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Mobile marketing is the latest trend to hit the advertising scene and it is catching on fast. This is a major medium of marketing that has not been saturated yet. If you want to expand market reach, mobile marketing is ideal. However, there are certain golden rules when it comes to mobile marketing. Here are the top ten commandments when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing.

  1. Do understand the customer’s world-view and needs

With globalization and instant connectivity, the customer does not hesitate to back off if the marketing campaign lacks appeal. When it comes to mobile marketing, customers want quick and effective advertising that can capture their interest and sustain it.

  1. Do consider the timing, it is everything

Ill timed mobile marketing campaigns can damage the brand considerably. Remember that when it comes to mobile marketing, rules are meant to be broken but timeliness is non-negotiable. Break the mold but transmit timely messages in a way that impacts the consumer. Buyers will only opt for a product or service if the mobile marketing campaign is timely and effective.

  1. Do check if the content looks good on multiple devices, not just mobiles

Your advertising and marketing content must look good on personal computers as well as mobile devices. This is because the target group is well versed with both. Thanks to the boom in Internet technology, advertisers and marketers can now access a wider audience. If the mobile marketing content has an attractively designed and interactive, it has greater chances of initiating customer engagement and building brands across a wider cross-section of people.

  1. Do connect with the audience on multiple levels

Social media and related technologies can prove to be a good link to consumers. In the current information and knowledge era, data should be easily accessible online. So, your ads should be easy to find via mobile search and social networks. Only then can the mobile marketing campaign strike the right chord with viewers. After all, people are not going to sift through tons of information to find the ad.

  1. Do use multiple strategies

Integrating strategies is the key to success, when it comes to mobile marketing. Apart from mobile search, social and local networks of communication should also be tapped so that you can reach consumers from different segments in one go.

  1. Do opt for mobile technology

Whether it is apps, QR codes or mobile coupons, mobile technology can boost brand building and help you to reach a wider section of clients. You can even hold contests and campaigns for the product or service you are marketing. This can improve market visibility and establish a strong connect with customers of different ages.

  1. Do look out for the fine print

You need to be very careful about details provided for the mobile devices as part of your marketing campaign. Use each and every pixel wisely and make it count. The ad content should contain enough information to give a good idea about the product or service. However, it should not be difficult to navigate or absorb so avoid opting for lengthy pieces of information.

  1. Do take feedback from customers

The best part about feedback or KOR (knowledge of results) is that it can provide a spontaneous and forthright opinion regarding your ad campaign. Even if there are criticisms, these can be constructive if you want to build a credible campaign and increase brand value.

  1. Do look out for competitor strategies and countermoves

When you are designing an ad campaign, remember that rivals in the market will use every advantage to get ahead. Even if the industry you are in does not exactly optimize mobile technologies currently, it will do so at some point in the future. Mobile marketing campaigns should be formulated so that you can stay ahead in the game.

  1. Do opt for the personal touch when it comes to formulating the marketing message

The USP of mobile technologies are that they are far more personal than a computer or a billboard. People carry mobile devices wherever they go. Personalisation is the key to success as far as mobile marketing campaigns are concerned.

Here are 10 of the absolute no-nos when it comes to mobile marketing.

  1. Don’t send all types of ads to every user

If you do not differentiate between various kinds of consumer segments and target different groups with distinctive ads, you will find yourself in deep waters. Subscribers targeted by a slew of mobile marketing campaigns are likely to lose their patience and dismiss your ad as spam. Do not send ads or marketing messages which are irrelevant for the user. For instance, if you advertise a surf board to mobile users living in land-locked areas, you are not likely to get a positive response from many of them. If you do not gather adequate consumer insights before launching the campaign, you are likely to fail.

  1. Don’t make the mobile page a replica of the complete ad campaign

Adding juicy tit-bits for the user to view is a better idea than treating him or her to a full dose when it comes to mobile marketing. Giving small bits of important information rather than reams of information is more effective for catching the eye of the viewer. Interactive and responsive websites are a big draw in marketing circles, because they add an element of fun to the campaign. Every customer wants to maximize utilization of time and short yet catchy mobile marketing campaigns can transmit information in record time.

  1. Don’t try to sell old wine in a new bottle

If you design the ad or marketing campaign in a conventional way, it will fail to inspire or interest readers. Catchy slogans, interesting themes, and an innovative approach are what distinguish an effective mobile marketing strategy from an ineffective one.

  1. Don’t leave out the multimedia effects

People opt for conventional, brick-and-mortar stores because they give customers a chance to get a feel of the product. Modern technologies such as mobile payments and apps that let you view key features of the product. This ensures that mobile marketing campaigns succeed. Add tunes or visual effects to get the desired result.

  1. Don’t go in for lengthy marketing messages

When it comes to mobile marketing, make sure you keep it short and sweet. With less space for words, you have to design messages that are brief yet meaningful. Play with words so that you can get the message across in unusual ways rather than opting for run-of-the-mill slogans that fail to catch the interest of the viewer.

  1. Don’t miss out on the test runs

Customers cannot be bothered with ineffectively designed marketing campaigns that use faulty technology. Nothing is more jarring than a poorly designed mobile marketing campaign that has bugs in it. Mobile content can become useless spam if it is not supported by efficient technology. Check to see if the content is appearing exactly as you want it to, before launching the campaign.

  1. Don’t play the numbers game

Numbers don’t mean anything if your message has few takers. You can achieve a vast amount of viewers or subscribers who simply view the marketing message and fail to buy the product or service. Advertisers and marketers should judge the amount of people who are responsive to the brand building campaign before they use figures as a means of judging the impact of the marketing message.

  1. Don’t treat mobile marketing as an add-on

Mobile marketing has tremendous potential. The fact that people carry mobile devices with them wherever they go is a marketing advantage in itself. This means that the advertisers and marketing professionals can access customers most of the time. Mobile marketing should not be treated as an addition to conventional campaign strategies. It is an established medium of marketing that has the potential to make or break a campaign’s success.

  1. Don’t slacken the pace when it comes to employee skills

Your campaign staff needs to know all about the product or service being offered. Mobile marketers should ensure that their customer care service division is alert and responsive otherwise the customer will lose patience and the entire purpose of the campaign will be reduced to a big, fat zero. Personnel should be professional and responsive so that your product or service reaches the consumer.

  1. Don’t neglect analytics

Predictive analytics is all about watching for trends and capitalizing on them. Customer data is an important part of the mobile marketing process. Use customer information to design marketing campaigns that are relevant for the target audience. It is meaningless to collect data and not put it to good use. Use the information to increase consumer engagement and brand awareness. Using the data helps companies to increase their profits and attract as well as retain customers. Brand building is all about using analytics effectively.

So, reach out to the audience in ways that can boost your sales using these rules and watch your profits grow!