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In the age of supremacy of media in spreading the desired words about the services of your company, a press release is an unputdownable asset. However, writing just a press release is not enough to attract attention. Here is a fact about daily receipt of press releases.

No of press releases received per day

Therefore, it is clear that the press release must have some qualities if it needs to be enticing. If you don’t write a good enough press release, the chances are, it will be lost in the sea of press releases thousands of companies write every day. Here are some tips to get attention.

Think whether your press release really has some newsworthy content.

A good press release always offers some news about something new. If your press release seems to be quite out-of-the box, people will generally like to read it. You must ask some questions to yourself before writing and publishing a press release. These are:

  • Am I offering something “new”?
  • Are anything unusual or unexpected in my press release?
  • Will it get attention of those who are not in my business?
  • Is anyone actually going to care about it?

The last one is perhaps the most important: you naturally are excited about your story but will anyone else who reads the story would be interested? If it is a “no”, do not write that press release.

The most important thing: A killer headline

Since, you want to get the attention of journalists, it is important to write brief yet eye-catching headline that tells about your story. The journalists have to scan-through many stories in their inbox and if they don’t find your story to be interesting or worthy to look at, they’ll skip it.

For example, if you are starting a new business (say, web design), you must write something like “Productive website designs that offer great ROI.”  The headline is also important because it shows how creative and marketing-oriented you are.

The first line of the story is also important

Now, you should realize that your story is as good as your first line is. It must grab the attention of the journalists. If it is not good enough, they will not read the rest of it.

The first line must convey the five Ws: who, what, where, why and when. Moreover, you must also be creative enough to present your story.

Just think about how a TV presenter or a radio-jockey will introduce your story to get a good idea about writing the first line of your story.

Don’t write too much

If your story is unnecessarily too long, it will distract the readers and they will jump to another story. Being concise in presenting the story is a great idea. But, do include all important points that are unique in your offering. Stay organized and take up the most important points of your story. Do not try to over-impress; write a simple and engaging story.

Use important quotes

Journalists prefer press-releases that convey a good message. That is why inserting a good quote of a key person is helpful. If your CEO says about the key business aspects and how much turnover the company has obtained, it can be a good quote to include in your press-release.

However, do mind the fact that the quote must be insightful and opinion-oriented; and it must be a real one.


This info-graphic from ryantattoo.tk summarizes everything that has generally to be taken care of, in brief.

Press Release Format

Author: Saket Kumar Singh

A digital marketer and strategist by profession, I love writing and travelling. In the past I have been a Communication Engineer, Coder, Banker and Lead Consultant. Someday I would travel to explore the world.