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Do you ever find yourself wondering if WP Engine is the best WordPress hosting platform? If yes, we will answer this question for you then. Yes, it is;especially if you are a fan of hassle free hosting and love working on an efficiently managed system that is fast and backed up.

WP engine is easily one of the most popular web hosts in managed WordPress hosting universe.It is a highly premium hosting service for WordPress websites and applications, that boasts of simplicity and security in managing sites. After having tried out hundreds of WordPress hosting platforms, it becomes clear that the best WordPress hosting is one that is stable, cheap and gives maximum uptime without any real time problems.

So why do we like WP Engine? Here’s why.

Ensures Smooth Migration

WP engine has one of the smoothest website migration services. It is important that the WordPress hosting provider has a well defined process based on correct anatomy of your profile. WP engine has an efficient onboarding team that provides 24/7 support for dedicated migration services. The migration checklist helps in planning the entire migration procedure from the previous site to the WP platform.

Security and Support

WP engine is a world renowned hosting provider that uses the support of the best in class engineers and content delivery networks to help sites load much faster. WP engine undertakes a lot of “behind the scene” action to manage site security, scaling and working of plugins. Building backups and restore points is also a hassle free process. Site maintenance processes like malware detection and removal, and site restoration are simplified and made systematic.

WP Staging

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to track site prototype to understand the working of your themes, plugins and custom codes, WP Engine helps you make use of a separate staging area. This staging area is a different work area from your live site, where updates can be made easily. It is a great platform to try out new designs and themes. The one-click publish button makes it easier to implement design changes undertaken during the development.

User Friendly Support Services

There may be many hosting providers that guarantee 24/7 email and phone support, easy grievance redressal and assurance to resolve all kinds of problems. But with WP engine, there is guaranteed access to a very knowledgeable staff that assures continuous help in understanding WordPress working issues along with extensive support for designers and developers.

Opting for WP Engine can be a wise decision, as it offers services that are fast and scalable. WP Engine takes care of all the security and maintenance needs on your behalf, and has a clientele of over 20,000 loyal customers to boast of success stories.