Author: Saket Kumar Singh

Content Marketing Strategy Template

The Content marketing strategy template is useful for every business. It helps in streamlining the content marketing efforts. An excellent content strategy template enables you to stay focused on things that matter the most. Ideas and thoughts have no limits or boundaries. You need to provide a right direction to your mind in order to get meaningful things done. This is what a sound strategy does to your business. Any standard content marketing strategy has six main elements: Timeline Business Analysis Objective and Goals Strategy and Planning Implementation Result Measurement and Optimization I have used a simplified version of the...

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An Unusual Way to Start a Business and Succeed

Some human’s perverse nature makes easy things look difficult. Ignore the hype and hoopla about startups and things become simple. Starting up and running a business is easier than we think. It may be demanding initially, but the rewards and joy entirely justify the hard work. If you have an idea and planning to start a business in future, then do it now. The most unusual way to ensure the success is to adhere to core principles of running a business: Money, money, and money In its basic form, a business involves a buyer and a seller. The end...

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15 Unique and Profitable Business Ideas for Better India

India is among the fastest-growing economies in the world. Enormous domestic market and increasing middle class with high disposable incomes have insulated the country from global economic challenges. Most successful firms in India are export oriented. While this strategy works well for the companies, the domestic market remains underserved. Most of the startups in India have copy pasted the business models of international firms (mainly American startups). Therefore, the local market has an enormous potential for new ventures that can meet Indian needs. If you are looking for traditional business that requires low invest, read following article: Low Investment...

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One Thing That Makes People Filthy Rich

When I thought of writing this blog, I asked myself: “Am I the right person to advise on wealth; I stay in a rented accommodation and work 10-12 hours a day to earn my living.” “No” was the clear response from my heart. “I am a nobody ” and therefore, I can’t advise people on how to become wealthy. However, as an entrepreneur, I can share my experiences and lessons that I learned the hard ways. It may help others who have similar aspirations. Here is my take on what makes some people wealthier than others. To create enormous...

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Why banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes is the best decision by any government since independence?

On November 8, 2016, India took a decisive step of banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes to fight against corruption, black money, terror funding and fledging fake currency industry. The government has taken several measures to make the transition as smooth as possible without leaving the scope for any loophole that allows black money holders to launder their illegal wealth. In India, the corrupts are well connected and influential. They consider themselves above the law and can go to any extent to establish their superiority over other fellow Indian citizens. Since they play a critical role in...

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