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WordPress is a free, open source blogging tool and content management system widely used by millions of users to create a website or a blog. With easy customization, themes and designs, and a lot of widgets and plugins, it is no wonder that WordPress has quickly become the world’s most used website development platform. With its help, even technology novices have been able to create awe inspiring websites and blogs that bring a lot of traffic. Since WordPress is also SEO friendly, it demands very little work to bring in great results. However, for those who are a little advanced and need a little more functionality in their websites, WordPress may not always deliver what they require. Fear not though, because the WordPress developer community is always trying to make life easier for its patrons. But while we are talking about it, let’s also discuss the things that top our wishlist of what WordPress should have to make our lives a little easier.


Whenever a user visits a webpage powered by WordPress, the system performs multiple server-side processes and database queries to generate that page for the visitor. It affects the speed of the website, and users might face major slowdowns and downtimes.Web cache can be a helpful tool to overcome this problem. A web cache is a mechanism for temporary storage of web documents, which helps reduce bandwidth usage and decreases server load. Some improvements can be made through plugins like Quick Cache.


The inbuilt ‘search’in WordPress could be improved. For example, if you are looking for the author’s exact name in the search, possibly you won’t find it. This is because WordPress can only literally find the exact words in its search. The biggest problem with WordPress search is that it may not always show relevant results for your query.A better search algorithm is the next step in improving WordPress. Third party search engines like Google andYahoo can be utilized for improvement.

WordPress Shortcodes

The WordPress was designed with a motive to enable users to create their own website and blogs, even without technical knowledge. But, WordPress shortcodes have been difficult to use for the average users. In fact, shortcodesseem against the very ethos of friendliness projected by WordPress. Unlike designers and developers, simple users use web applications to manage their content, because they don’t want to bear the pain of Javascript, stylesheets and other technical requirements.

There is still no constructive solution to this problem.

Web Form Builder

Now, almost every website uses web forms. It helps users get feedback and inputs, and also enables them to communicate with their intended audiences. Content driven websites need web forms to know users’ opinions and feedback. Unfortunately, there are no such custom made web forms available on WordPress. If a form builder interface can be made available,something similar to the navigation and header builders; users can customize it to enhance communication with users.

Customized Sidebars

It would be very helpful for users if they could create widget sidebars; select which posts or pages, and which sidebarsthey want to have on their website.

 WordPress software is created by enthusiastic developers, who volunteer their time and effort towards creating websites, themes and plugins. When they are developing all these things, one of their main aims of the service is to provide an ease of operation.These recommended features can certainly enhance user experience and improve the functionality of their websites or blogs. Perhaps, some developers would heed our requests too.