Author: Saket Kumar Singh

How to Choose a Right Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency helps its clients develop marketing strategies and build campaigns to deliver tangible business results. Since every business is different, they require a unique approach to internet marketing. Although most of the agencies claim to provide customized services, not all of them possess the expertise or have the bandwidth to walk the talk. However, there are a lot of digital marketing firms which create a real difference to their clients’ businesses through a sound strategy and its flawless execution. As a business owner, how will you choose the right agency which is the best fit for...

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Take Care of Your Body. It’s is the Only Place You Have to Live.

This quote by Jim Rohn epitomizes the importance of contribution of healthy lifestyle in our success. No matter what you do or what you become, your body will always be with you. Thus, if you want to achieve anything in life, you must take care of your health. You simply need to do following two things to develop a healthy lifestyle: Develop a healthy eating habit Maintain some Physical activity on a regular basis It will not take a lot of your time. However, consistent efforts will deliver incredible results. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Start...

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Three Rules of Scaling a Consulting Business

Scaling a business requires achieving the economy of scale while selling the products or services to a large number of customers. To achieve economy of scale, the per unit cost of output must go down as the production increases. The output of consulting firms is intangible services that vary with each project. Thus, they can’t produce standard services at a large scale. The service production and the delivery are limited by the availability of time and the skilled manpower. Thus, the revenue of a consulting firm is a function of time, competencies and number of its employees. Revenue of...

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Fiverr Review – Get Everything Done for just $5

Anything that can be done online can be done on Professional business services such as logo design, content writing, translation services, videos editing and development, image editing, business plan development, online research, website development and testing, etc. are some of the most common things available on Fiverr. And most of the services start at just $5. I have purchased following items from Fiverr at just $5 each. I can’t get a better product from anywhere else at $5. I have bought several other items at Fiverr and quite happy with overall service delivery. Not all buyers are happy...

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