes of no quality traffic to your website. To identify these referrers, open the referrer list in Google Analytics and sort the data descending by bounce rate to bring 100% bounce rate to the top.

Using an advanced filter, you can filter the data to only highlight a number of sessions over a specific threshold. This can vary as per your traffic volume. Having this done, you can scroll down the list and pick sites that you want to add to your referral exclusion list. Once you get a list of the sites that you want to filter, cut them down to the main TLD.

In the process, you may also find some foul websites but make sure that you don’t visit them to check them out. Visiting them might make you a recipient of some unwanted malware or spyware. After your list is fully vetted, you can finally create a custom referrer filter.


Set up a bad referrer filter: Once you have a list of all the bad referrers that you want to block, create a new filter in the view that you had set up earlier for bad referrers. Remember not to do this at the account level, but only in the view screen. To set the filter, follow these steps:

  • Select “Admin” option
  • Select “Filter” under “View”
  • Click on “Add Filter” and give a desired name to the filter
  • Then Click on “Custom” and “Exclude”
  • Select “Campaign Source” as your “Filter Field” and add all the domains that you want to exclude in the box


Be careful as you enter multiple domains that can create a mess. Also, make it a point to test your filter and update it regularly as you will get new domains to exclude now and then.


Block bot traffic: Now this step requires skilled expertise. This involves using .htaccess or web config in IIS, which acts as a backbone for the entire website. This must be handled cautiously as one wrong character can bring down your site completely. Don’t forget to make a backup copy and make sure that you have access directly to your server.

.htaccess file acts as a powerful tool for disposal as you can block a high volume of bot traffic from accessing your server. You will have to integrate this code into the existing .htaccess file:

Rewrite Engine On

Options +FollowSymlinks

Deny from

Allow from all

Following the above steps is an effective way to block high or low volumes of bot traffic which can place a high load on your server. As the list gets longer, it puts more load on your server that causes your site to slow down. Blocking the bots can reduce the load on your server and also ensure that these visits out of the Google Analytics. In case of serious security issue, you should contact your web host or system administrator to resolve the issue.